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Little, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, linen-draper Sprigens, J. Chesham, Buckinghamshire, draper Lovenbury, M. Bradford, Wilts, victualler

Stevenson, A. Glasgow, cotton-manufacturer Lynch, M. Whitefriars, carman

Strickland, B. Budleigh Salterton, Devonshire, Marden, W. East Budleigh, Denbighshire, dealer dealer Maas, H. Provost-street, City-road, merchant Smith, E. Green Lettuce-lane, tea-dealer Mann, J. Leeds, brewer

Thwaites, T. Maplehurst, Kent, tallow-chand Marsden, T. Pimlico, horse-dealer

Thompson, J. Norwich, merchant Melton, M. and T. Highgate, builders

Tillotson, J. Warley, Yorkshire, cotton-spinner Messengton, R. Great Marlow, horse-dealer

Town, J. Yalding, Kerit, miller Murdock, J. P. Brown, and W. M'Girr, Notting Trehane, S. Exeter, silversmith ham, drapers

Trent, G. Bomton, Dorsetshire, maltster Myrtle, W. Brighton, hatter

Turner, T. W. Brentford, potter Norman, J. Lucas-street, Commercial-road, master Tweed, T. and R. Chingford Mills, millers mariner

Usherwood, T. jun. Tunbridge, Kent, farmer Norris, T. Bishopstone, Wilts, shoemaker

Ulph, W. Norwich, bombazin and cotton-manuOakes, J. King's Arms-buildings, Coruhill, com facturer mission-broker

Waldron, C. Liverpool, merchant Orme, J. Wigan, money-scrivener

Wall, c. Coventry, mercer Palmer, G. Mosterton, Dorsetshire, miller

Watson, T. James-street, Manchester-square, groPaulden, W. Macclesfield, linen-draper

cer Parker, A. Cheltenham, builder

Watkins, P. Bristol, oil and colour-man Peachy, J. Oxford-street, linen-draper

Westron, M. Wellington, mercer Pitt, J. Cirencester, woolstapler

Wilkinson, A, Liverpool, wine-merchant Porter, W. J. Charing-cross, slopseller

Willcocks, T. Holbor, umbrella-maker,
Price, R. Tewkesbury, oorn-factor

Wilson, J. Staincliffe, Yorkshire, merchant
Patey, A. West Teignmouth, Devonshire, builder Wilson, R. Clement's. lane, brokeri
Ralph R. and W. King, Ipswich, maltsters

Wingate, J. Bathwick, Somersetshire, moneyRew, R. and T. Thomason, Castle-street, White - scrivener chapel, horse-dealers

Wood, T. Trowbridge, clothier Roberts, S. Cheltenham, druggist

Wood, H. Rope-maker-street, Cripplegate, coachRutter, J, Winterton, Lincolnshire, merchant

smith Sarson, J. Kingsland, stage coach-proprietor Wolvell, T. Andover, linen-draper Schevieso, J. C. and F. Grosseau, haap-manufac. Wragge, F. F. Parish of St George, Gloucesterturers

shire, dealer Scurr, J. Doncaster, linen-draper

Wright, J. sen. Hart-street, Bloomsbury, upholSlade, W. Leeds, corn-merchant

sterer Smith, A. Lime Street-squarc, merchant

White, H. Strand-lane, printer Spence, J. Prince's-street, Westminster, corn-deal Yates, R. W. Manchester, cotton twist and weft




November 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

M‘Kendrick, Andrew, Glasgow, plasterer and

builder Alexander, George, Haikburn, parish of Rothie.

Pitcairn, David, Leith, merchant

Pitonirn, David Leith more may, farmer and cattle-dealer

Smith, James, Baronbarrow, dealer in wool and Anderson, Robert, Glasgow, wright and builder

corn Brown, James, Biggar, merchant-tailor

Sym, David, Glasgow, spirit-dealer Clyne, John, Leith, woollen-draper

Williamson, George, James, and William, AberCraig, Robert, Partick, miller and grain-dealer

deenshire, cattle-dealers Douglas, John, Dumfries, draper Dunn, John, Greenock, merchant and ship-owner

DIVIDENDS. Gibson, John, partner of the Halbeath Company, Baird, Alexander, Inverkeithing, merchant: by Fifeshire

William Scott, merchant in Edinburgh. Gordon, James, Aberdeen, merchant

Pappillon, Charles, Glasgow, merchant; by D. Hall and Handyside, Fisherrow, wood-merchants Bannatyne, merchant there Hyndman, Archibald, Greenock, cooper and fish. Young, David, Calton, Glasgow, wright; by curer

Alexander Main, accountant in Glasgow.

THE LATE JOHN STEWART, ESQ.'" The late Mr STEWART, Lecturer on Bon quently, Mr Stewart became a member of tany, who died at Edinburgh on the 3d the Medical Society, and also of the Werult. was a gentleman of very superior li- nerian Society of this city. He was one terary accomplishments, and particularly of the candidates for the botanical chair in ardent and indefatigable in the pursuit of the University of Glasgow last year, but his favourite science of Botany. Botany when he heard of the nomination of Dr in him, it may truly be said, has lost a Hooker, he was delighted, and declared valuable investigator and teacher ; indeed, that this circumstance made up for his he was just beginning to reap that due own disappointment. His acquirements meed of approbation from his contempo in the moral and physical sciences had earraries, consequent upon his arduous and ly recommended him as a junior friend enlightened exertions. His correspondence to the first literary characters in those with literary characters in this department branches, and among others to the late Dr in his own country, and even abroad, was T. Brown, Professor of Moral Fhilosophy. every day extending

In the ill state of health which eventually The Royal Physical Society of Edin terminated in the lamented death of that burgh, of which he was a member, early distinguished philosopher, Mr Stewart had appreciated his merits, and of this society the honour to be selected to read his leche was twice elected President. Subse tures, and selected wholly by Dr Brown

himself. It may be added, that so grati. THE LATE PROFESSOR YOUNG. fied and sensible were the gentlemen at DIED at Glasgow, on the 13th inst. John tending the Moral Philosophy class of the Young, A. M. Professor of Greek in the zeal and ability with which Mr Stewart College of Glasgow, deeply lamented by performed the duties of the office, that his family and his friends by the society they unanimously voted to him a piece of of which, during the long period of fortygold plate, as a testimony of their appro- six years, he was a distinguished member bation. Mr Stewart has since edited that and by the literary world, as one of the gentleman's lectures ; indeed, he may be first Greek scholars of the age. This dissaid to bave expired while engaged in the tinguished literary character, so long the correction of the last sheets of his friend's ornament of the University of Glasgow, posthumous work. A valuable article, un- ' departed this life very suddenly. He had der the title Musci, to appear in the next gone in to take a warm bath at George's number of the Edinburgh Encyclopædia, Inn, in perfect health, between three and was also but just finished by Mr Stewart four in the afternoon of that day, and upat this eventfui period.

on the servant entering the room he found It may not perhaps be generally known, him sitting lifeless in the water. 'On that Mr Stewart had availed himself of an Thursday his remains were attended to the eligible and very flattering offer of going grave by a vast number, consisting of alout as a naturalist for a few years to South most the whole body belonging to the Col. America, (Chili,) where a vast field of bo. lege, along with the principal of the clergy, tanical research, hitherto but very partial and numerous friends and admirers. All ly explored, awaited him; and where a the classes, along with the professors, walkmind, vigorous and ardent as his, was to ed in their gowns. His own (viz. the have full scope in the prosecution of its fa- Greek) class walked first in order, each of vourite pursuit. His books, papers, and the individuals composing it exhibiting evi. apparatus, were packing, and he himself dent marks of grief for the heavy loss they prepares to sail, but the fiat of Omnipo had sustained in the death of their lamenttence had gone forth ; the fond anticipa. ed Professor. These were followed by the tion of friends, his own well laid arrange- Professors; after whom came the other ments for successful investigation, the gown classes. The streets were filled with hopes, and, in him, the longings of science, innumerable spectators. His remains were were all to fade and pass from view, and deposited in the burial-ground of the Col. he was to be numbered with the silent, lege. but not forgotten in the grave.



31. Mrs Hutchins, George Street, Edin. Oct. 22. At Lord Belgrave's house, in burgh, a daughter. Grosvenor Square, London, Lady Bele Nov. 2. At No. 7, Albany Street, Edin. grave, a daughter.

burgh, the lady of James Wilson, Esq. ada 24. The wife oi' Andrew Elder, a far. vocate, a daughter, mer's servant in Pencaitland, East Lothian, 4. At Dundas Street, Edinburgh, Mrs was safely delivered of three fine boys, who, Colonel Robertson of Hallcraig, a daughwith the mother, are doing well.

ter. 25. At Cliffdalc, in Orkney, Mrs Bal... At Edinburgh, the lady of Philip four, a son.

Hay, Esq. of Balmakewan, a son. 28. At the house of his Royal Highness At James's Place, Leith, Mrs Robert the Duke of Clarence, in Audley Square, Dudgeon, a son. London, the lady of Colonel Fitzclarence, 6. At Thornton House, Mrs Cuningham a daughter.

of Thornton, a son. 29. At Montrose, the wife of the Rev. - At Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs F. Joseph Paterson, a daughter. " Walker, a daughter.

Mrs Bell, 9, Queen Street, a daughter. 7. At Dalzell, Mrs Hamilton, a son. ** - In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the 8.' At Castle Fraser, Mrs Fraser, à Hon. Mrs Dundas of Dundas, a daughter. daughter.

30. In Montague Place, Russell Square, 9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Archibald ConLondon, the lady of Captain William For. stable, a daughter. rest, a daughter.

10. At Edinburgh, Mrs Henry Black, 31. At his house in George Street, Edin. . of Quebec, a daughter. 'burgh, the lady of Lieut.-General Hope, Jl. At Edinburgh, the lady of William a daughter.

Ferguson, Esq. of Kilry, a son. · VOL. VII.



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11. The lady of Robert Scott Moncrieff, Hobart, and sister to the Earl of BuckingEsq, a daughter...'

hamshire. 12. At 16, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, the 6. Captain Charles George Stanhope, son Hon. Mrs Wardlaw, a daughter.

of the late Rear-Admiral Stanhope, to Jane, -Mrs Craufurd, Picardy Place, Edin. eldest daughter of Sir James Galbraith, burgh, a son.

Bart. of Urney Park, county of Tyrone, 16. At Balthayock, Perthshire, the lady Ireland. of Adam Fergusson, Esq. of Woodhill, à 7. At Holmhill, Dumfries-shire, Adam son.

Mosman, Esq. of Liverpool, to Harriet, 19. At Glasgow, Mrs Colin Campbell, eldest daughter of the late Captain William Jura, a daughter.

Douglas, 1 lth regiment of foot. 21. At Rose Bank, Mrs Dunbar, a son. At Dumfries, William Drysdale,

- At Coates House, Edinburgh, the Esq. W. S. to Mrs Copland, of that place. Right Honourable Lady Elibank, a daugh. 9. At London, D. J. Ballingall, Esq. ter.

eldest son of Major-General Ballingall, to At Stevenson Mains, East Lothian, Dorcas, daughter of the late Thomas Ward Mrs William Bogue, a son.

of Sandhurst, Kent, Esq.

- At Park House, Banffshire, Patrick MARRIAGES.

Steuart, Esq. of Auchlunkart, to Rachel,

only daughter of the late Lachlan Gordon, Oct. 24. At Leith, Benjamin Pilliner, Esq. of Park. Esq. to Mrs Gwynne, widow of the late - H. T. Liddell, Esq. eldest son of Sir Rev. Frederick Gwynne,

T. H. Liddell, Bart. of Ravensworth 28. At Edinburgh, Dr D. Irving, to Castle, Durham, to Isabella Horatio, Miss Laing, daughter of the late Mr Charles daughter of Lord George Seymour. Laing of Cannobie.

II. At Duffus, the Rev. Charles Fyvie, 30. At the Manse of Kirkpatrick-Fleming, to Jessie, second daughter of Mr Adam, William Thomson, jun. Esq. writer, Dum late of Westfield, Morayshire. fries, to Catherine, second daughter of the 14. At Aberdeen, John Smith, Esq. ad. Rev. Mr Monilaws, minister of that pa- vocate, Aberdeen, to Jane, eldest daughter rish.

of Alexander Shirrefs, Esq. - At Gordon Hall, Aberdeenshire, Gi. - At St Paul's Chapel, Edinburgh, deon Cranstoun, Esq. of Xerez de la Fron- Thomas Hamilton, Esq. brother of Sir tera, in Spain, to Salvadora, eldest daugh- William Hamilton, Bart. to Miss Ann ter of James Gordon, Esq. of the same Montgomery Campbell, daughter of the place.

late Archibald Montgomery Campbell, - At Edinburgh, Alexander Spiers Esq. of Upper Wimpole Street, London. Crawford, Esq. 79th regiment, or Cameron - At Ann Street, St Bernard's, Archi. Highlanders, to Margaret, eldest daughter bald Ponton, Esq. to Agnes, youngest of John Mitchell, Esq. Pitt Street.

daughter of the late Mr William Lockhart, - At Dalreoch, the Rev. Robert Clark, writer, Edinburgh. Newtown Hamilton, Ireland, to Grace, - At Rachan, the Rev. Alexander only daughter of the Rev. James Clark, Brown, minister of Muirkirk, to Miss Dalreoch.

Loch, daughter of John Loch, Esq. of 31. At Montrose, Alexander Lindsay, Rachan. Esq. Captain of the Kellie Castle East In. 17. At Edinburgh, Peter Ramsay, Esq. diaman, to Miss Amy Cruickshank, only banker, to the Hon. Sasan Mary Hamil. daughter of Alexander Cruickshank, of ton, second daughter of the late Right Hon. Strickathro', Esq.

William, Lord Belhaven and Stenton. Nov. 1. At Cliffton, Major Macinnes, of 22. At Edinburgh, John Ramsay, Esq. the Bengal Establishment, to Mary Eliza. writer in Edinburgh, to Ann, daughter of beth Milward, youngest daughter of the the late George Ogilvy, Esq. of Westhall. late Bedingfield Pogson, Esq. of the island 23. At South Union Place, Glasgow, of St Christopher."

- Mr Gilbert Sanders, accountant there, to - At Inverary, John Stewart, Esq. of Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr WilAchadarhinaig, to Margaret, daughter of liam Ranken, Edinburgh. John Campbell, Esq. of Craignure.

- At Laurieston Place, Edinburgh, the 2. Colonel Douglas Mercer, of the 3d Rev. James Harper, North Leith, to Barguards, to Miss Rowley, second daughter bara, second daughter of the Rey. Dr Pedof Sir William Rowley, Bart. M. P. for die, Edinburgh. Suftolk.

Lately. At the residence of the British 3. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Callen. Ambassador at Paris, General Vatier, in der, surgeon, to Mary, eldest daughter of the service of his Most Christian Majesty, the late Mr John Porteous.

to Fanny, only daughter of the late Wal. 4. Jasper Lutzow Hagermann, Aid-de. ter Boyd, jun. Esq. Camp to the King of Denmark, to Har. At her father's house, Osgangs, Mr tiet, daughter of the late Hon. George Vere George Berry, 39, Gilmour Place, Edin

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burgh, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr last of those brave veterans who fought
George Richmond.

under the banners of the immortal Wolfe.
At Edinburgh, William Lambie, Esq. 21. At Tweed Green, Peebles, Miss
of the Island of Jamaica, to Elizabeth Stirling, daughter of the late Alexander
Dundas Crichton, daughter of Mr Crich, Stirling, Esq. merchant in Glasgow.
ton, Gayfield Square.

22. At Home Lacy, Herefordshire, her

Grace the Duchess of Norfolk, aged 71.

- At his house, Buccleuch Place, Edin-
· March 30. In the Island of Tobago, Mr burgh, Mr Peter Anderson, merchant and
John Duncan, merchant, youngest son of general agent.
the late George Duncan, Esq. Comptroller - At Lasswade, Mr Wm. Peddie, late
of Stamp Duties for Scotland.

Mains of Dollar.
April 19. At Ryepoor, of a fever, occa. - At her house, near Aberdeen, Mrs
sioned by fatigue on service, Lieut.-Richard Katherine Morrison, widow of the Rev.
Fraser, 5th Bengal aative infantry, eldest David Forbes, late minister of Laurencekirk
son of the late Mr Donald Fraser, writer - At Aberdeen, Captain Hector M‘Lean,
in Inverness.

formerly of the 42d regiment, and late Reay.
May 2. At Madras, Sebastian Holford Highlanders.
Greis, Esq.

23. At Yardheads, Mr John Johnstone,
July. At Port Louis, Mauritius, George late baker in Leith.
Waugh, Esq.

- At Glasgow, Mrs Scott, relict of the
Aug. 13. At Hamilton, after a long and late Robert Scott, Esq. f Larchgrove.
severe illness, Kartharine Farquharson, 24. At North Shields, the Rev. John
daughter of the late Alexander Farquhar- Millar, late of Glasgow.
son, Esq. of Balfour, and wife of Mr Ro- 25. At Kingston Place, Glasgow, Mrs
bert Valentine, Supervisor of Excise. Ann Rowand, wife of Mr Alex. Galloway,

17. In Jamaica, Hugh Walker, Esq. of merchant there.
Carron Hall.

- At Glasgow, Mrs Jean Crawford
25. At his pen in Salt Ponds, Jamaica, Gilmour, aged 76.
Peter Grant, Esq. Serjeant at Arms to the - At Gilmour Place, Edinburgh, James
Hon. House of Assembly, son of the late Tait, Esq. late of the Bahamas.
Sir Ludovick Grant of Dalvey, Bart. 26. At Ochiltree, Elizabeth Duncan, in

Sept. 10. On board the ship Elizabeth, on the 100th year of her age. She spent her
his passage from South America to London, whole life, and died within about half
Lieut.James M'Farlane, of the Royal Ma- a mile from the place where she was born.
rines, son of James M‘Farlane, Esq. Col. - At his house, Union Place, Edinburgh,
lector of Excise, Dumfries.

Mr Alexander Thomson, writer there.
17. At Ledbeg, Assynt, Margaret, - At Monte Video, the Hon. Captain
wife of John Mackenzie, Esq. Ledbeg, Henry Finch, Royal Navy.
and second daughter of Charles Clarke, - In the 60th year of his age, Robert
Esq. Glendow.

Stewart, Esq. of Garth.
24. At Richmond, Virginia, John Gra. 27. At St Patrick's Square, Edinburgh,
ham, Esq.

Isobella Crawford, wife of Mr T. Lurchen,
Oct. 3. At Rhives, in the parish of Kil. Royal Navy, and daughter of Mr W.
muir Easter, Mrs Mary Ross, wife of Da- Crawford, land surveyor.
vid Aitken, Esq.

- At Stornoway, 12 years of age,
4. At Aberdeen, Isobel Forbes, daughter George, eldest son of Syme Tod, Esq.
of the late Alex. Forbes, Esq. Invernan. Comptroller of the Customs there.

9. At Greenock, Miss Isabella Young, - At Kelton Mains, near Dumfries,
sister to the late Rev. Dr Young of Erskine. William Walker, Esq. of Kelton Mains,

w At Tradeston, Glasgow, Mrs Park, formerly of St Thomas in the East, in the
widow of Capt. Charles Park of Parkhill. island of Jamaica.

13. At her brother's house, York Place, - At Lency, Catherine Lesly, daugh-
London, Miss Isabella Douglas.' ter of the late John Hunter Spreull Craw.

15. Át Leipsic, Field-Marshal Prince ford, Esq. of Cowdonhill.
Charles of Schwartzenberg.

AtGlasgow, Dr Patrick Cumin,
18. At Brookfield Cottage, John Scott, Professor of Oriental Languages in the
D. D. minister of Avondale, in the 71st University of Glasgow.
year of his age, and the 39th of his minis. 23. At Dumfries, Mr William Birch,

merchant, English Street, aged 25 years.
- Amelia, Afth daughter of the late - At Bank House, near Dundee, Sir
Lawrence Oliphant, Esq. of Gask. John Ogilvy of Inverquharity, Baronet.

19. At Strathaven, the Rev. Dr John 29. At Edinburgh, in the 82d year of
Scott, minister of that parish.

his age, the Rev. John Tough, D. D. late
26. At Anderston, in the 87th year of minister of the Chapel of Ease, St Cuth-
his age, Walter Macfarlan, late serjeant bert's, to which charge he was inducted in
in the 42d regiment, supposed to be the 1766.


30. At Hawick, in the 89th year of his panied Lord Amherst in the last Embassy
age, Mr James Oliver, merchant there. to China, and has gratified the world with

- At Inverkeithing, Mr George Beve. an account of that Embassy, and the dis-
ridge, Collector of the Customs there, tressing events attending the return of his

- At the Manse of Edderton, the Rev. Lordship, as well as a most interesting
Alexander Munro, minister of that parish, description of the inhabitants of the Loo-
in the 64th year of his age, and 36th of his Choo Islands.

8. At Cheltenham, Capt. Valentine Fle-
31. At Whitecroft House, the lady of ming, of his Majesty's 9th regiment of
D. W. Henderson Somerville, Esq. of foot.
Fingask and Whitecroft.

- At his seat, the veteran poet, William
Nov. I. At St Ninian's, near Wooler, Hayley, Esq.
H. H. St Paul, Esq. M. P. one of the re- 9. At his house, in Wellington Place,
presentatives of the borough of Berwick. Glasgow, John Barr, Esq. late of London,

- At Farleigh House, Hants, in his son of Mr Barr, formerly Rector of the
83d year, Admiral Sir Benjamin Cald. Grammar School of Glasgow. ·
well, G.C.B.

- At St Ann's Lodge, Mrs Mundell,
- At Cliffdale, Orkney, Mrs Bale in the 83d year of her age.

10. At Edinburgh, Colonel Maxwell,
. - At Inverness, in the 87th year of his late of 7th dragoon guards.
age, Alex. Robertson, Esq. late Collector 11. At London, the Countess Dowager
of Excise. .

of Lincoln.
- At London, Lieut.-General George - At Gorgie, Charlotte, youngest
Glasgow, of the Royal Artillery.

daughter of Robert Robb, farmer there.
At Shrub Place, Leith Walk, Mrs 12. At Edinburgh, Charles Melvill,
Gutzmer, sen. wife of Henry Gutzmer, Esq. of Greenside.

13. At Sundrum, Miss Frances, daugh.
- At Dunkeld, George, and on the 2d ter of John Hamilton of Sundrum Esq.
instant, Robert, sons of the late Mr Smyt. - At his house in Queen Street, Edin.
tán, Surgeon, R. N.

burgh, Lieut. Colonel Imrie.
3. At Riess Lodge, Mrs Wemyss, wife 14. At Housedale, Wm. Forbes, Esq. of
of William S. Wemyss, Esq. of Southdun, Echt.
and second daughter of Sir Benjamin Dun- - At the Manse of Lunan, the Rev.
bar, Bart. of Hempriggs.

John Gowans.
At Edinburgh, Mr John Stewart, 15. At Edinburgh, Miss Arabella
son of Mr Alexander Stewart, Haystoun, Campbell, daughter of the late John
Peebles-shire, in the 29th year of his age, Campbell. Esq. cashier of the Royal Bank.
deeply regretted.

At La Mancha Loanfoot, parish of
4. At his house, near Haugh of Urr, the Newlands, Mrs Helen Tod, wife of Mi
Rev. James 'Biggar, late minister of the James Thom.
Associate congregation of Urr, in the 73d - At Irvine, at the great age of 102, Mr
year of his age.

James Neil, late a shipmaster from that
At her house in Montrose, Lady Car. port. This extraordinary man enjoyed
negie, relict of Sir James Carnegie of good health, with the entire use of his
Southesk, Baronet.

faculties, to the last, and he died without
5. At his house at Shooter's Hill, Sir pain, a pious and exemplary Christian
Wm. Robe, K.C.B. K.C.G. and K.T.S. his conversation was most interesting, and
Colonel of the Royal Horse Artillery. facetious, full of anecdotes of the principal

be ''At Glasgow, Mrs Sophia lleugh, events of his long life, 65 years of which he
spouse of Mr James Paul, Russell Street, had spent as a seaman, and many of them
there; and at Demerara, on the 1st July in the service of his country, along with
last, aged 19, Mr Robert Paul, eldest son Boscawen and Hawke. He was the last of
of the above Mr James Paul.

eight old sailors who were living at Irvine
6. At Broomley, Dumbartonshire, Miss in 1816, whose united ages amounted to
Joanna Alston, daughter of the late John 693 years.
Alston of Overhall, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, John Carr, Esq. of
7. At Edinburgh, in the 6th year of her Ryehope.
age, Agnes, eldest daughter of Andrew · 16. At Perth, Jolm Richardson, Esq. of
Paterson, 47, Albany Street.

- At Park House, Kent, Lady Calder, - At Galashiels Manse, the Rev. Dr
widow of Major-General Sir Henry Calder, Douglas, in the 73d year of his age, and

51st of his ministry. "Never, perhaps, had
- At Freeland House, the Right Hon. any parish more reason to regret the loss
Dowager Lady Ruthven.

of their pastor.
8. Mrs Janet Pasley, spouse of Peter Dec. 2. At his residence, in Queen
Gayin, sen. Leith.

Street, Cheapside, John Man, Esq. much
"- Dr MLeod. The Doctor accom- and deservedly regretted.

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