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Vol. XIV. MAY, 1808. No. I.

Art. h~—Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of London, during the eighteenth Century; including the Charities, Depravities, Dresses, and Amusements of the Citizens of London during that period ; with a Review of the State of Society in 1S07. To which is added a Sketch of the domestic and ecclesiastical Architecture, and of the va. 7 ions Improvements in the Metropolis. Illustrated by Fifty Engravings. By James Peller Malcolm, F.S.J. Author of Londinium liedivivum, <?fc. <?fc. 4to. price 2/. (w, Longman. J8Q8.. , , . „

THE following sketch of tile contents of this performance will convince* trie''reader' that he may expect much information and amusement'in the perusal.

'Chap. 1. Person? o'C th6 Miorjgines of London.—Reasons why their descendants degenerated, and afterwards recovered their pristine beauty.—Causes of disease and distortion in parisli children.—Sketch of the history of the Foundling-hospital.—Welsh charity schooL—Miscellaneous anecdotes of numerous acts of charity.—Chap. 2. Anecdotes of depravity, from 1700 to 1800.— Chap. 3. Manners and customs, including many descriptions of folly which may be considered as ramifications of depravity; and others that rather excite mirth than reprehension.—Chap. 4. Eccentricity proved to be sometimes injurious, though often inoffensive.—Chap. 5. Publick methods of raising money exemplified in notices relating to lotteries, benefit societies, &c.—Chap. 6. The religious and political passions of the community illustrated by anecdotes of popular tumults.—Chap. 7. Amusements, detail of all its varieties^—Chap. 8. Anecdotes of dress and of the caprices of fashion.—Chap. 9. Domestic architecture traced from its origin to its present improved state in London ; lighting and improving

Cp.it. Rev. Vol. 14. May, 1803. B

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