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This contractor shall furnish and erect, complete in all its details, the following storage battery plant.

The cells shall be of the type. 193- ^p6

The capacity of the battery shall be at iw. capacity, least equal to a steady discharge at the rate of amperes for consecutive hours and it shall be capable of withstanding a maximum discharge at the rate of amperes for consecutive hours without injury.

The total number of cells shall be ^aSSfta . They shall be arranged in voltage.

series of cells each and so connected that they can be discharged at a practically uniform potential of volts.

(Note.—Describe method of erecting.) 196 - Erection.

(Note.—Specify and describe connec- 197,tto<n^nec' tions for charging and discharging; switches for throwing entire battery or single cells in and out; devices for keeping the potential constant on discharging circuits; connections for testing; and any special devices and apparatuses desired.)

Each bidder shall incorporate in his 198 ^ran" proposal such guarantees as he desires to make as to efficiency, life and cost of maintenance and repairs. 199. Summary. Each bidder shall fill out completely the following summary:

Number of cells . . . . . .

Number of series

Dimensions of each cell ....

Weight of each cell complete .

Rated capacity in ampere-hours .

Normal voltage each cell . . .

Normal discharging rate . . .

Maximum safe discharging rate .

Normal charging rate .... -'

Maximum safe charging rate . .

STEAM PLANT. (Note.—This specification will be found 200. specmca

v tion for Steam

applicable to many central station plants I>lBnt;"
up to 200 h. p. or 300 h. p., and for isolated
plants where the conditions imposed by
municipal and insurance regulations, con-
siderations of the utilization of exhaust
steam, or of combining a heating and
power plant, and questions of a similar
nature do not require special attention.

The forms of Warning, Preamble, and General Specification are, with but slight changes, also adapted to this specification.)

This contractor shall furnish and erect, complete in all its details, the following steam plant:

I horizontal) < single cylinder ) 201 HnsineSi j vertical ( j compound \

adapted for electric lighting service.

i This I

/ These i engme(s) snan be capable of

developing indicated horse-power

with pounds initial steam pressure

at the throttle, pounds back pressure, cut-off and revolutions per

minute, and must be designed in all

| itsf"" | Par^s ^° develop this power for

indefinite periods.

The variation in speed from no load to full load shall not exceed . per cent.

All material and workmanship shall be of the highest grade; all parts accurately made to standard gauge; all moving parts carefully balanced; all valves and packing free from leakage.

| | sna^ operate noiselessly and

without vibration when set on (a) suitable fcundation(s) and properly piped.

•I m?*k I engine shall be provided with

202. Fittings. | The j &

j foundation plate, I ftmnAa

a] fullheightfoundationbox, f 10unaation bolts and washers, sight feed cylinder lubricator, throttle valve, sight feed oil cups, full set of wrenches, governor pulley, driving pulley of proper dimensions for driving the dynamo selected (and all necessary pipes, valves, reducing motion and attachments for taking indicator cards.

Indicators to be furnished by the purchaser.)

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direct driven by the engine(s) there should be added to the above specification the type or types of dynamo(s) which may be selected from; the method of connecting engine(s) and dynamo(s); and any special fittings such as extension to engine foundation box, extended shaft, out' board bearing, spot for supporting fields, attachment for securing brush-holder, etc.)


(As required.)

203 Painting.

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