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All England and Wales.

Maritime Districts,

Rye. Brley. Oats. Beans. Pease. 14016.|| Wht. Rye. Barley. Oats. Beans. Pease.

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Aggregate Average of the Twelve Maritime Districts of England and Wales for the Six

Weeks succeeding 15th May 1820. Wheat, 70s, 10.--Rye, 41ş. 0.—Barley, 31s. 11.-Oats, 25s. 4d.—Beans, 45s. 22. —Pease, 16s. 1d.

Average Prices of Grain in Scotland for the Four Weeks immediately preceding

15th June 1820. Wheat, 67s. 60.-Rye, 37s. 1d.-Barley, 30s. 70.-Oats, 24s. 5d.---Bears, 358. 6d.-Pease, 346. 74.

Oatmeal, per boll, 198, 100.-Bear or Big, 278, 2d.

COMMERCIAL REPORT. The month of June was distinguished by rather more activity in the demand for West India produce than the preceding one. ---Coffees have more particularly been affected by it, and prices have experienced a considerable degree of improvement, as well in our own markets as abroad; it appears that an actual diminution of stock, more than speculation by which an article only changes hands, has been the immediate consequence. The stocks in London have lately been greatly diminished, notwithstanding a large importation has taken place. At Liverpool, the stocks are lighter than at this period of the last two years; the stocks at that port, on the 1st January 1820, were estimated at 1260 tons; the imports to the 1st July were 1130 tons; the deliveries have been 930 tons for exportation, and 410 tons for home consumption, leaving the present stock 1050 tons. The stock in London of West India Coffee is 4120. being ten tons less than at this time last year; prices are about 7s. higher. The deliveries of Sugar for home consumption, in the last six months, are estimated at 86,000 casks, besides 2000 tons of East India Sugar; at Liverpool there remained on the 1st January 6400 hhds. and tierces, to which were added during the last six months 15,300. The sales during the same period have amounted to 18,100, leaving the quantities in first hands 3600 hods. and tierces.Notwithstanding the almost total interruption in the imports of Cotton from the East Indies, the large supplies received from the United States have tended to keep prices down; the increase of imports from the United States, when compared with last year, being 77,000 bags and 28,500 from the Brazils, whilst 83,600 bags less were imported from the East Indies. The stock of Cotton in the Kingdom

America. Brazil. E. Indies. W. Indies. Total. On the 30th May,

89,500 58,800 274,700 14,500 437,500 The imports in June,

64,000 13,000 3,200 3,600 83,800

153,500 71,800 277,900 18,100 521,300 The quantity taken out of the

port is rated at . 21,000 8,000 5,200 2,800 37,000 Leaving the present stock 132,500 63,800 272,700 15,300 484,300

The present average weekly consumption is estimated at 4900 bags, and the stock equal to two years consumption. The stock of Tobaccos in the warehouses at Liverpool were, on the 31st of May, 5784 hhds. since which 380 bhds. were imported from New Orleans, and 171 from Virginia, &c. The deliveries for home consumption and Ireland have amounted there to 935 hhds. leaving the present stock 5400 hhds. The deliveries of Tobacco from the 1st January to the 1st instant have been as follows in London :

Jan. Feb. March. April May June. For exportation, - 796


339 875 Home Trade, . 310 359


343 323 325 - - 53



London, July 4. 1159 855 897 699 662 , 1200

Course of Exchange, London, July 14.-Amsterdam, 12 : 6. Ditto, at sight, 12 : 3. Rotterdam, 12 : 7. Antwerp, 12 : 8. Hamburgh, 37 : 4. Altopa, 37 : 5. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 80. Bourdeaux, 26 : 10. Frankfort on the Maine, 1551. Madrid, 344. Cadiz, 341. Gibraltar, 30. Leghorn, 47. Genoa, 44. Oporto, 493. Rin Janeiro, 55. Dublin, 74 per cent. Cork, 8£ per cent.

Prices of Bullion per oz.- Foreign gold in bars, L. 3 : 17 : 104. New Dollars, L.0:4: 101.

Preiniums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey 12s. 60.Cork or Dublin 10s. 6d.--Belfast 10s. 6d.-Hamburgh 10s. 60.-- Madeira 20s.-Jamaica 30s.--Greenland out and home 4 gs. to 5 gs. Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from June 21 to July 12, 1820.

June 21. June 28. July 5. July 12.

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2 3 2 4 Congou, . .' .

2 9 3 2 Souchong, ..

4 ..

3 4 6 SUGAR, Musc. cwt. B. P. Dry Brown, .

61 59 61 Mid. Good, & Fine Mid. Fine and very fine, :

83 Brazil, Brown,

31 . . . White, . . . .

* 54 . Refined, Double Loaves, .

1 2 (lb.) 14 Powder ditto, ... 112

94. 111 Single ditto, ......


109 Small Lumps, .

102 . Large ditto, . . .

98 Crushed Lumps, ... MOLASSES, British, . .. 30 COFFEE, Jamaica,.. "Ord. good, and fine ord. 112 124 114 125

121 100 Fine and very fine,

136 14

142 Dutch, Triage & Very ord. 93 116

1 92

115 Ord. good, & fine ord. |118 129

126 St Domingo, . . . . 120 123

120 123 PIMENTO (in Bond), lb. SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 3s 3d 3 6

2 8 3 i 2 8 Brandy, gal.: 40

3 3 4 0 Geneva, ·

2 2 2 ·

4 · · Aqua, ..... WINES, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd.

350 65 0 Portugal Red, pipe, .

500 54 0 Spanish White, butt. .

300 65 0 Teneriffe, pipe, · · - Madeira,

35 .

45 . . LOGwOOD, Jamaica, ton, . | £7

5 10 1.6. O 6 5 | 6 5. 6. 10 Honduras, · · .

5 15 6 0 6 10 7 016 5 6 15 Campeachy, . .. 6 10 7 0 7 0 7 10

Fustic, Jamaica, • .'.

7 10 8 017 0 - 8 0 9 0 - Cuba, . . . . . 9

9 10 10 0 8 5 8 15

INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 9s 6d 11 6 | 7 6 8 6 8 6 9 6 10 0 10 6 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 1 7 111

Ditto Oak, . .. 3 2 3 6
Honduras Mahogany, 14 1 8 1 2

į 81 0 14

1 2 TAR, American, brl. . .

Archangel,.... Tallow, Rus. Yel. Candle,

Home melted, cwt . HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton,

Petersburgh Clean, . Flax, Riga În. & Dr. Ra.

Dutch, . . . . .

Irish, . . . . . MATS, Archangel, .. BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl, Montreal ditto, cwt.

Pot, . . . . OIL, Whale, tun, • ..

Cod, .. . . . .. (p.br) TOBACCO, Virg. fine, lb. .

980 610 8 0 8 0 9 inferior, . .. 6

0 31 0 3 0 48 0 5. COTTONS, Bowed Georgia,

1 0 1 Toll 1 111 0 1 0 Sea Island, fine,..

2 2 2 4 2 0 2 4 1 7 2 0 Demerara and Berbice,

13 1 5 11 5 1 2 1 5 Pernambucco, ..

1 61 35 1 411 4 1 5. Maranham, . . .

1 4 1 5 11 23 1 3 1 3 1 4 VOL, VII.

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ALPHABETICAL List of EnglISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th

May and 20th June 1820; extracted from the London Gazette.
Ackroyd, M. Leeds, earthenware manufacturer Huggett, T. Bermondsey-street, grocer
Ainley, R. Doncaster, haberdasher

Hughes, B. Bristol, victualler
Ainley, J, Blackmoor Foot, Yorkshire, clothier Izod, J. Holborn-bridge, hardwareman
Ainsworth, T. and R. Bolton, J. Thornley, War. Jackson, J. Liverpool, sail-maker

rington, and P. Cort, Turton, Lancashire, James, W.jun. Bromyard, Hereford, auctioneer whitsters

Jarman, T. Bristol, money scrivener Ausell, W. Cambridge, upholsterer

King, C. M. Upper East Smithfield, wine and Archer, T. Hertford, butcher

spirit merchant Austin, R. T. Rotherhithe, merchant

Lancelitt, W. Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, drugAshby, W. M. Albury, Surrey, paper manufac gist turer

Langhorne, H. and W. Brailsford, Bucklersbury, Askey, W. Oxford Street, tailor

merchants Bage, T. South Shiclds, joiner

Lindop, R. W. Badnall, Staffordshire, dealer Bailey, J. Watling Street, merchant

Littler, W. L. Eecleshall, schoolmaster Baker, E. Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill, broker Lowes, J. Commercial Buildings, Mincing-lane, Ball, E. R, Albury, Sussex, paper manufacturer wine-merchant Balters, J. Southampton, grocer

Macknair, J. jun. and J. Atkinson, Cornhin, merBarter, H. Bishops' Waltham, grocer

chants Bell, J. R. and W, Wilkinson, Old Broad Street, Marfleet, T, Broad-street, Ratcli • merchants

Marlton, J. Strand, engineer Bentley, R. Liverpool, grocer

Maitland, A. and J. Adderley, Brentford, ironBibby, R. Liverpool, merchant

mongers Bleasdale, T. Chorley, ironmonger

Mars, J. Snow's-fields, Bermondsey, leather-dres. Boullen, P. Norton Falgate, hosier

ser Bradley, J. Manchester, cotton manufacturer Martin, J. Liverpool, merchant Bramall, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, worsted Mason, G. Chard, clothier spinner

Miles, W. Oxford-street, linen-draper Bragg, J. Whitehaven, thread-manufacturer Middlehurst, J. Blackburn, grocer Brunn, S. Charing-cross, sword-cutler

Morris, T.jun. Wing, Rutlandshire, baker Bulpin, R. Bridgewater, draper

Moses, L. Great Prescott-street, merchant Butis, "T, C. Nag's Head Court, Gracechurch Nathan, M. and A. Abram, Old-street, tallow. street, wholesale perfumer

chandlers . Butt, T. Southampton, shoemaker.

Needham, C. jun, Liverpool, merchant Caig, P. Liverpool, tailor

Newton, M. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cooper Cadogan, J. Water-street, St Clement's, carpenter Park, T. King's Stanley, Gloucestershire, woolChalker, R. North Walsham, Norfolk, scrivener stapler Chester, J. Doncaster, grocer

Pilling, J. Rochdale, woollen-manufacturer Chaplin, D. Haverhill, Suffolk, maltster

Prentice, A. and T. Shelly, Manchester, muslinClively, C. Lamb's Conduit-street, finen-draper manufacturers Cooper, J. Eagle-street, Red Lion-square, coal- Pretty, T. Tipton, Staffordshire, iron-manufac

dealer Cryer, T. Siston, Gloucestershire, dealer

Robertson, A. Grosvenor Place, builder Davis, T. jun, Little Baddow, Essex, pig-dealer Runcorn, R. Manchester, plumber Davison, T. Hinckley, mercer

Sadler, S. Birmingham, pump-maker Dickinson, J. Church-passage, Guildhall, ware Savory, F. Bristol, insurance-broker houseman

Scott, J. Huddersfield, woolstapler
Dorrington, w. Town Malling, Kent, collar-mak. Searle, J. Lower Grosvenor Street, shopkeeper

Seward, A. Salisbury, grocer
Downing, F. Huddersfield, grocer

Shaw, J. Wem, victualer Edleston, J. Blackburn, shopkeeper

Shaw, W. Brough, Westmoreland, cattle-dealer Edwards, C. Gough-square, furrier.

Silbeck, J. Leeds, linen-draper Edwards, R. and J. Hales Owen, Worcestershire, Skrine, C. Bath, grocer ironmongers

Smith, G, Leicester Square, tailor Ellett, J. Crispin-street, Spitalfields, coach-spring- Smith, J. Coln, St Aldwyn's, Gloucestershire, talmaker

low-chandler Froggott, J. Leicester, brandy-merchant

Snowdon, B. Harrow, grocer Frost, G. Wigan, shopkeeper

Stock, G. Newfoundland Street, Bristol, cabinetGarlick, M. Halifax, bookseller

maker Garrad, A. Downham Market, Norfolk, tanner Sugden, J., and W. Mitchell, Dorking, carriers Gibbins, J. jun. Fint, Gloucestershire, master. Sugden, R. Halifax, bookseller mariner

Gylvester, W. New Woodstock, mercer
Gill, T. Little Tower Street, hydrometer-maker Triphook, T. St James's Street, bookseller
Gilson, T, Nottingham, laceman

Trudget, W. Bury St Edmund's, miller
Gledston, G. South Blyth, Northumberland, ship- Tupling, B. Strand, silversinith

Vaughan, W. Pall Mall, tailor Green, E. Leeds, earthenware-manufacturer

Wade, J. Keynsham, Somersetshire, and J. Wade. Hackett, R. Newport, Isle of Wight, spirit-mer Leeds, woolstaplers chant

Watson, R. Leyland, Lancashire, farmer Haigh, J. Ley Moor, Yorkshire, cloth-merchant Welsford, F. W. Size Lane, merehant Hanne, J. Bath, cabinet-maker

West, W. Bredenbury, Herefordshire, dealer Hardwick, W. Poynings, Sussex, farmer

Whitehead, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, clothier Hargreaves, S. Liverpool, woollen-draper

Wilby, D, Ossett, Yorkshire, merchant Hatfield, W. sen. Huntingdon, ironmonger

Wilby, B, Dewsbury, clothier Hays, P. Little Thames-street, biscuit-baker Willey, T. Strand, bootmaker Henderson, J. Rotherham, grocer

Wilkinson, W. Old Broad Street, ship-broker
Henshaw, F. E. Derby, currier

Wills, G. Hatton Garden, broker
Henzelt, J. Newcastle-upon Tyne, linen-draper Withers, W. Cheltenham, coal-merchant
Hitchon, J. H. Kidderminster, factor

Wood, G. Gloucester, marble mason
Holden, J. Blackburn, drugyist

Worth, T. Talbot Court, Gracechurch Street, ha. Honyman, J. Church-street, Spitalfields, silk-ma berdasher.


Ro, turer'Tipton


orchestreueris factor"

June 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.


Anderson and Macdo#all, Edinburgh, booksel-
Adie, Robert, and John Macqueen, Dalkirie, neas lers ; by the trustee there
Crieff, woollen-manufacturers

Blair, William, Edinburgh, printer and publishCarmichael, J. Little Tullylumb, near Perth, er; by J. Balfour. W.S. there roart contractor and merchant

Forrester, Anderson, and Jarvie, Glasgow, hardĐunean, Robert, Glasgow, shoemaker and spirit ware-merchants; by D. Cuthbertson, accountdealer

ant there Ferguson, James and Co. Glasgow, drysalters and Gorbals Spinning Company, Glasgow; by the merchants

trustee there Fleming, John, Cupar Fife, merchant

Graham, Alex. and Co. Glasgow, and Graham, Hamilton, John and William, Lanark, wrights M'Nicol, and Co. Newfoundland; by D. and builders

Smith, merchant, Greenock Harper, George, Edinburgh, mercantile agent Hay, John, senior, Kinross, flesher; by AlexanHaswell, Robert, Glasgow, merchant

der Hogg, Sheriff-clerk of Kinross-shire, there Keith, Malcolm and Donald, Greenock, merchant Hunter, Burt, and Marshall, Cromwell Park, near * tailors

Perth, calico-printers; by H. Lindsay, merJeffrey, James, and James Jeffrey and Co. Edin chant in Perth burgh, merchants

Kay, Archibald, and Son, Glasgow, wrights and Jeffrey, James, Edinburgh, draper

cabinetmakers; by H. Grant, accountant there Johnstone, William, and Co. Glasgow, merehants M'Allaster and Duncan, Glasgow, merchants ; by and soda-manufacturers

W. Rose, merchant there M'Nab, Francis, Sciennes, rear Edinburgh, mer. M‘Donald and M‘Phail, Glasgow, merchants; by chant

H. Paul, accountant there M'Ruer, James, and Sons, Glasgow, wrights and Newbigging, Archibald and Co. Glasgow, mertimber-merchants

chants; by W. Brock, merchant there Page, Geddes and David, Edinburgh, merchants Paul, Daniel, Greenock, merchant; by the trus. Porteous, David, Crieff, brewer and distiller

tee there Roger, James, Greenock, cloth-merchant · Ross, Thomas, Montrose, merchant; by J. Brand, Roxburgh, Andrew and John, Kilmarnock, car banker there pet-manufacturers

Soutar and Walker, Dundee, wood-merchants, Sclanders, Andrew, Glasgow, baker and grain &c. ; by J. Symers, banker there merchant

Scott and Balmanno, Glasgow, merchants; by J. Scott, Hugh, Greenock, haberdasher, &c.

M‘Gavin, accountant there Toshach, John, Calton, Glasgow, wright and ca- Steele, John, Edinburgh, carver and gilder; by binet-maker.

D. M'Gibbon, wright there.

McDonaldsend merchant therecow, merchants ; aby

. THE LATE HUGH WARRENDER, ESQ. Died at Edinburgh, on the 8th June, of access, plain and unaffected in his manHugh WARRENDER, Esq. of Burntsfield, ner, the poor could approach him without his Majesty's Agent for Scotland, and De- embarrassment, while the overflowing good. puty Keeper of the Signet.

ness of his heart irresistibly led him to * We do not take notice of the death of take an interest in their sufferings. Many Mr Warrender for the purpose of saying instances might be given of his high honour that his loss will be regretted by all who and unceasing benevolence; but it is knew him, although on this occasion these enough for the present to allude to them. would not be words of course. To his im. 6. The good we do lives after us ;” and we mediate friends and relatives, to whom we recollect of few names that have a stronger know he was affectionately attached, the claim to general esteem and regret than loss is irreparable, and we sincerely sympa- that of Hugh Warrender.Scotsman. thize in their sorrow. But we thus parti As a mark of esteem and respect for the çularly advert to the melancholy occurrence memory of the deceased, the Society of for a different purpose, and with the warm Writers to the Signet, of which Mr War. desire of bestowing a much higher praise, render was so long a distinguished member, of recording to his honour, that, while hold. attended his funeral, in full mourning, ing, as he did for a long period, the office with their gowns, and walked before the of Agent for the Crown, which in some hearse, four abreast, the junior members hands would have inflamed party spirit, he first. Sir George Warrender, one of the uniformly evinced, in the discharge of his Lords of the Admiralty, chief mourner, official duties, a superiority to every little supported by liis brother, and other relaor party feeling. To the Crown he did his tions and friends of the family, among duty faithfully and honourably, while to whom were several of the Judges of the the subject he was uniformly accommodat- Court of Session, followed the hearse on ing, kind, and charitable. Where the law foot. The procession was solemn and imwas rigorous, he took pleasure in softening pressive. its severity; where it prohibited intercourse, he was anxious to make the privations felt

THE LATE LORD DUNDAS. as little as possible; and in his breast the Died at his seat at Aske, in Yorkshire, confidential family secrets of a state prisoner on the 14th June, aged 79, THOMAS LORD were as safe as in that of a father. Easy DUNDAS. His Lordship was Lord Lieu.

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