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ABBOT, the, a novel, by the author of Canzone of Tasso, 48..
Waverley, remarks on, 248

Cape of Good Hope, new settlement at,
Abstract of Southey's Life of Wesley, 291, 259

Cartwright, Major, &c. trial of for sedition,
Accident at Portobello, 369-Dreadful one 175
at Rochdale, 564 :

· Causes of the excellence of early poetry, 3
Africa, insurrection in Morocco, 266 Ceylon, account of the late Major Davie,
Agricultural Reports, 86, 181, 281, 377, by a gentleman resident there, 319
473, 568

Chalmers, Dr, extracts from his Christian
Alcestis of Alfieri, extracts from, 512 and Civic Economy of large Towns, 50
America, on the extension of the slave -The demand of human beings for re-
trade in, 57-Emigrations to, 356

ligious food, far short of the interest they
----- , South, accounts from, 173

have in it, ib.--Mode of letting church
Andrian, the Fair, a comedy of Terence, seats hurtful to the interests of religion,
translation from, 113

52--Experiment often as instructive by
Ane cdotes of the late King and Queen, 14 failure as by success, 54 . '

Chinese literature, notice of, 67
Apparitions of the Devil, 339

Christison, the late Professor, death of, 62
Appointments, Promotions, &c. 83, 179, Circuit Intelligence, 369, 469
279, 374, 471, 566

Civil Engineers, formation of a society of,
Arabic, translations of the Classics into, 65

Cockburn, the late Baron, death of, 92
Arctic Seas, return of the expedition of dis. Colquhoun, Dr, death of the late, 187 ,

covery from the, 452_Remarks on its Comedies of Terence, new translation of,
success, 649

Archipelago, Indian, remarks on Craw. Commercial Reports, 83, 183, 283, 379,
furd's History of, 26, 120

475, 570
Arts of Phormio, a comedy of Terence, Commons, House of The Budget, 15
translation from, 115

: Proceedings in regard to charges against
Attorney-General's charges against the 'the Queen, 78, 173-See Queen, the i
Queen, 267

Comparison of the ancient and modern
Austria, threatening preparations of, against drama, 516

Connection between poetry and music, re-
Australasia, Terra, discovery of, 110 marks on the, 205
Authors, Living; a dream, 133

Convention of Royal Burghs, proceedings
Bankrupts, lists of Scots and English, 90, of the, 174
185, 284, 380, 476, 571

Copper-plate printing, singular discovery
Barbour, William, trial of for an atrocious respecting, 354
assault on his uncle, 370

Cornwall, Barry, remarks on his Marcian
Births, lists of, 93, 188, 285, 381, 477, Colonna, 7

Correspondence of the De Coverley Fami-
Blanc, Mont, account of two recent at ly, 32--1o the Editor, ib..To John
tempts to ascend it, 329

de Coverley, Esq. 33-Mrs de Coverley
Blenheim, description of a Roman villa to Richard de (overley, Esq. 34-Miss
near, 159

de Coverley to R. de Coverley, Esq. 35
Bowdich, Mr, his reply to the Quarterly Re. - To the Editor, 124To Richard de
view, 521

Coverley, Esq. 127-To the Editor,
Britain, national debt of, 178-Quarters 210.- Miss dc Coverley to her brother,
revenue of, 372

212~ To Richard de Coverley, 322
British Legislation, 82, 178, 373, 470 To Miss de Coverley, 325To Richard
Brougham, Mr, speech of, in defence of de Coverley, 328-To the Editor, 431
the Queen, 361

-The Bears, 432
Brown, the late Dr, sketch of the late chạ. Crawfurd's Indian Archipelago, remarks
racter of, 344

on, 26, 120
Buenos Ayres, extracts of letters from, Crispin, St, celebration of his anniversary

at Edinburgh, 563
Bystander, the, No. V. 59-No. VI. 245 Darling's Elocutionary Exercises, 343

Al Italy, 550 Terra, disceam, 130 molish, 90,

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Davie, the late Major, account of, by a of Jerusalem, 528_From Erskine's
gentleman residing in Ceylon, 319

Remarks, on the Internal Evidence of
Deaths, lists of, 95, 189, 286, 382, 479, the Truth of Revealed Religion, 538

Festivals, Venetian, origin of the, 104
Decameron, the Modern, No. II. 439- Fires, great one in Paris, 170_Destruc-
No. III. 504

tive one at Port-au-Prince, 361 Exten-
Delany, Mrs, review of letters of, 483 sive and destructive one in Nova Scotia,
Denmark, notice of the Royal Library of, 459_Farther particulars of, 558

551-Conspiracy to overturn the go Dreadful one at York, 562
vernment of, 557

France, new election law of, 72-Trial
Description of a storm, 123. Of a Roman and execution of Louvel, assassin of the
villa in England, 159

Duke de Berri, ib.-Expences and num-
Devil, the, apparitions of, 339

ber of established clergy in, 73, 163
Dialogues on Natural and Revealed Reli. Great fire in Paris, 170_Population of

gion, introduction, 228.Pamphilus to Paris, 258-Duty on French theatres,
Hermippus, 231_Part I. On the ex ib. Conspiracy against the Bourbons,
istence of the Deity, 232--Part II. Ad. 264_Murder of the Duke Decres, 556
ditional illustrations, 307-Part III. Fraser, Mr, account of his journey through
Objections answered, 413

the Himala Mountains, &c. 236
· Discovery of New South Shetland, account Freeholders of Scotland, number of, 369
of the, 110

German Literature, notices concerning, 258,
Domingo, St, revolution in the black em 550

pire of Hayti, and suicide of the empe- . --Reviews, No. III. 499
• ror, 559

Germany, Frey-Gerichte, or Free Tribu-
Dramatists, essays on the early English, nal of, in the Middle Ages, 426
• No. VIII. 148

Glasgow, military outrage there, 174.
Dramatic poetry, letters on, 516

Globe, on the diminution of the waters of
Duchess of York, death of, 175

the, 353
Dundas, the late Lord, death of, 91 Graduations at the Edinburgh University,
Early English Dramatists, essays on, 148 161
Early Poetry, on the causes of the excel. Greek prize poem, 222
lence of, 3

Greenland, population of, 454
Earthquakes in Greece, 164

Greenock, murders committed by soldiers
Edgeworth, Richard Lovel, on the men stationed there, 175
moirs of, 226

Hamel, Dr, Russian Counsellor of State,
Education in England, notices respecting, account of two attempts by, to ascend

Mont Blanc, 329
Edinburgh, graduations at the University High Treason, trials for in Scotland, 77
of, 161-Riots in, 564

Himala Mountains, Mr Fraser's journey
Erskine, Mr, on the truth of revealed to the, 236" o
religion, extracts from, 538

Historical notice of the Frey-Gerichte (Free
Essays on Phrenology, letters from the au, Tribunal) of Germany in the middle
thor of, 43, 143-On the early Eng.

ages, 426
lish Dramatists, 148

Historical notices of popular superstitions,
Executions at Glasgow and Stirling for &c. 128

High Treason, 277-0f four men at History of the Indian Archipelago, 26, 120
· Glasgow for stouthrief, 564

History of the Morning Post for January
Excellence of early poetry, on the causes 31, 1820, 417_Chapter II. 419 Chap-
of, 3

ter 111. 421-_Chapter IV. 422_Chap.
Extracts from Barry Cornwall's Marcian Co- ter V. 424.

lonna, 7, 123_Mrs Delany's Anecdotes · Holland, journal of a visit to, Letter XI.
of the late King and Queen, 14, 483 218-Letter XII. 492-Letter XIII. 492
Maturin's Sermons, 23_Crawfurd's In Horace, a key to the last epistle of, 346,
dian Archipelago, 26_Southey's Life of 434
Wesley, 36_Memoir of the 'Rev. Ro- Human nature, on Hume's treatise on, 536
bert Walker, 38-Chalmers's ( hristian Hunt's translation of Tasso's Amyntas, re-
and Civic Economy of Large Towns, 50 marks on, 215
-Michiel's origin of Venetian Festivals, Hydrophobia, notice of a plant useful in
104-Mrs Opie's Tales of the Heart, the cure of, 551
152_Letters from Buenos Ayres, 223- Iceland moss, uses of the, 354 ..
Fraser's Journey through the Himala Indian Archipelago, remarks on Crawfurd's
Mountains, 236_From the works of History of the, 26, 120..." va
Vincenzio Monti, the Italian poet, 299 Impersonal verbs, remarks on, 155 ,

From the poetry of the late Dr John Invention, curious one by a blind musici-
Leyden, 302-From Mrs Delany's Lete an, 65
ters, 483_From the Alcestis of Alfieri, Ireland, establishment of a general board
512_From Milman's poem of the Fall of health in, 141.

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Italian literature, Monti, 298_The Al. Michael Scott, 'the Wizard, life of, con-
cestis of Alfieri, 512 .

cluded, 99
Jerusalem, the Fall of, a dramatic poem, Military arrest of a clergyman, 278
remarks on, 528

Milk, analysis of, 259
Journal of a visit to Holland, Letter XI. Milman, Rev. H. 7. remarks on his poem
218_Haarlem, ib. Amsterdam, 220 " of the Fall of Jerusalem, 528

Letter XII. 492_Letter XIII. 492 Miracles, on the proof of, 337, 409
Juggernaut, notice respecting the temple Modern Decameron, the, No. II. 439
of, 317

Letter from Dr Franklin to Dr Fother-
Justiciary, High Court of, proceedings in, gill, 441_To the Editor of the Edin-
77, 174, 564

burgh Magazine, 443_Note-An ad-
Justus Moser, on the life and writings of, dress to the Ladies of Great Britain, 444

The Storm-beat Maid, 446_Lines
Keats, John, remarks on his poems, 107, written at Aberfoil, 447-Sonnet from

the Italian, 448_Letter to the Editor,
Key to the last epistle of Horace, 346, 434 ib. -The Bower of Clyde, 449-No.
King, the, letter of the Queen to, 274

III. 504
Letter of her Majesty to the King, 274 Mont Blanc, account of two recent at-
Letters from the author of Essays on Phren- tempts to ascend it, 329
ology, 43, 143_On dramatic poetry, Monti, Vincenzio, the Italian poet, ac-

count of, 298–Extracts from his poems,
Leyden, the late Dr John, remarks on the 299
poetry of, 301

Morning Post for January 31, 1820, his-
Lithographic press, notice of a new one, tory of the, 417

Morocco, insurrection in the army of the
Literature of Scotland in the age of An Emperor, 266

drew Melville, 17-Of China, notice Murray, Dr, death of the late, 93
respecting the, 67

Music and Poetry, on the connection be-
Literary and Scientific Intelligence, 65, tween, 205
161, 257, 353, 451, 549

Naples, revolution in, 171-Assmbly of
Living Authors, a dream, 133_Mr Camp- the new Parliament, '458-Threatened

bell, 134-Lord Byron, 135, 138-Mrs by Austria, 558
Opié, ib.Thomas Moore, 139__South National debt of Britain, account of the
ey, ib. Crabbe, ib.- Coleridge, Lamb, 178

and Lloyd, ib.-Wordsworth, 140 Natural and revealed religion, dialogues
Lord William Russell, remarks on the Life on, 228, 305, 413
of, 349

New South Shetland, discovered in the
Lords, House of, bill for regulating elec. South Pacific Ocean, 110

tion of Scotch Representative Peers, 74 North-west expedition of discovery, its
--Proceedings in against the Queen, 79, successful return, 452
173, 177, 267, 361, 459_See Queen, Norton, the late Baron, death of, 92

Nova Scotia, destructive fire in, 459
Louvel, assassin of the Duke de Berri, trial Observations on the literature of Scotland,
and execution of, 72 -

in the age of Andrew Melville, 17
M‘Lorey, Edward, trial of, for murder at Olives, external use of oil of, a preserva-
Dumfries, 369:

tive against the plague, 355
Major Davie, the late, account of the im. Opie, Mrs, extracts from her Tales of the

prisonment and death of, in Ceylon, 319 Heart, 152 .
Marcian Colonna, an Italian tale, remarks Paris, population of, 258
on, 7-Extract from, 123

Parliament, proceedings of, 74, 78, 173,
Maremma, the, a tale in poetry, 395

266, 361, 459-Abrupt prorogation of,
Marriages, lists of, 94, 188, 206, 381, 478, 560

Parry, Captain, letter from, respecting his
Maturin's Sermons, remarks on, 17

voyage of discovery in the Artic Seas,
Melville, Andrew, on the literature of Scot- 452-Further particulars of the voyage,

land in his time, 17 .
Memoir of the Rev. Robert Walker, 38 Persia, intrigues of Russian agents there,
Memoirs of Mr Edgeworth, remarks on 360
the, 226

Phrenology, letters from the author of es-
Men, physical strength of, depending on says on, 43.

the climate, 65Height and strength of Physical strength of men depending great-
in Scotland, 66

ly on the climate, 65.
Meteorological Tables, 86, 181, 281, 377, Pichler, Mrs Caroline, some account of,
473, 568

503 ser:
*Meteoric stone, account of one in India, Playfair, the late Mr, on his opinions re-

specting the proof of miracles, 409


Poetry and Music, on the connection be- . 313—On the early English dramatists,
tween, 205

148-On impersonal verbs, 155—On
Poetry, early, on the causes of the excel. the connection between poetry and mu-
lence of, 3

sic, 205_On Hunt's translation of Tas-
Poetry-Canzone of Tasso, 48-Peter so's Amyntas, 2150n memoirs of Mr

Bell v. Peter Bell, 64_Verses b ya Edgeworth, 226_On the novel of the
young Lady, ib.--Song, 160-Imitation Abbot, 248_On the poetry of the late
of Horace, ib. Love, ib.- To Leyden, Dr John Leyden, 301-On the proof
ib.Dian and Endymion, 316--De of miracles, 337, 409_On Darling's
spair, 343_ The Prisoner's Song, ib. elocutionary exercises, 343. On the life

The Maremma, a tale, 395_A Rhapso of Lord William Russell, 349_On the
dy, 407-The Bears, 482--The Storm life and writings of Justus Mæser, 387-
beat Maid, 446_Lines written at Aber. On the comparative number of the sexes
foil, 447-Sonnet from the Italian, 448 at birth, 451-On Mrs Delany's letters,
-The Bower of Clyde, 449

Poland, close of the diet of, 459

Revealed religion, on the internal evidence
Popular superstitions, &c.of Tiviotdale, 128 of the truth of, 538_On the importance
Portugal, revolution in, 360, 459—Spanish of, 542
constitution adopted in, 557

Revenue of Britain, 372
Port-au-Prince, dreadful fire there, 361 Reviews, German, No. III. 499_On Bow.
Promotions, Appointments, &c. 83, 179, dich's reply to the Quarterly Review,
279, 374, 471, 566

521_On the Fall of Jerusalem, a dra-
Prussia, agitations in, 172-Freemason matic poem, 528-On Hume's Treatise
lodges shut up in, 360

on Human Nature, 536_On the History
geographical extent of, 259

of New York, from the beginning of the
Publications, monthly list of new ones, 69, world to the beginning of the Dutch
166, 262, 357, 456, 551

dynasty, 543
Quarterly Review, Mr Bowdich's reply to Riots at Edinburgh, at an illumination for
the, 521

the Queen, 564
Queen, the, proceedings in Parliament re- Richardson, William, late Professor of Hu.

garding the charges brought against her by manity in Glasgow, account of the life,
ministers, 78-Resolutions of the House writings, and character of, 195
of Commons, ib. She rejects its propo- Roman villa near Blenheim, description of
sal for a compromise, 79-Petitions the a, 159
House of Lords, ib.--Report of Lords 'Russell, Lord William, remarks on the Life
Committee on charges against her, 80- of, 349
Bill of Paing and Penalties, ib. Her Russia, sentiments of the Emperor on the
petition against the bill, 81--Her trial, revolution in Spain, 265_Mutiny of a
267_Charges against her, ib.Evidence regiment of the Guards in, 557
for the prosecution, 272-Letter of her Russian sour-krout, account of, 163
Majesty to the King, 274-Her defence Scarcity, account of the years of, in Scot-
before the Lords, 361-Evidence for land, from 1694 to 1700, 46
the defence, 367_Addresses of condo. Scientific and Literary Intelligence, 65, 161,
lence to, 372-Evidence for the defence 257, 353, 451, 549
concluded, 459_Opinions of the Lords Scott, Michael, the wizard, life of, con.
on the evidence, 463_Bill read a second cluded, 99
time, 467-Majority and minority on Scottish representative Peers, bill for regu-
it, ib. Protest of her Majesty against lating elections of, 74
it, ib.--Bill read a third time, and after Scotland, on the literature of, in the age of
wards withdrawn by ministers. 469— Andrew elville, 17-Account of the
Rejoicings in London, &c. 470.Mes. scarcity in, from 1694 to 1700, 46
sage of, to the Commons, on the result of Height and thickness of men in, 66
her trial, 561--Illuminations in honour Trials for high treason in, 77, 175-Re.
of, 564-Her demand for a royal palace union of the Secession Church of, 278
refused, 560_Procession of, to St Number of freeholders in, 369
Paul's, ib.

Secession Church of Scotland, reunion of
Ramsay, Allan, monument erected to in the, 278
Edinburgh, 562

Sedition, trials for, in England, 175
Religion, natural and revealed, dialogues Sermons, by the Rev. C. R. Maturin, re-
on, 228, 305, 413

marks on, 21
Religious charities, receipts of, in England, Sexes, on the comparative number of the,

at birth, 451
Remarks on Barry Cornwall's Marcian Co. Shakespeare, on the English dramatic wri.

lonna, 7–On Maturin's Sermons, 21- ters who preceded him, 148
On Crawfurd's Indian Archipelago, 26, Shetland, New South, discovery of a conti.
120_On the extension of the slave-trade. nent or island so called in the South Pa.
in America, 57-Keats's Poems, 107, cific Ocean, 110

Sicily, sanguinary insurrection in Palermo, Treasonable placards, mysterious discovery
265_Civil war 2, 360

concerning, 372, 470
Sketch of the character of the late Dr Troppau, meeting of the allied sovereigns
Brown, 344

at, 558
Slave trade, on its extension in America, Tweed, chain bridge over the river, 175

University of Edinburgh, graduations at
Sound increased by night, 66

- the, 161 !
Southéy's Life of Wesley, extracts from, Van Dieman's Land, population of, 354
36-Abstract of, 291, 399

Venetian festivals, origin of the, 104 1
Southern continent, discovery of a, 110 Verbs, impersonal, remarks on, 155
Sour-krout, Russian, account of, 163 Vessel struck by a sword-fish, account of
Spain, convocation of the Cortes, 171. a, 333

Suppression of the monastic orders in, Villa, description of a Roman one near
450-Speech of the King to the Cortes, Blenheim, 159

Violin and violoncello, invention of a blind
Stewart, John, memoir of, 572

musician, for playing on both instru-
Storm, description of a, 123

ments at once, 65
Sugar obtained from the skin, membranes, Water, on the compressibility of, 68
&c. of animals, 453

Waters of the globe, on the diminution of
Superstitions, &c. of Tiviotdale, No. III. the, 353
128 :

Watson, James, his invention for playing
Sword-fish, account of a vessel struck by a, ^ on the violin and violoncello at the same

time, 65
Tales of the Heart, Mrs Opie's, extracts Walker, Rev. Robert, memoir of, 38
from, 152

Warrender, the late Hugh, Esq. death of, 91
Tasso, a canzone of, 48-Remarks on Weovil, method of destroying the, 257

Hunt's translation of his Amyntas, 215 Wesley, extracts from Southey's Life of, 36
Temple of Juggernaut, notice respecting Abstract of, 291, 399 .
the, 317

West Indies, revolution in Hayti, and
Terence, specimens of a new translation of death of the Elack Emperor, 559
his comedies, 113

Works preparing for publication, 68, 164,
Theatres in Paris, produce of the duty on, 260, 350, 454, 55).

Wizard, Michael Scott, life of, concluded,
Tiviotdale, popular superstitions, &c. of,

Years of scarcity in Scotland, from 1694
Translations of the classics into Arabic, to 1700, 46

York, New, remarks on an eccentric hise
Treason, High, trials for, in Scotland, 77, tory of, 543

Young, Professor, notice of the late, 573

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