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V constantly in Mind, as long as he is reading the

Answer to it. For, without this, it will be im-
posible for bim to judge, whether the Proofs,
which I offer in Defence of my Answer, be per-
tinent or not. To belp in this the Reader's Me-
mory, in the next Impression (if there be any)
the Questions, as far as is necessary, shall be set
in a small CharaEter, at the Top of every Page,
Some Reflections on Mr. Chillingworth's Book
will also be added.

June 28. Anno 1727.

1. 28, and, r. or., p. 86,1. 17, r. invincibly. I. 19. r. by

an. p.90, 1.7, r. whither. p. 91, 1. 7, r. to come. p. 97, 1. 8,

1. Questions. l. 15, r. than. 1. 17, other, s. their. p. 106, 1.

ult. has, r. have. p. 117, 1. penult. in the World, r. in the whole.

p. 126, 1. antepen. Communion, s. the distinctive Articles of her

Communion. p. 133, 1. 26, we, r, which we. p. 134, 1. 10, r.

with whom. 1. 11, blot out with. p. 136, 1.29, r. v. 15. But.

p. 141, !.!, r. S. Mat. xviii. p. 144,1. 3, is, r. is diverting himself,

and fighting. p. 155, l. 20, r. Regard, of. p. 161, 1.7, 1. a.

gainst the. p. 174, 1. ult. fince these, r. fince tew or none of

these. p. 216, 1. 10, r, and Pope. p.236, l. 15, r. Bishop. p.

253. 1.7, 5. Iconoclasts. p. 262, 1. 24, if, r, of. p. 281, 1. 10,

r. respective.

In the Bottom Notes.

P. 5, l. 3, r. obtinuit. p. 17, l. 1, Q. iv, r. 2. vi. p.33,1. 4

r. subjicere. 1.7, r. E. Pour. p. 95,1.1, r. insuper. 1.3, r. ex-

orta. p. 107,1. 3, r. Juventuiem. p. 108, 1.2, r. Reliquils.

p. 109, 1.8, r. Oggodbią. p. Jis, l. 4, r. Ixi, Non. p. 116, l.

12, r. Donatiftas quajtió. p. 222, l. 4. r. orbe. p. 224, 1. ult.

1. 1710 E. p. 229, 1.11, (ubditis, r. Jubjetis. p. 268, 1.6, r.

doesdoiw. p. 271, l.pen. r. Lib. v. p. 275, 1.2, r. Caróra
Teatab. 1. 17, non, r. nec.

Leser Faults I hope the Reader will pardox ; As when Verbs

and Aaverbs begin with great Letters. So be will find Apo.

Itacy p. xviii, 137,213, 260 261, for Apostasy; Complement p.

140, for Compliment. Dioclcsian p. 64, 68, for Dioclecian.

Priscilianists p 64, 282, for Priscillianists. Anastatius p. 224,

for Anastasius Appollonius p. 268, for Apollonius. ufeing p.

74, for using. Bials p. 75, 183, for Bias. coppy p. 113, for

copy. Corpere and litteris, p. 116, 117, for Corpote and lite-

ris &c. , p. 204, I quote modern Controversy, as mine ; because

I writ tiñar Part of it, the not the whole Book.


God, and works Righteousness, is acceptable to him. Ads X. v. 34, 35? And laftly, that whoever foall call upon the Name of the Lord, foall be sav’d. Rom. X. v. 13. Quest. 12.

P 54 Does not the Scripure say, or suppose, that of all Religions a Remnant fall be Jav'd?

p. 56 Queit. 13. Is not a Reformation, in wicked Times, a real and great Blessing ?

P. 57 Queft. 14. Cannot a Man be fav'd at present, if he be in Communion with the Apostles, and with the Catholick Church of the three first Ages ? . 70

CHA P. II. Invincible Necessity and invincible Ignorance,are the only Exceptions from the GENERAL Rule above mention'd.

P. 78 Quest. 1. What is meant by invincible Neceffity, and by invincible Ignorance ?

p. 72 Quest. 2: Can a Person be sav'd, who dies, by invincible Neo cefiry, out of the Catholick Church?

p. 75 Quest. 3. Does invincible Ignorance excuse Men from the Guilt of Heresy and Schism?

p. 77 Queft. 4. Is any one far'd by invincible Ignorance?

Quest.fi Cannot a Person, who is out of the Catholick Church, have a saving Faith, in any Communion of Christians, who believe the Trinity and the Incarnation, if he be invincibly ignorant of the Heresy and Schism, in which he is engag’d?

Queft. 6. Can a Person be in a State of Salvation, who is out of the Catholick Church, and who (by invincible Ignorance of his Duty) positively refuses to be a Catholick?

P. 82

p. 83

p. 88

Queft. 7.

What think you of those, who hold, that a Perfon may be fav'd, in any Communion of Chriftians, without invincible Ignorance?


P. 88

P. 102

Queft. 8. Is Ignorance always invincible, when a Man follows his Conscience, and acts without Remorse? p. 89

Queft. 9. If the Catholick Church did not think all Persons damn'd, who refuse to die in her Faith and Com. munion; why does not she give them ChristianBu. rial? Why does not She pray for them, as she does even for publick Sinners, who die in her Communion ?

p. 92 Queft. 10. Can Scholars, who make Religion their Study, have invincible Ignorance of the true Church? p. 93

Quest, II.
How is invincible Ignorance to be had?

p. 100 CH A P. III. The CATHOLICK COMMUNION is the Communion of those, who are known by the Name of CaTHOLICKS,and who have had this name in all Ages.

Ouest. 1. Can the Catholick Church be in separate Communions, as in that of Catholicks, of Proteftants, of modern Greeks, &c.

Ibid. Queft. 2. Is not the universal Church in one Communion a plain Contradiction ?

. Is the Catholick Church upon Earth always in Being, from her first Foundation and Enlargement by Christ and his Apostles, to the End of the World?

Queft. 4. Is the Catholick Church upon Earth, always a visible and known Society ?

P. 124 Queft. s. Is the Catholick Church always Orthodox ? p. 128

Queft. 6. Are not new Terms of Communion, new Defi. nitions of Faith, and new Creeds a manifeft Proof of the Church's Unorthodoxy ?

Queft. 7. What Rule does the Catholick Church follow, in her Definitions of Faith?


p. 118

Queft. 3.

p. 122

P. 160

Quest. 8. Is the Faith and Language of the Catholick Church the fame in all Ages ?

p. 177 Quest. 9. Is the Discipline of the Catholick Church the fame in all Ages ?

p. 193 Qucft. 10. Are Protestants the whole Catholick Church ? Or, are they in Communion with it?

p. 195 Quest. 11. Were the Vaudois, or poor Men of Lyons, the whole Catholick Church? Or, were they in Communion with it, since their Separation from Rome? p. 207

Queft. 12. Did the Greeks before their Schism, own the Pope's Supremacy?

P. 214 Queft. 13. Did the Bishops of Rome, before Boniface the 3d. challenge a Supremacy in Spirituals,over the whole Church?

P.223 Queft. 14. Are the modern Greeks the Catholick Church? Queft. 15.

p. 244 Is not the Church of Rome, the great Whore in the Apocalype, Ch. xvii. o. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 18? p. 252

Queft. 16.
Does not the Scripture foretell a great and

general Apoftacy, 2 Thef. ii. v. 3? And that, when the shousand Years are expir'd, Satan fhall be loosed out of his Prifon, and fall go out to deceive the Nations, which are in the four Quarters of the Earth, Apoc. xx. v. 7, &c ?

Quest. 17. Does not the Spirit say exprelly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the Faith, giving ear 10 seducing Spie rits, and to the Do&trines of Devils, forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from Mears, which God has created to be receiv'd with Thanksgiving, &c. 1 Tim. iv. v !, 3 ?

Queft. 18. Is the Church, in Communion with the Bishop and See of Rome, the Catholick Church? p. 281

P. 260

P. 266


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