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In writing this volume the design of the author has been to produce a book that would state systematically, concisely and with a reasonable measure of completeness, the rules and principles of both the substantive and the adjective law of crimes, and their application. He has taught both phases of the subject for many years and has given them much consideration.

The book is divided into three parts. Part one deals with certain preliminary topics pertaining to the substantive law of crimes. It consists of ten chapters, each of which contains a discussion of a preliminary topic. Part two deals with specific crimes. This part comprises, of course, a very large portion of the book. It contains sixty-three chapters. It divides crimes into seven general classes, as follows: Crimes against : 1, the person; 2, the habitation; 3, property; 4, public justice; 5, public peace; 6, public welfare, health, safety, morals and religion; 7, sovereignty. It then enumerates and discusses the various specific crimes that belong to these respective classes. Part three deals with criminal pleading and procedure. It discusses arrest and extradition, preliminary proceedings, including bail; modes of accusation, including indictment, arraignment and pleas; trial, and the various proceedings after verdict.

The cases supporting the text have been selected with discriminating care, and it is believed that they are sufficiently numerous and apt to serve the purpose intended.

In the preparation of this book, Mr. Aurelius Gale Pheasant has rendered much valuable assistance, and the author acknowledges a deep sense of his appreciation of the high character of these services. The author rests under a similar obligation to Professor Joseph Henry Beale, of Harvard Law School, for help received from his very complete book on Criminal Law. This case book has been used by the author in connection with his instruction in this subject for many years and he has found it exceedingly helpful in the preparation of this volume.

T. W. HUGHES. Topeka, Kans., September, 1919.


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