An Authentic Narrative of the Events of the Westminster Election, which Commenced on Saturday, February 13th, and Closed on Wednesday, March 3d, 1819: Including the Speeches of the Candidates, Sir Francis Burdett, and Others; Together with the Report of the Westminster Reformers

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Сторінка 368 - There is no terror, Cassius, in your threats ; For I am armed so strong in honesty, That they pass by me as the idle wind Which I respect not.
Сторінка 62 - We must reserve for a future occasion such thoughts as have occurred to us on those plans of Constitutional Reform which might gradually unite the most reasonable Friends of Freedom, and of which we should not be without hope, that some part might One day be adopted under the conduct of a firm as well as liberal Government, and when almost all reformers shall have openly renounced those extravagant opinions which supply the champions of abus»e with the most effective weapons.
Сторінка 57 - J and debases the habits of the higher ranks of life, who confess their own sense of the nature of these transactions by the concealment with which they seek to cover them : It taints also and contaminates the general Character of Parliament...
Сторінка 56 - I say, that from the House of Commons I have no hope of a parliamentary reform ; that I have no hope of a reform, but from the people themselves ; that this House will never reform itself, or destroy the corruption by which it is supported, by any other means than those of the resolutions of the people, acting on the prudence of this House, and on which the people ought to resolve.
Сторінка 56 - This same William Pitt, who had once taught the public to believe that nothing honest was to be expected from the house of commons...
Сторінка 354 - To us it appears that a new division is indispensable, and that we should only cheat ourselves and deceive the nation, if, for the sake of a useless accommodation, we yielded to any project or concession, in which this condition were not included. What we want is a free House of Commons, and a real representation.
Сторінка 347 - Whigs by its publication has convinced "a large portion of" the people " that there is no real difference between the Whig and Tory factions, except the difference which always existed; namely, that the Tories would exalt the kingly power that it might trample upon the aristocracy and the people, while the Whigs would establish an aristocratical oligarchy to trample on the King and the people.
Сторінка 56 - Tooke and other gei. ticwen : "that, considering it was in vain to look to parliament for a regeneration originating within itself, it be recommended to the people throughout the kingdom, to assemble during the ensuing summer, in districts, for tKe purpose of an application to parliament upon that subject.
Сторінка 242 - To John I ow'd great obligation ; But John unhappily thought fit To publish it to all the nation : Sure John and I are more than quit.
Сторінка 57 - The question now before us [he said] is no less than this — whether the seats in this House shall be henceforth publicly saleable? — A proposition, at the sound of which, our ancestors would have startled with indignation ; but a practice which in these days, and within these walls, in utter oblivion of every former maxim and feeling of Parliament, has been avowed and justified.

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