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eousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give unto all those that love and fear him, and put their trust in his mercy.” Amen,

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A prayer to be used by a person afflicted with a dis.

temper of long continuance.

[By Dr. Stonehouse.) O LORD God Almighty, I am wonderfully made, and all my powers of body and mind were produced and are supported by thee. “Thou killest, and makest alive i thou woundest, and makest whole."

I own and reverence thine hand in my present affliction. I acknowledge that thou art righteous in all that befalls me ; for I have sinned ; and thou chastenest me less than my iniquities deserve. In punishment thou showest mercy, continuest to me inany comforts, prolongest my opportunities of re. flection and amendment, and givest hope of that pardon which I so much want, and at this time ear. nestly entreat.

I desire, in this poor condition of my health, to search and try my ways, and turn unto thee, o Lord, by deep humility, sincere repentance, and faith in the great Redeemer : and may the fruit of this and every affliction be to take away sin, and make my heart better.

O God, if it be thy merciful will, direct me to, and prosper, some means for the removal of my dis. order, that I may yet be capable of glorifying thee in my station, and, by farther endeavours for thy service upon earth, be fitter for immortality.

Support me, gracious Lord, that my soul may not be quite cast down, and too much disquieteü within me. Assist me to cherish penitent, believ. ing, serious thoughts and affections. Grant me such resignation to thy will, such patience and meekness towards men, as my divine Master re. quireth, and as he himself manifested while he was a sufferer on earth. Forgive all the harshness and sinfulness of my temper. and keep it from increas. ing upon me. May I learn, from what I now feel, to pity all who are sick, in pain, or otherwise at

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Aicted, and do all in my power to assist and relieve them.

If by this affliction thou intendest to bring me down to the grave, prepare me, by thy grace, for my removal hence, and entrance on the unseen eternal state : and may all the sufferings of the present life work out for me a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

I am thankful for any degree of ease and comfort which I have this day enjoyed. Grant me, this night, such refreshing rest, ihat I may be better able to discharge the daties, and bear the burden of another day, if thou art pleased to indulge me with it. If my eyes are kept waking, may my meditations-be comfortable and useful to me.

Pity my weakness, merciful and heavenly Father, and hear my imperfect petitions, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who was once a man of sorrow, and is still touched with the feeling of our infirmities : to whom, as our merciful high priest and powerful intercessor, be glory for evermore. Amen. • A prayer to be used on the death of a friend.

.. (By Mr. Merrick.) O ALMIGHTY God, who dost not willingly grieve the children of men, but in thy visitation rememberest mercy, teach me by thy grace to bear the loss of that dear person whom thou hast taken from me with patience and resignation, and to make a right use of the affliction which thy fatherly hand hath laid upon me. Thou hast given, and thou hast taken away: blessed be thy holy name. Make me thankful, O Lord, for the comforts and blessings which I still enjoy; and sanctify to my soul all the sufferings, which in the course of this inortal life thou shalt appoint for me. Let the death of friends and relations help to keep me al. ways mindful of my own mortality. And grant, that by thy grace I may here apply my heart to wisdom, and may hereafter by thy mercy be re. ceived into that everlasting kingdom, where all tears shall be wiped from all faces, and sorrow and sighing shull flee away. Hear me, O merciful Father. ior the sake of thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

A prayer to be used by a person troubled in mind.

ALMIGHTY God, who beholdest with compassion and mercy the weaknesses and frailties of us thy sinful creatures; look down on me, I beseech thee, and deliver me, if it be thy blessed will, from the distress of mind under which I labour. Strengthen my judgment, and inform my understanding, that I may rightly know my duty; and grant that I may act on all occasions, and in every circumstance of life, in the manner most acceptable to thee. Pardon my secret sins and infirmities, and preserve me from all wilful neglects and offences. If thou seest it consistent with thy glory, and with the everlasting welfare of my soul, fill me with that fervency of affection towards thee, and with that measure of spiritual comfort and assurance, which may preserve my mind in a frame of cheerfulness and composure. But if trouble and bitterness of mind be more expedient for me, continue to me both this and all other afflictions which thou seest most conducive to my future happiness, and grant that I may bear them with patience and resignation. Let thine Holy Spirit direct and support me under every trial, and enable me so to walk in thy faith and fear that I may at last be received into thy heavenly kingdom, through the merits and mediation of thy Son Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A prayer to be used by an old person. O GRACIOUS Lord, my maker and my preserver, I give thee thanks for the long continuance which thou hast granted me in this world, in order that I may be the better prepared for another. Enable me by thy grace to make right use of the time afforded me, and give me a true and deep repentance of the sins which I have committed. "Support me by thy help under the infirmities of age;"keep me from covetousness, and fretfulness, and from all unreasonable fears and cares. Give me that degree of ease and health which thou seest most convenient for me; wean my affections and desires from the things of this life, and keep me continually prepared for death; through Jesus Christ. Amen,

A prayer for a person condemned to die.

(From Dr. Inet.) O MOST just and holy Lord God, who bringest to light the hidden things of darkness, and by thy just and wise providence dost bring sin to shame and punishment; disappointing the hopes of wicked men; visiting their sins upon them in this present life, that thou mayest deter others from the evil of their ways and save their souls in the day of judg. ment; O Lord, in mercy look down upon this thy servant, who now is before thee to confess thy jus. tice in making him a sad example to others. He with sorrow and shame confesseih it would be just with thee, should death eternal be the wages of his sins, and everlasting sorrow the recompense of his iniquity. He has, we confess, O Lord, despised thy mercy, and abused thy goodness, and has therefore no reason to expect any other than to be made an everlasting sacrifice to thy justice. When thou hast, by the ministry of thy word, and the interposition of thy providence, called him to repentance, he has slighted thine admonitions. O, how just therefore would it be now in thee to dis. regard his ery, in this day of trouble, when distress and anguish are come upon him! He con. fesses that he hath hardened his heart notwithstanding all thy importunities to him to repent and live; that he has still gone on from one wickedness to another, eagerly repeating the works of darkness, and even hating to be reformed; that he has notoriously broken "his baptismal vows, and given encouragement to others to blaspheme our holy faith; and that on these accounts he has nothing to expect but that thou shouldest deal with him according to his sins, and reward him according to the multitude of his offences. But thou, O God, hast been pleased to declare, that with thee is mercy and plenteous redemption ; that thou desirest not the death of a sinner, but rather that he should repent and live. Thou hast so loved the world, that thou gavest thy only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. O, let not him, whom we are now commending to thy mercy, for ever perish and be lost. Have compassion on a miserable sinner, who owns he deserves

eternally to die; and let hin find mercy in his distress. Pardon, we earnestly entreat thee, his wilful and his heedless follies, his errors, and his crying and notorious sins; particularly that for which he is now to die. O Lord, thou God of mercy, who art abundant in goodness, have pity on the work of thine own hands. Bury his sins in his grave, and however they may rise up in this world to disgrace him, let them never rise up in the next to condemn him : and whatever he suffers here, let him hereafter be in the number of those whose unrighteousness is forgiven, and whose sin is covered. However men, in the execution of justice, and to deter others from being guilty of the like wickedness, may kill his body; let neither his body nor his soul be destroyed in hell, but be delivered from eternal condemnation, for the sake of Jesus Christ, who died to save sinners. Amen.

A prayer of preparation for death. O ALMIGHTY God, Maker and Judge of all men, have mercy upon me, thy weak and sinful creature ; and if by thy most wise and righteous appointment, the hour of death be approaching towards me, enable me to meet it with a mind fully prepared for it, and to pass through this great and awful trial in the manner most profitable for me. O let me not leave any thing undone which may help to make my departure sate and happy, or to quality me for the highest degree of thy favour that I am capable of attaining. Pardon the sins which I have committed against thee by thought, word, and deed, and all my neglects of duty. Pardon the sins which I have committed against my neighbour; and if others have wronged or offended me, incline my heart freely and fully to forgive them. Cleanse my soul from all its corruptions, and transform it into the likeness of thy Son Jesus Christ; that I may behold thy face in glory, and be made partaker of thy heavenly kingdom. And, O merciful Father, give me that supply of spiritual comfort, which thou seest needful for me in my present condition : and grant that, when my change comes, I may die with a quiet conscience, with a well grounded assurance of thy favour, and a joyful hope of a blessed resurrection; through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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