The mutiny of the Bengal army, by one who has served under sir Charles Napier [G.B. Malleson].

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Сторінка 105 - Twas a pity; there is scarcely a less dignified entity than a patrician in a panic. Among the most intimate companions of Coningsby at Eton, was Lord Henry Sydney, his kinsman.
Сторінка 197 - The insurgents opened upon these advanced parties with heavy guns. 1 ordered two more companies of the 60th to support their advance, and brought up four guns of Major Scott's battery, the Sappers, and a troop of Carabineers to their support, leaving two guns and a troop of Carabineers to protect the camp. The first few rounds from the insurgents...
Сторінка 153 - ... native troops, armed and trained by our own officers. Perhaps in no action that ever was fought was the superior power of arrangement, moral force, personal daring, and physical strength of the European over the Asiatic more apparent.
Сторінка 33 - ... would be called upon to use contained nothing which could do violence to their religious scruples. If after receiving these assurances, the sepoys of the 34th Regiment, or of any other regiment, still refuse to place trust in their officers and in the Government, and still allow suspicions to take root in their minds, and to grow into disaffection, insubordination, and mutiny, the fault is their own, and their punishment will be upon their own heads. That it will be a sharp and certain punishment...
Сторінка 196 - Regiment Native Infantry march on the 22nd. One squadron 9th Lancers and four guns will march on the 24th or 25th. The above will all be at Kurnaul on the 28th. The 2nd Europeans, 3rd troop 3rd brigade Horse Artillery, will probably follow on the 26th. The whole will be at Kurnaul on the 30th. I propose then to advance with the column towards Delhi on the 1st, and be opposite to Bhagput on the 5th. At this last place, I should wish to be joined by the force from Meerut.
Сторінка 137 - unusual courage, went up, and, laying himself down under the burning waggon, pulled away from it what loose splinters, &c. he could get hold of, all the while throwing earth upon the flames. He was soon joined by two soldiers, who brought with them a couple of buckets of water, which were very dexterously thrown about by the Lieutenant, and while the buckets were taken to be replenished from the drinking water of the men close by, the process of pitching earth was carried on amid a fearful cannonading...
Сторінка 105 - Those highest in office were the first to give the alarm. There were Secretaries to Government running over to Members of Council, loading their pistols, barricading the doors, sleeping on sofas ; Members of Council abandoning their houses with their families, and taking refuge on board ship : crowds of lesser celebrities, impelled by these examples, having hastily collected their valuables, were rushing to the Fort, only too happy to be permitted to sleep under the Fort guns.
Сторінка 134 - I have seen the dead bodies of officers and tenderlybrought up young ladies of rank (colonels' and captains' daughters), put outside in the veranda in the rain, to await the time when the fatigue party usually went round to carry the dead to the well, as above, for there was scarcely room to shelter the living ; the buildings were so sadly riddled that every safe corner available •was considered a great object.
Сторінка 116 - He trembled and held his tongue. The elephant came up, he was put on his back, the rope adjusted, the elephant moved, and he was left dangling. I then had the others up and off in the same way. And after some time, when I dismissed the men of the regiment to their lines, and still found my head on my shoulders, I really could scarcely believe it.
Сторінка 89 - The train was to start at a certain hour ; but, owing to some delay on the part of the authorities in procuring boats, a portion of the detachment seemed likely to be a few seconds behind time. Colonel Neill had already arrived. The station-master, addressing him, stated that he was behind time, and could not wait for his men, and that the train should go without them. As he rose to execute this threat, Colonel Neill ordered his men to seize and detain him till the rest of the detachment should arrive.

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