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paille de Lausanne, are very fashionable abroad, resembling embroideries of straw, and trimmed with a bouquet of the wild red poppies, half blown, while those which are placed next the face are of a softer hue, with strings of straw colored silk ribbon.

Fig. 1 represents a graceful afternoon promenade costume, and a carriage costume. The figure on the left shows the promenade costume. The dress is made quite plain, with low body and long sleeves, with cuffs of plain fulled muslin; chemisette of lace, reaching to the throat, and finished with a narrow row encircling the neck. Pardessus of silk or satin, trimmed in an elegant manner, with lace of the same color, three rows of which encircle the lower part, and two rows the half long sleeves. These rows are of broader lace than the rows placed on either side of the front of the pardessus. Drawn white crape bonnet, decorated with small straw colored flowers, both in the interior and on the exterior.

The figure on the right shows the carriage costume. It is a dress of pale pink poult de soie; the corsage, high on the shoulders, opens a little in the front. It has a small cape, falling deep at the back, and narrowing toward the point, pinked at the edge; the waist and point long; the sleeves reach but a very little below the elbow, and are finished with broad lace ruffles. The skirt has three deep scalloped flounces, a beautiful spray of leaves being embroidered in each scallop. Manteau of India muslin, trimmed with a broad frill, the embroidering of which corresponds with the flowers of the dress. The bonnet of paitlc de riz; trimmed inside and out with bunches of roses; the form very open. There are others of the same delicate description, lined with pink tulle, and decorated with tips of small feathers, shaded

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Fig. 3 is a plain, and very neat costume for the opera. The body, composed of hine or green silk, satin, or velvet, fits closely. The sleeves are also tight to the elbows, when they enlarge and are turned nvm-7 axHiiiiu*M; «. T«+. lining of pink or orange, with scalloped edges. The corsage is open in front, and turned over, with a collar, made of material like that of the sleeves, and also scalloped. Chemisette of lace, finished at the throat with a fulled hand and petite ruffle.. Figures 2 and 3 show patterns of the extremely simple Caps now in fashion; simple, both in their form and the manner in which they are trimmed. Those for young ladies partake mostly of the lappet form, simply decorated with a pretty naud of ribbon, from which droop graceful streamers of the same, or confined on each side the head with half-wreath* of the wild rose, or some other very light flower. Those intended for ladies of a more advanced age are of a petit round form, and composed of a perfect cloud of gaze, or tulle, intermixed with flowers.

Travelmg Dresses are principally composed offoulard coutit, or of flowered jaconets, with the cassaquette of the same material. Plain each. mires are also much used, because they are not liable to crease. They are generally accompanied by pardessus of the same material. When the dress is of a sombre hue, the trimmings are of a different color, so as to enliven and enrich them. The skirts are made quite plain, but very long and of a moderate breadth; the bodies high and plain, and embroidered up the fronts.

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