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ceeding, which would render iç unneces- Lord Castlereagh, to be postponed till the sary for the Commons to proceed further 15th August. This motion was afterwards in the business. His Lordship at the same withdrawn, and his Lordship consented that time stated, that he should, on Thursday the order should be discharged.--The the 6th, if no judicial proceeding should in House of Commons will now, therefore, the mean time be adopted by the Lords, proceed upon the bill, or whatever other submit a motion to the House of a distinct measure may come down to it from the character, by which her Majesty, the House of Lords. House, and the Country, would be put in While these important discussions were possession of the charges contained in the going on, the Common Council and Livery sealed bag. Mr Western expressed a wish of London, the inhabitants of Westminster, to get rid of this business altogether, from and the borough of Southwark, as well as a conviction that the House ought not to several provincial cities, and towns, have entertain charges which were at one mo- presented addresses of condolence and enment represented as of a highly criminal couragement to the Queen. nature, and the next as capable of negotia. On the 7th instant eleven men and one tion : with this view he moved as an a. woman arrived at Dover from Calais, who mendment upon Lord Castlereagh's mo- were understood to have come over for the tion, that the King's message should be purpose of giving evidence against the taken into consideration that day six Queen. They were, on landing, surround. months. After an animated debate, the ed on the quay, and very roughly handled amendment was negatived by a majority of by the mob; from whom they were with 195 to 100.

difficulty rescued, and sent off to London. Accordingly, on the 6th, the adjourned They have since been embarked for Hol. order of the day for taking into considera. land, there to wait till the judicial investi. tion the King's message was moved by gation shall commence.


Acts passed in the 60th Year of the Reign of George III., or in the Second Session of

the Sixth Parliament of the United Kingdum. CAP. CXXXII. For raising Two Mil- ministration of Justice in Cases of Misde. lions by Treasury Bills in Ireland. July meanour. Dec. 23, 1819. 12, 1819.

Cap. V. To amend an Act for Regu. Cap. CXXXIII. For applying certain lation of Cotton Mills and Factories, &c. monies to service of the year.–July 13. Dec. 23.

Cap. CXXXIV. Tó Amend an Act Cap. VI. For more effectually preventfor building additional Churches.—Julying Seditious Meetings and Assemblies, to 13.

continue in force until the end of the SesCap. CXXXV. To repeal two Road sion of Parliament next after Five Years Acts of the 55th of Geo. lll. and to pro- from the passing of this Act.Dec. 24. vide more effectually for keeping in repair Cap. VII. To amend an Act of the 420 certain Roads and Bridges, and for the re- year of the reign of his Majesty for Regu. gulation of Ferrics in Scotland.-Julylating the Trial of Controverted Elections 13.

for Ireland, Dec. 24. Car. CXXXVI. For the better regu Cap. VIII. For the more effectual lation of the Penitentiary at Millbank.- Prevention and Punishment of BlaspheJuly 13.

mous and Seditious Libels.-Dec. 30. Cap. CXXXVII. To enable the Di. Cap. IX. To subject certain Publicarectors of the Poor at Worcester to sell cer- tions to the Duties of Stanips on Newstain lands.—July 13.

papers, &c.Dec. 30. Cap. I. To prevent the training of Per Anno Primo Georgii IV. Regis. sons to the use of Arms, and to the practice Cap. X. To indemnify persons who of military evolutions and exercise. --Dec. have omitted to qualify themselves for 11. 1819.

offices, employments, &c.- Feb. 28. 1820. Cap. II. To authorize Justices of the Cap. XI. For the Regulation of ElecPeace, in certain disturbed Counties, to seize tions in Ireland... Feb. 28. and detain Arms collected or kept for pur. Cap. XII. To continue until 25th poses dangerous to the Public Peace. June 1820 expiring laws.-Feb. 28. Dec. 18.

Cap. XIII. To continue Mutiny and Cap. III. For continuing to his Majes. Desertion Act.- Feb. 28. ty certain duties on Malt, Sugar, &c. for Cap. XIV. To remedy certain Incon. the year 1820.

veniences in local and exclusive Jurisdic. Cap. IV. To prevent delay in the Ad- tions. Feb. 28.





and county Magistrates ansly presented that pa


Ensign Connor, Lieut. by purch. více
M Manus, canc.

20th April June 15.-George Earl of Galloway, to be Lord

Luxmore, Ensign by purch. vice Lieutenant of the stewartry of Kirkcudbright.


Ist June Lieut, Wildey, fm. h. p. 13 Dr. Paym. vice Nicholls, dead

15th do.

Ensign Nelson, Lieut. vice Fortescue, II. ECCLESIASTICAL.

3 Vet, Bn.

25th May C. F. Neynoe, Ensign

do. May 31.-The Associate Congregation of Loch- 34 Bt. Maj. Faunt, Major, vice Worseley, winnoch gave an unanimous call to Mr George

dead Wood, preacher of the Gospel, to be their pastor.

Lieut. Ellis, Capt.

do. June 2.-The Rev. Mr Green was ordained as

Ensign Lax, Lieut. sistant and successor of the Rev. Mr Little of West

Burrows, fm, h. p. York Chass. erkirk.


do. 12.-A call was moderated by the Relief Con- 37 Lieut. Fox, fm. h. p. 99 F. Qua. Mast. gregation of Hawick, and was unanimous, in fa

vice Blake, canc.

15th June vour of Mr George Carson, preacher of the Gos- 38 - Vassal, Ensign, vice Markham, pel.

Cape Corps

Ist do. 15.-Lord Douglas has presented Mr Alexander

Surg: Cowen, fm. 10 Vet. Bn. Surg. Stewart, preacher of the Gospel, to the church

vice Waring, h. p. 5 Gar. Bp. do. and parish of Douglas.

Ensign Sutherland, fm. 76 F, Lieut. -The tutors of Sir John Carmichael An.

vice Orange, dead

15th do. struther, Bart., have presented the Rev. Thomas

Lieut. Mackay, Adj. vice Nicholson, Watson, preacher of the Gospel, to the united pa

res, Adj. only

8th do. rishes of Thankerton and Covington.

- Muller, Capt. vice Bowers, dead 22.-The Associate Congregation of Tranent

18th May. gave an unanimous call to Mr John M'Gilchrist,

Ensign Bartlett, Lieut. preacher of the Gospel, to be their pastor,

A. M. J. Durnford, Ensign

do. 30.-- The King has been pleased to present the

Lt. Bruce, fin. 1. F. Gds, Capt. by Rev. Thomas Macfarlane to the church of the

purch. vice De Reynaud, ret. 25th do. united parishes of Dyke and Moy, in the presby

Assist, Surg. Smith, fm. h. p. Assist. tery of Forres, and county of Moray.

Surg, vice Simpson, dead

do. July 1.--The King has been pleased to present

Ensign Shaw, fm. h. p. 57 F. Ensign, the Rey, John Fraser to the church and parish of

vice Durnford, 2 Vet. Bn. 15th June Cluny, in the presbytery of Kincardine O'Neil,

Gent. Cadet P. Maitland, fm. R. Mil.
Coll. Ensign

do. 8.-The Magistrates and Town-Council of 73 R. Drewe, Ensign, vice Roskrow, dead Queensferry have unanimously presented the Rev.

Ist do. Thomas Dimma, A. M. to the church of that pa- 74 Lieut. Mannin, Capt, by purch. vice rish,

Cargill, ret.

do. Ensign Taylor, Lieut. by purch. do.

T. Gordon, Ensign, by purch. do. III. MILITARY.

W. B. Bowen, Ensign, vice Sutherland, 46 F.

15th do. Capt. Bates, R. Art, to be Major in the 82 Ensign Delancey, Lieut. by purch. vice Army 12th Aug. 1819. Harman, ret.

8th do, - Kettlewell, R. Art. to be Major

E. M. Wigley, Ensign by purch. do. in the Army


Ensign O'Brien, Lieut. vice Maebean, Fitz-Gerald, 12 F. to be Major in

2 Ceylon R.

do. the Army


R. F. R. Lisle, Ensign
Lieut. Pratt, Capt. by purch. vice

Lieut. Macdonald, Capt. by purch. vice
Holmes, ret.
25th May 1820.
Cook, ret.

do. Cornet Wilmot, Lieut. by purch. do.

Ensign Wilson, Lieut, by purch. do. G. Robbins, Cornet by purch. do.

H. H. Rose, Ensign, by purch. do. 13 Dr. Lt. Col. Sir J. Browne, fin. 21 Dr. 2 W.IR, Capt. Gell,'fm. h. p. 95 F. Capt. vice Lt.-Col.

9th do.

M'Intyre, 2 Vet. Bat. 18th May Bt. Lt.-Col. Thackwell, Lt.-Col. vice 1 Ceylon R. Qua. Mast. Kennedy, 2d Lieut. vice Dalrymple, dead

15th June

Gray, prom.

25th Dec. 1819. Capt. Whiteford, Major


Lt. Fox, fm. Ceylon Pioneer Lasears, Lieut. Stewart, Captain


Qua, Mast. vice Kennedy
W. F. Chetwynd, Cornet by purch. do.

Cape Corps.
Capt. Moultrie, Major by purch. vice
Geils, ret.

25th May Cavalry. Capt. Somerset, fm. Infantry, Captain Lieut. Ruddach, Capt. by purch. do.

25th Oct. 1819. Cornet Jolliffe, Lieut. by purch. do.

Lieut. Hon. J. Massey, fm. h. p. 20 Dr. Gent. Cadet G. Duncombe, fm. R. Mil.


25th May 1820. Coll. Cornet by purch.


C. T. Bird, Cornet
Lieut. Wood, Capt. by purch. vice Infantry. Lieut. Stuart, fm. 72 F. Captain
Hare, ret.
8th June

25th Oct. 1813. Cornet Forward, Lieut. by purch. do.

- - Aitchison, fm. h. p. R. Art. Capt. Gre. Gds. Ensign and Lieut. Hon. W. S. Lascelles,

fm. h. p. Ensign and Lieut. by purch,
vice Bruce

do, Cold. Gds. Hon. W. T. Graves, Ensign and Lt,

- Stockenstrom, fm. 2 F, G. vice vice Fitz Clarence, Cape Corps do.


do. 4F. Serj. Maj, Kelly, Adj. and Ensign, vice

Armstrong, fm. Afr. Corps, Lt. Graham, res. Adj. only 18th May

vice Fleeson, h. p. Afr. Corps Ensign Jackson, Lieut. vice Duthy,

Ensign Knight, Lieut. dead

24th do.

Hon. G. T. Kepple, fm. 22 F. Lieut. Cottori, fm. h. p. R. Art. Lieut.

do. vice Robinson, dead

25th do.

- Markham, fm. 38 F. Lieut, vice Chet woode, Ensign, vice Clarke,


do. dead

24th do.

Gent. Cadet H. D. Warden, fm. R. Mil. R. N. Shea, Ensign,vice Jackson 25th do.

College, Ensign

do. Ensign M‘Manus, Lieut. vice Drum

M. Richmond, fm. R. Mil. mond, dead

16th April
College, Ensign

. do.


4 Dr.




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Fitz Clarence, fm. 2 F. G. Capt.



J. Fleischer, Ensign 220 Oct. 1819. Ensign Shaw, fm. 8 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Pick-
G. Humphreys, Qua. Mast

wick, h. p. York Ra.
25th May 1820. Harrison, fm. 86 E. with Ensign Murphy,
Kirkcudbright Militia.

h. p. 40 F. D. Maxwell, jun. Col. vice Fullarton,

Tait,' fm. 16 F. rec. diff. with Ensign res.

25th April 1820. Drew, h. p.78 F. Ordnance Departinent.

- Fraser, from Cape Inf. with Ensign La

voine, h. p. 60 F. R. Art. Bt. Col. Sir G. A. Wood, Col. 11th May, Bt. Lt. Col. A. Macdonald, Lt. Col. di.

Paym. Hart, fm. 32 F. with Paym. Eager, h. p. Major Caddy, fm. h. p. Major

York Ra.

do 1st Lieut. Wood, %d Capt.

Qua. Mast. Tyrrell, fm. 61 F. with Qua. Mast. - Wilson, fm. h. p. 1st Lt.

Clarke, h. p. York Ra. 2d Lt. Mee, 1st Lieut.


Surg. Punshon, fin, 83 F. with Surg, Todil, h. p. - O'Brien, fm. h. p. 2d Lieut. do.

52 F. Ist Lt. Molesworth, fini. h. p. Ist Lt.

12th do. Resignations and Retirements. 2d Lt. Desbrisay, do

do. - Mudge, fm. h. p. 2d Lt.

Col. Fularton, Kirkcudbright Mil.
Roy. Eng. Gent. Cadet T. A. Larcom, 2d Lieut.

Maj. Geils, 19 Dr.
Ist June.

- De Reynaud, 60 F. Garrison. Maj. Gen. Griffiths, Captain Yarmouth

Cooke, 93 F.
Castle, Isle of Wight, vice Worsley,

Capt. Holmes, 4 Dr.

25th May.

('argill, 74 F. Med. Dep. Inspector Hume, fm. h. p. Inspector

Hare, 21 Dr.' of Hospitals

27th April.

Lieut. Harman, 82 F. . Exchanges.

Appointment Cancelled. Bt. Lt. Col. Cathcart, fm. 2 Dr. rec, diff. between full pay Troop and full pay Comp. with Capt.

Qua. Mast. Blake, 37 F.

qua. N Mackenzie, h: p. 92 F. Capt. Stracey, fm. 3 Dr. G. with Capt. Stewart,

Deaths. 25 F.

- Llewellyn, fm. 12 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Lt. Col. Dalrymple, 15 Huss. · 15th June 1820. Fitzgerald, h. p. 83 F.

- Mole, h. p. 3 Gar. Bn. Scarborough - Hobbs, fm. 92 F. with Capt. Mitchell, h. Major Á. M'Lauchlan, R. Mar.

June. p. 25 F.

--- Barnes, h. p. Newfoundland Fenc. Douglas, - Sidaway, fm. R. Wagg. Train, with Capt. Isle of Man

230 Mar. Jackson, h. p.

Capt. Bowers, 1 Bn. 60 F. Quebec 1st Apr. -- Amiel, fm. 27 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Fullarton, h. p. 1 F. Edinburgh 21st June. Bogue, h. p. 94 F.

- F. P. Drummond, h. p. 98 F 4th do.

Boyton, h. p. W. I. R. off Cork 21st Apr. son, h. p. 7 F. *

Hall, ret. 4 Vet. Bn. Stavely, Chesterfield Wharton, fm. Sub. Insp. Mil. Ionian Isl,

sth do. with Capt. Carrol, h. p. 13 F.

Lieut. Jordan, 11 Dr. Dinapore, Bengal
Sir C. Payne, fm. 9 Dr, rec. diff. with

7th Nov, 1819. Capt. Blakiston, h. p. 25 Dr.

Drummond, 16 F. - Nickson, Gren, Gds, with Capt. Bruce, 60 - Smith, 46 F. Madras 21st Jan. 1820. F.

Baynham, 67 F. Bombay 5th Dec. 1819. Lieut, Mairis, fın. 78 F. with Lieut. Taylor, h. - Bolton, 68 F. Amherst burgh, Upper Canap. 56 F.


21st Feb. 1820. -- Scholey, fm. 7 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut. M'Adam, h. p. 98 F. Moises, h, 1.9 F.

- W. Campbell, h. p. 38 F.

5th do, - Lang, 'fm. 19 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Jack, h. p. 60 F. as Fort Adj. at St VinMethold, h. p. 23 F.


30th Mar. -- Law, fm. 11 Dr. rec. diff, with Lieut. Trit - Addison, h. p. 101 F. Thirsk, North Briton, h. p. 24 Dr.


27th May. -Mure, fm. Gren. Gds. rec. diff. with Lieut. Wambey, Ret. Invalids

20th Apr. Loftus, h. p.

- - O'Hea, late Irish Invalids, Cork May. - Christian, fm. 19 F. with Lieut. Chambers, - Hunter, 67 F. Bombay

Ensign Dunlop, 38 F.

19th do. --- Orange, fm. 89 F. with Lieut. Freer, Rif. - - Janns, 67 F. Bombay 30th Nov. 1819. Brig.

- - Roskrow, 75 F. Cornet Enery, fm. 2 Dr. G. with Ensign Stewart, Quar, Mast. Randall, 2 Vet. Bn. 72 F.

Assist. Surg. Hamilton, 18 F. Hobart's Town, 2d Lieut. Kennedy, fm. 1 Cevlon Root vlon Regt. with 20

18th Jan. 1820. Lieut. Mylius, h. p. Bourbon Regt.

Staff Surg, Thompson, h, p. Calais 17th Apr, Ensign Hurst, fm. 72 F. with Ensign Rainsford, Hosp. Assist, Farquhar, Africa,

on pick, fim. 1 Ceylon R. with Capt. Ander

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John Balfour Maxwell

Royal Marines,
Henry Forbes
B. W. Walker

Wm. Walpole
Wm. Sherwood

Gilbert Langdon
Frederick Abraham Smith
Robert Gregory Weleh

Ist Lieut.
Robert Tait
Henry Ashfield

William Calamy
Geo. Cornish Gambier William Mills
Edward Augustus Frankland Godfrey Lampleigh Wolley

2d Lieut. Thomas George Wills

William Honyman Henderson Frederick Woodmeston
Joddrell Leigh
William Worfold

William Maxwell

James Patton

Chas. Bentham
George Howe Freemantle

John Tarn
Augustus Georgc Barrette

Joseph M‘Lean
George Fred. Hotham

John Billingsley
Henry Dundas
Charles Parker (c)

Assist. Surgeon.
Thomas Gregs

Arthur Savage



R. Charlotte yae.
Willi & Mary yac.

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D. J. Dickson
Alex. Shairp
Rob. Gregory Welch
H. D'E. Darby
W. Robertson (b.)
Hon. C. Legge

T. E. Hoste
Gabriel Christie
Hon. W. Waldegrave
William Mills
Henry Dundas
E, S. Clerkson
C. S. Cochrane
Chas. Parker (c.)
John Billingsley
Henry Jenkins
Geo. F. Hotham
Fred. A. Smith
M. B. Jones (act.)
B. W. Walker
J.E. Griffith, F. L.
M. J. Currie
Wm. Maxwell
4. G. Barrette
Thomas Hills
Edward Handfield
Edward Sparshott
Richard Anderson
Peter Wyberg
Chas. H. Fremantle
Henry Eden, F.L.
Wm. Doveton
Thomas Gregg
G. L. Wolley
Augustus Arabin
W. R. Ward
M. H. Sweney
Amos Plymsell
R. J. Nash (act.)
Wm. Blackford
Charles Bentham
N. Gould
G. F. Herbert
J. R. R. Webb
W. H. Miller
James St John
G. A. Field
George Read
J. C. Morris
Henry Beatson

Chaplains. D. Lloyd

John Luby (act.) UW. D. Carter (act.)

Queen Charlotte

Tribune (Vigo

Miscellaneous Appointments. George Vance, Surgeon of Greenwich Hospital. John Mortimer, Surgeon of Haslar Hospital.


Rept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill.
June | Ther. Baro. Attach Wind. Weather. 1990. Ther. | Baro. TherWind. Weather.





53 39


SM. 38 128.916|M. 55 ls, w. Heavy rain

53 .964 E. 52 mod

29.205 M. 58 |Cble. Rain morn

.277 E. 51 ) mod fair day
.339 M, 53 N. W. Fair day
.310 E. 54 Sbrisk rain night
.554 M. 52W. Fair

E. 53 ) mod Dull foren.

M. 56 Iw. rain aftern.
.633 E, 55lmod Heavy rain

M. 55cble. mn. fair day
.805 E. 56 mod
.652 M. 59W , Fair, but
.660 E, 56 nod dull
.708 M. 57 w. Fair foren.

55 mod rain aftern.
,427M. 55 Cble. Showery
,491 E. 51 ) mod

.443 M. 53 Cble. Fair foren.

.220 E. 50 brisk rain aftn.
28.998 M. 521 E. Rain morn.

.482 E. 52 ) mod fair day
.726 M. 57 E. Mild, with
.788 E. 56 S mod sunshine
.652 M. 55 Cble. Dull day,
.795 E. 55 > mod with showrs.
.772M. 57 Cble. Mild morn,
.582 E. 55 ) mod rain day
.712 M. 54 Cble. Fair, but
.680 E. 55 } Imod Idull.

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M. 38429.728 M. 571Cble. Fair, but
E. 551.702 E. 59 ) |mod dull

.657 M. 60 Сble. Dull morn.
.657 E. 59 ) mod sunsh. day
.719 M. 59 E.

Fair foren.
281 E. 58 ) mod. rain aftern.
.296 M. 60 E. Dull foren.
.180 E. 59 S high rain aftern.
.542 M 58 E.

Warın forn.
.608 E. 58 Sinod rain aftern.
.6851M. 59 Cble. Fair, with
.712 E. 60 mod sunshine
.688/M. 59 Cble. Dull day,

.602 E. 61 Smod rain even.
50 .771 M. 62 W. D. day, with

shrs. of rain .932M,

Hot, clear .910 E. 69 S mod sunshine 53 30,117 M. W.

,132 E. 76 mod

204 M. 78
:176 E. 76)

55 .180 M. 77
71 .151 E. 70 )

.126 M. 69 E. Foggy forn.

.101 E. 67) mod sunsh. after. 47 29.927 M. 64 E.

Ditto •860|E. 61 mod

.880 M. 59 E. Fair, with 1.936 E. 57 S mod sunshine. Quantity of rain, 3.400.

:852 E. 63




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The rain that fell between the 17th May and the 34th June amounted in depth to nearly five inches. The cloudy and moist weather which prevailed during that period was succeeded by dry weather with warm sunshine. On the 27th June the mercury in Fahrenheit's thermometer rose to 85° in the shade, but on the evening of the 4th July it fell as low as 41°, and in some of the higher districts it approached near to the freezing point. From the 4th the temperature became gradually more elevated, and on the 10th and Ilth the mercury in the thermometer rose to 76° and 789; but there has been little or no rain for these four weeks past, and vegetation now begins to languish for moisture, of which many of the growing corns indicated superabundance at the date of our last report. Wheat, indeed, seems little in want of rain; it is for the most part quite luxuriant, shews a fine ear, and is at present in full flower, and till the flowering is past, washing rains for that species of grain is much to be dreaded. Oats, however, are much in want of rain, as they begin to come in the ear on a rather stinted stock. The appearance of barley is middling, and would improve by a shower. The turnip fields in particular have an arid appearance, the seed was later than usual in being committed to the soil, and the Black Ay has been very destructive, in many instances occasioning a second sowa ing. On dry soils potatoe stems begin to spindle, and shew a premature disposition to come in flower. Beans and pease have improved considerably since our last report. The weather has been uncommonly favourable for hay making, and the crop is in general weighty; on poor clays or thin soils, however, it may be observed, that no sort of cror will reach a common average, wheat excepted, while on rich black loams every species of crop is luxuriant.--Pasture, and the second cutting of clover, would improve much by a shower. Cattle have met with rather a dull sale at the midsummer markets, and the sale of grain for these two weeks past has not been quite so brisk as in June. Farm seryants have been engaged on the same terms as last year.

611 0

llo 36 10 9 6 10 9

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Water plants continue to come in flower about six days earlier than last season. Wheat came in the ear about five days later, perhaps from its lateness in being sown; in the progress of other plants there has not been any difference through the month, so that turning up to the last year's report will render a table in the present Number uns necessary.-Perthshire, 12th July 1820.

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