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gation of Patriarchism; p. 222

II. But, as the Patriarchal dispensation was abrogated

when the Levitical dispensation was promulged, the

latter required the sanction of miracles, as an evidence

that it indeed came from God, p. 222

1. Moses therefore, as the prophet of the Levitical

dispensation was empowered to work miracles, p.

. 223

2. But, as reformation professedly introduces nothing

new, claiming only to "reëstablish ancient land-

marks, Ezra, the reformer of the Law, possessed

15. no such power, p. 294
III. On the same principle, when the Levitical dispensa-

tion was abrogated and when the Christian dispen-
sation was promulged, the evidence of miracles again
became necessary : because, without such a sanction,
we should have bad no sufficient proof that a con-
fessedly divine dispensation was indeed abrogated, p.


1. Hence Christ, the prophet of the consummating

dispensation, wrought miracles, as Moses had done

before him, p. 224

necessarily or inseparably united, p. 288

(3.) The same account is given of the matter by

the writers of the New Testament, p. 289

2. The Levitical sacrament of Circumcision typified

the Christian sacrament of Baptism, p. 290

(1.) Hence the outward sign of the one corre-

sponds with the outward sign of the other; and

the inward grace of the one, with the inward

grace of the other, p. 290

(2.) Such being the case, the inward grace must

bear exactly the same relation to each outward

sign, p. 291

(3.) The outward sign therefore and the inward

grace in Baptism are not necessarily inseparable,

p. 292

3. The efficacy of the sacrament depends upon the

worthiness of the recipient, p. 292.

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