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Noto.The University of California Publications are offered in exchange for the public cations of learned societies and institutions, universities, and Ubraries. Oomplete Lists' of all the publications of the University will be sent upon request. For samplo copies, Lists of publications or other information, address the MANAGER OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESS, BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, U, $. A. All matter sent in exchange should be addressed to THE EXCHANGE DEPARTMENT, UNIVERSITY LIBRARY, BERKELEY, OALIFORNIA, U. 8. A.

MODERN PHILOLOGY.-Charles M. Gayley and Hugo K, Schilling, Editors. Price per
volume $2.50.

Oited as Univ, Calif. Publ. Mod. Philol.
Vol. 1. 1. Der Junge Goethe und das Publikum, by W. R. R. Pinger. Pp. 1-67.
May, 1909

2. Studies in the Marvello by Benjamin P. Kurtz. Pp. 69-244. March
17, 1910

3. Introduction to the Philosophy of Art, by Arthur Weiss. Pp. 245-802.
January 12, 1910.

.50 4. The Old English Christian Epic, by George A. Smithson. Pp. 303-400. September 30, 1910

VOL. 2. 1. Wilhelm Busch als Dichter, Künstler, Psychologe, and Philosoph, von
Fritz Winther. Pp. 1-79. September 26, 1910

2. The Critics of Edmund Spenser, by Herbert E. Cory. Pp. 81-182.
June 30, 1911

3. Some Forms of the Riddle Question and the Exercise of the Wits in

Popular Fiction and Formal Literature, by Rudolph Schevill. Pp.
183-237. November 2, 1911

4. Histrionics in the Dramas of Franz Grillparzer, by Elizabeth Adelaide

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Herrmann. Pp. 239-309. June 15, 1912
5. Spenser, the School of the Fletchers, and Milton, by Herbert E. Cory.
Pp. 311-373. June 17, 1912

.75 Vol. 3. 1. Rousseaus Einflus Auf Klinger, von F. A. Wyneken. Pp. 1-85. Octo ber, 1912


CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY.-Edward B. Clapp, William A. Merrill, Herbert O. Nutting,

Editors. Price per volume $2.50. Vol. 1. 1. Hiatus in Greek Melic Poetry, by Edward Bal Clapp. Pp. 1-84. Jane, 1904

$0.00 2. Studies in the Si-Clause. I. Concessive Si-Olauses in Plautus. II. Sub

junctive Protasis and Indicative Apodosis in Plautus. By Herbert O.
Nutting. Pp. 35-94. January, 1906.....

.80 3. The Whence and Whither of the Modern Science of Language, by Bonj.

Ide Wheeler. Pp. 95-109. May, 1905...
4. On the Relation of Horace to Lucretius, by William A. Merrill. Pp

111-129. October, 1905
5. The Priests of Asklepios, & New Method of Dating Athonian Archons,

by William Scott Ferguson. Pp. 131-178. April 14, 1906 (reprinted

September, 1907)
6. Horace's Alcaic. Strophe, by Leon Josiah Richardson. Pp. 175-201.
March, 1907

7. Some Phases of the Relation of Thought to Verge in Plautus, by Henry

Washington Prescott. Pp. 205-262. June, 1907....

Index, pp. 263-270.
Vol. 2. 1. Some Textual Criticisms on the Eighth Book of the De Vita Caesarum

of Suetonius, by William Hardy Alexander. Pp. 1-33. November,

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