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best interests of the nation ?-the offer of Melville, Curzon, Sidney, Falmouth, HereL. 50,000 a-year that had been made to ford. her Majesty at St Omer's, and a free Barons Somers, Rodney, Middleton, licence to go wherever she thought fit ; an Napier, Colville, Gray, Saltoun, Forbes, offer which came from persons at the head Prudhoe, Harris, Ross, Meldrum, Hill, of the State, from persons who had been in Combermere, Hopetoun, Gambier, Manpossession of all the facts against her ? ners, Ailsa, Lauderdale, Sheffield, RedesWere those things to be forgotten ? And dale, St Helen's, Northwick, Bolton, Elif acted upon, would they not operate as don, Bayning, Carrington, De Dunstanan entire bar to the course proposed ? ville, Broderick, Stewart of Garlies, Stuart Ministers had in their possession the of Castle Stuart, Douglas, Grenville, Sufcharges against the Queen. They had field, Montague, Gordon. the knowledge of the facts, and with that Archbishops of Canterbury and Tuam. knowledge they yet offered the Queen a Bishops of London, St Asaph, Worcessplendid income. She rejected that in- ter, St David's, Ely, Chester, Petercome, and they turned round to prosecute borough, Llandaff, Bristol, Cork and Ross. her, in order to preserve the honour of the Against the Bill.-Dukes of Glocester, country. It was too monstrous, too insult- Sonerset, Brandon, Argyll, Leinster, ing to the public understanding; if not Grafton, Portland, Devonshire, Bedford, felt in that Huuse, it would most certainly Richmond, (St Albans absent.) be felt and understood by the people. The Marquisses Stafford and Lansdowne. great body of the people being favourable Earls Delawarr, Ilchester, Darlington, to the Queen, feeling for her misfortunes, Egremont, Fitzwilliam, Stanhope, Cowmight be rendered desperate by the severi. per, Dartmouth, Oxford, Rosebery, Jerty of her treatment desperate, too, against sey, Albemarle, Plymouth, Essex, Thanet, the higher classes of society. He hoped Denbigh, Suffolk, Pembroke, Derby, Blesthat their Lordships would have the wisdom sington, Morley, Minto, Harewood, Grey, and the virtue to avoid so calamitous an Gosford, Romney, Rosslyn, Caledon, Enissue. If they should degrade the Queen niskillen, Farnham, Carrick, Carnarvon, by their judgment, they would make her Mansfield, Fortescue, Grosvenor, Hillsthe rallying point to the disaffected—they borough. would expose the country to danger-the Viscounts Granville, Anson, Duncan, Throne to degradation--they would risk Hood, Torrington, Bolingbroke. the character of that House, in times when Barons Ashburton, Bagot, Walsingham, it was so necessary that it should stand Dynevor, Foley, Hawke, Ducie, Holland, high in the opinion of the people.

Grantham, King, Belhaven, Darnley, Say A division now took place, when the and Sele, Howard, Zouch, Clinton, Dacre, Lord Chancellor declared the numbers to Audley, De Clifford, Breadalbane, Ersbe,

kine, Arden, Ellenborough, Alvanley, LofFor the Second Reading of the Bill... 123 tus, Fitzgibbon, Calthorpe, Dawnay, YarAgainst it....

....... 95 borough, Dundas, Selsey, Mendip, Auck

- land, Gage, Fisherwick, Amherst, Kenyon, · Majority in favour of Second Reading 28 Sherborne, Berwick. List of the Majority and Minority on the Archbishop of York. Second Reading of the Bill.

Nov. 7.-Lord Dacre presented the fol

lowing Protest of her Majesty against the For the Bill.—Dukes of York, Clarence, decision of their Lordships. Beaufort, Rutland, Newcastle, Northum.

PROTEST. berland, Wellington, Atholl, Montrose. « CAROLINE REGINA.

Marquisses Conyngham, Anglesea, Cam- " To the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, den. Northampton, Exeter, Headfort, in Parliament Assembled. Thomond, Cornwallis, Buckingham, Lo. “ The Queen has learned the decision of thian, Queensberry, Winchester

the Lords upon the Bill now before them. Earls Harcourt, Brooke and Warwick, In the face of Parliament, of her family, Portsmouth, Pomfret, Macclesfield, Ayles,

and of her country, she does solemnly proford, Balcarras, Home, Coventry, Roch

test against it. fort, Abingdon, Shaftesbury, Cardigan,

" Those who avowed themselves her Winchelsea, Stamford, Bridgewater, Hunt

prosecutors have presumed to sit in judge ingdon, Westmoreland, Harrowby, St

ment on the question between the Queen Germain's, Brownlow, Whitworth, Veru

and themselves. Peers have given their lam, Cathcart, Mulgrave, Lonsdale, Or

voices against her, who had heard the ford, Manyers, Rosse, Nelson, Powis, whole evidence for the charge, and abLimerick, Donoughmore, Belmore, Mayo, sented themselves during her defence. Longford, Mount Cashell, Kingston, Liver- -Others have come to the discussion from pool, Digby, Mount Edgecumbe, Aber- the Secret Committee, with minds biassed gavenny, Aylesbury, Bathurst, Chatham. by a mass of slanders, which her enemies Viscounts Exmouth, Lake, Sidmouth, have not dared to bring forward to the light.


· « The Queen does not avail herself of ships farther upon it. But if I can show her right to appear before the committee, that the illustrious Lady, the subject of this for to her the details of the measure must bill, has been put away by her husband ; be a matter of indifference; and, unless and also if I can show, from numerous the course of these unexampled proceedings texts of the Holy Scripture, a solemn de should bring the bill before the other nunciation by the Lord himself, for such branch of the Legislature, she will make putting away, I shall show, my Lords, no reference whatever to the treatment what is in itself sufficient to make me vote experienced by her during the last twenty- against the divorce clause of the bill, which, five years.'

if not the immediate object, will in fact re“She now most deliberately, and before lease the King from his marriage contract, God, asserts, that she is wholly innocent of and leave him at liberty to marry again. the crime laid to her charge, and she awaits My Lords, it is in my opinion satisfactorily with unabated confidence the final result of proved, that this Lady was put away by this unparalleled investigation.'

the letter of her husband, which has been (Signed) “ CAROLINE REGINA." received by your Lordships during the preLord Lauderdale and several other Noble sent investigation.-(Hear, hear.) For Lords objected to the receiving of the pro- the denunciation of the Lord for such test, considering it as'a violent attack upon divorce I will refer your Lordships to the the character of the House ; but after some second chapter of the book of Malachi ; discussion, it was agreed to receive it and there, my Lords, it will be seen, that for record it upon the journals, as the address literally putting away, the face of the Lord of her Majesty, containing what she had was turned away from the people; he refurther to say in her defence.

garded not their offerings. The halls of the The House then resolved into a commit temples, even to the altars, were filled with tee on the bill, when a verbal alteration of lamentations of the women imploring Healittle consequence was made on the pream ven, and calling down vengeance on their ble, on the motion of Lord Liverpool. heads. The prophet establishes his charge

Lord Ellenborough moved to omit the against them, by calling it a crying sin, words " Adulterous Intercourse,” which and reminding them of the first institution was negatived.

of marriage :-“ Take heed, said the God Lord Carnarvon' proposed to introduce of Israel, and let none deal treacherously a clause to the following effect :-“That, with the wife of his youth, for the Lord subsequent to her Majesty's return, she had hateth putting away."-1 had no wish to refused L. 50,000 a-year of the public mo- be in attendance on this trial; I stand be ney, which had been proffered to her as a fore your Lordships an unwilling judge in homage by both Houses of Parliament.” this cause; and nothing but force, but the

The preamble was then carried, and the heavy penalty by which you have compel. House proceeded to discuss the divorce led me to come, could have induced me to clause, which, after a desultory debate, that attend this distressing investigation. My was continued next day, the 8th, was nega Lords, I repeat that I have been brought tived by a division of 129 to 62. On this here by compulsion; for I have been obquestion all the Cabinet Ministers voted in liged to leave important duties, which no the minority ; and those who were unfriend- man on earth but myself could perform, ly to the bill voted for the clause, on the and which have now been suspended for ground that it would operate as a clog on the last three months on account of my the bill, and prevent its passing the House. absence. But having attended your Lord The Bishops of Cork, Worcester, Glouces. ships' order, and having paid every attenter, Chester, Peterborough, St David's, tion to the evidence on both sides given at St Asaph, and Ely; and the Archbishops your Lordships' bar, and also to the stateof York and Tuam, voted for excluding ments of Counsel—both in support of the the divorce clause. The latter of these de- bill and for the defence of her Majesty, and livered his sentiments on the subject as to the eloquent speeches of the Noble follows:

Lords who have taken various views of the "My Lords, It is with the utmost re- subject ;-having, I say, my Lords, heard luctance that I now present myself to your all the evidence, and attended this proceed. Lordships, and should not do so had I not ing every day-nay, every hour I might been so pointedly alluded to by the Noble almost say every minute since its commenceand Learned Lord who last addressed your ment, I voted for the second reading of the Lordships yesterday. So much has been bill; because there was no other measure said on the construction of the 32d verse before the House on which I could act, of the fifth chapter of the Gospel according that would show, I thought, a clear, satisto Saint Matthew, that although my mind factory, and irresistible case had been made has long been made up to vote against the out. To the divorce clause, however, of divorce clause of the present bill, from my this bill, I never can reconcile myself; and own view of the very verse that I have should it go through the Committee as part mentioned, I shall not trouble your Lord of the measure, I shall not vote for the

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third reading of the bill. I would rather write out a petition to the House, claiming the Queen should remain Queen, notwith, to be heard by Counsel against the passing of standing the charges which I think have the Bill, which was put into the hands of been proved against her, than that a bill Lord Dacre to present ; but the moment his for her degradation should pass with this Lordship rose with that view, the Earl of divorce clause.”

Liverpool interrupted him, and addressed The Bishop of London said, that as to the House, stating, that, with a majority so any objection to the divorce clause of the small, and feeling how difficult it would be to bili, founded on the supposed conduct of impress conviction on the public mind, he the complaining party, he thought it quite should feel it his duty to propose that the inapplicable. A great constitutional prin. farther proceedings'on the Bill should be ciple was involved in the present case. The postponed until this day six months, which King 6 could do no wrong ;" he could not was carried without a division. The Bill commit a folly, far less a crime; and, is therefore thrown out. His Lordship's therefore, recrimination was out of the declaration was received with loud cheers question !-(Hear, hear.)

by the House. Nov. 9.Lord King moved an amend. Their Lordships then adjourned till the ment, that there should be a clause intro- 23d instant. duced to the following effect, after the When the Queen was afterwards told by word “ abroad,”_" That certain English a number of Peers, and by her Counsel, that commissioners appointed at Milan, with an Ministers had withdrawn the Bill, her MaItalian Attorney, named Vilmacarti, had jesty almost fainted, and was obliged to be collected a mass of false and calumnious conveyed into the open air. She said nothing, witnesses, who had been produced, and had and it was recommended that she should given false testimony at their Lordships' be immediately conveyed to her carriage, bar for many weeks, whereby the dignity where a flood of tears soon came to her reof the Crown, the nation, and Parliament, lief. She was followed by an immense mulhad suffered great scandal and dishonour, titude, and cheered most enthusiastically. and that the House entreated that it should HOUSE OF COMMONS.Oct. 17. The be enacted that the persons who had acted House met agreeably to adjournment.' Mr on the Milan commission should be ren- Hume brought forward the subject relative · dered for ever incapable of holding any to the seditious placards, and complained place or pension whatever.”

of the conduct of Sir R. Baker, in allowThe amendment was negatived.

ing Mr Franklin, charged with fabricating Lord Kenyon again moved an amend them, to go at large without bail, and mov. ment, that the divorce clause should be ed that he should be examined at the bar wholly omitted, which was also negatived of the House. Lord Castlereagh opposed without a division.

the motion, but stated the facilities which Nov. 10.-On the question being put Government had afforded for apprehending that the bill be read a third time, a short Mr Franklin on the Continent. After a discussion took place, when the House di. debate of sonie length the motion was with. vided, and the numbers were,

drawn. A committee having been appointFor the Third Reading, · 108

ed to examine the Lords' journals, as to Against it, . . 99 the state of the proceedings on the Bill of

Pains and Penalties, they made their re. . Majority,

port, when Lord Castlereagh moved an ad. When the decision was announced to her journment to Thursday the 23d of NovemMajesty, who was in her private apartment ber, which, after a discussion, was ultiin the House, she ordered her Counsel to mately agreed to without a division.



70 years of age, having a wooden leg, and 2. CIRCUIT INTELLIGENCE._Stir- leaning upon crutches, was charged with ling.-Thc Court was opened here by Lord celebrating clandestine marriages, and on Hermand. James M Alpin, aged 19, was his own confession found guilty, and baplaced at the bar, charged with shooting at nished Scotland for life. Graham, we un. A. Dunlop, Esq. of Clober, on the 24th of derstand, was a dissenting minister near June last, with intent to murder; and, af. Kilsyth. Mary Brock, a well looking ter a trial of some length, was dismissed young woman, pleaded guilty of conceale from the bar by an unanimous verdict of ment of her pregnancy, and was sentenced Not Proven. John Graham of Bannock- to one year's imprisonment in the jail of burn, a miserable looking old man, about Stirling. Hugh M.Callum and Donald

M Master were on Tuesday found guilty riot prevailed wherever individuals refused of violently assaulting and deforcing Due to comply with the cry of the multitude gald Cameron, an Excise officer, at Strathm for “lights." In the Strand, the offices of blane, in February last, and sentenced to the ministerial papers felt the effects of the seven years' transportation.

indignation of the populace. The Riot 27.-Seditious Placards.Mr Fletcher, Act was read in front of the Courier or Franklin, accused of fabricating and cir- Office by Mr Minshull, one of the Magisculating infiammatory placards, (as stated trates of Bow-street, and parties of the at page 372 of this Volume,) has escaped, Life Guards continued parading along the notwithstanding the vigilant pursuit of Mr Strand till an early hour in the morning. Pearson the solicitor, along with one of the The people, however, manifested the greatBow-street officers. A reward of L. 100 est cordiality towards the military, who, on was offered by the Queen's Plate Commit- their part, conducted themselves with the tee, and another of L. 200 by Government, utmost propriety. On Saturday the Lord for his apprehension, but without effect. A Mayor gave public notice that the Mansionletter has been received from Franklin, by house would be illuminated on that evenone of the Bow-street magistrates, dated ing and Monday. On these occasions, the Dunkirk, 19th instant, avowing his guilt, illuminations were general and splendid but ridiculing all attempts to apprehend The villages and towns round London dáshim. On the 17th a warrant was granted played the same enthusiastic joy; and all at Bow-street against Mr Dennis O'Bryen, the coaches arriving or departing from the charged, on the oath of a bill-sticker, with metropolis were decorated with laurel being concerned with Franklin in the ma. boughs, and the horses with white favours. nufacture of those atrocious placards. Mr The intelligence was received in Edinburgh O'Bryen attended voluntarily at the police on Monday, and excited a great sensation office, but on a subsequent day the warrant among all ranks, although the feeling was was discharged, the bill-sticker having de not displayed in the same public manner clared that he was mistaken in the person. as in London.' A few individuals, how1 NOVEMBER. , ,

ever, lighted up their windows on Tues16.-THE QUEEN --The fate of the day and last night, and at Leith the vesBill of Pains and Penalties against the sels in the harbour hoisted their colours, Queen, noticed in our Parliamentary Re, which continued floating in the wind durgister, called forth a burst of public feeling, ing the whole of Monday. In Glasgow such as has rarely, if ever, before been partial illuminations also took place, and witnessed in the metropolis. On Friday, the feelings of the populace were displaySaturday, and Monday last, illuminations ed by the burning of tar barrels on the took place. On Friday a disposition to streets in the evening.


Acts passed in the First Year of the Reign of George IV., or in the First Session of

the Seventh Parliament of the United Kingdom. CAP, LVI. For the summary Punish- Cap. LX. To amend and continue two ment, in certain Cases, of Persons wilful. Acts passed in the fifty-seventh year of his ly or maliciously damaging or committing late Majesty King George the Third, for Trespasses on public or private Property. authorizing the issue of Exchequer Bills July 15, 1820.

and the advance of money for carrying on Cap. LVII. To repeal an Act passed of Public Works and Fisheries, and Emin the fifty-seventh year of the reign of his ployment of the Poor; and to extend the late Majesty King George the Third, in- powers of the Commissioners fur executing tituled, An Act to abolish the Punishment the said Acts in Great Britain. July 15. of Public Whipping on Female Offenders, Cap. LXI. To charge additional duties and to make further provisions in lieu on the importation of certain articles into thereof. July 15.

the Isle of Man, and to regulate the trade Cap. LVIII, For the better securing of the said Island. - July 15. the Excise Duties on Paper and Paste. Cap. LXII. To continue, until the board.July 15.

first day of January, One thousand eight Cap. LIX. To amend, revive, and hundred and twenty-two, an Act of the continue, until the twenty-fifth day of fifty-ninth year of his late Majesty, for March, One thousand eight hundred and staying proceedings against any Governor twenty-five, an act of the fifty-second year or other persons concerned in imposing and of his late Majesty, for regulating the se- levying duties in New South Wales ; for paration of damaged from sound Coffee, continuing certain duties; and for empowand for permitting dealers to send out any ering the said Governor to levy a duty on quantity of Coffee, not exceeding eight spirits made in the said Colony.--July pounds weight, without permit. July 15. 15.


3 Dr.


R. H. Gds. T. P. Cosby, Cornet by purch. vice I. CIVIL

Dashwood, prom. 28th Sept, 1820.

Gent. Cadet' T. B. May, from R. Mil. Chief Magistrates of Scottish Burghs.

Coll. Cornet by purch. vice J. May, ret.

5th Oct. Aberdeen-Gavin Hadden

Bt. Lt. Col. Childers, Lt. Col, by purch, Old George MʻInnes

vice Diggens, ret.

21st Sept. Arbroath-James Marnie

Cornet Crole, Lieut. vice Jordan, dead Auchtermuchty-David Scott

20th do. Ayr-David Limond

Bt. Lt. Col. Percy, Major by purch. Brechin Colin Gillies

vice Brotherton, 22 Dr. 12th Oct. Burntisland-Robert Ferguson

Lieut. Charlton, Capt. do. do. Culross-James Gibson

Cornet Gooch, Lieut. do. do. Cupar, Fife-Andrew Christie

Bt. Lt. Col. Brotherton, Lt. Col. by Dingwall-Colin Mackenzie

purch, vice Travers, ret. do. do. Dornoch-Marquis of Stafford

Lt. Taylor, Capt. by purch, vice VerDumbarton-John Dixon

non, ret.

2d Jan. Dumfries-.William Thomson

Cornet Kierulf, Lt. do.

do. Dunbar-William Hume

Lord Francis Conyngham, Cornet by Dundee-David Brown

purch. vice Harrison, prom. 21st Sept. Dunfermline--Major D. Wilson

2 F. G. Ens. and Lt. Shawe, Lt. and Capt. by Edinburgh-John Manderstou

purch. vice Baynes, ret. 5th Oct. Elgin-Alexander Innes

Cornwall, fm. h. p. Ens. Falkland-William Gulland

and Lt. by purch.

do. Forfar-Charles Webster

Ensign Waring, Lt, vice Glasson, dead Fortrose-Roderick Macfarquhar

do. Gatehouse--James Kirkpatrick

0. Robinson, Ensign

I do. Glasgow-John T. Alston

Ensign Shinkwin, Adj. and Lt. vice Haddington-Peter Dobs

Allen, prom.

9th Feb. Hamilton-William Hamilton

Hosp. Assist. Trigance, As. Surg. vice Helensburgh-Jacob Dixon

Ardley, 71 F.

12th Oct. Inverary-John Campbell

Lt. St George, Capt. by purch. vice Inverkeithing-Hon. F. W. Primerose

Maxwell, ret.

28th Sept. Irvine-Archibald Montgomerie

Ensign Campbell, Lieut. by purch. do. Jedburgh-George Hilston

R. La Touche, Ensign, do do. Kilmarnock-John Fulton

Lt. Brooksbank, fm. 24 F. Capt. by Kirkaldy-William Swan

purch. vice Tripp

12th Oct. Kirkcudbright-John Sanders Shand

Ens. North, Lieut. vice Russell, 10 R. Kirk wall-Thomas Pollexfen

· Vet. Bn."

21st Sept. Lanark-Robert Hutchison

B. Browne, Ensign

do. Lauder-Alexander Dawson

Ensign Sutherland, fm. 87 F. Ensign, Linlithgow-John Boyd

vice Carroll, cancelled 5th Oct. Maxwelltown-Philip Forsyth

Lt. Purcell, Adj. vice Madigan, res. Montrose William Gibson

Adj. only

1st Feb. Musselburgh-Charles Stewart

Bt. Maj. Hutchison, Maj. vice Moles. Nairn-Sir W.G. Cumming, Bart.

worth, killed in action 5th Dec. 1819, Paisley-William Carlile

Lt. French, Capt.


J. D. Brown, Ensign Perth-Robert Ross

do, Pollockshaws-John Mortteith

Ensign M'Carthy, Adj. vice French, Port-Glasgow-Robert Maclachlan


do. Queensferry-Campbell Innes

Bi. Maj. Giles, Maj. vice Fehrzen, dead Renfrew-Robert King

20th Jan, Rutherglen-Robert Maxwell

Ensign Taggart, Lt. vice Fitz Gerald, Selkirk-Andrew Lang


11th Feb.

W. Krefting, Ensign Stirling-John Buchan

do. Wick George Macpherson Grant

Lieut.-Col. Macbean, fm. h. p. 99 F. Wigton-Earl of Galloway

Lieut.-Col. vice Calvert, cancelled

5th Oct. Member returried to serve in Parliament.

Lieut. Oulton, Capt. vice Dix, dead

do, County of Aberdeen-Hon. William Gordon.

Ensign Brown, Lieut.

do. R. I. Coghlan, Ensign, vice A. Grieve,


28th Sept.

Bt, Lieut.-Col. Roberts, Major, vice Sept. 28. Principal Haldane, admitted minister

Goodridge, dead

5th Oct. of St Andrews.

Lieut. Eaton, Captain Oct. 14. Rev. Abraham Hume, to be minister

Ensign Mansell, Lieut,

do. of Greenlaw.

G. Damerum, Ensign 16. William Carey, D. D. to be Bishop of 65 Ensign Donnithorne, Lieut. vice Place, Exeter.

do. David Young received a call to be minister of

c. Estridge, Ens. vice Coleman, ret. the Associate Congregation of Carnoustie. Mr

4th do. Young has also received a call from Arbroath.

Gent. Cadet J. A. Walker, fm. R. Mil. 28. Mr John Thomson, to be minister of the

Coll. Ens. vice Donnithorne 5th do. Chapel of Ease, Canongate, Edinburgh.

T. Coleman, Qua. Master, vice John30. Rev. John Geddes, to be assistant and suc

storie, dead

1th do. cessor to Rev. Dr Findlay, minister of High

Surg, Stewart, fm. 71 F. Surg. vice Church, Paisley.

Burrell, dead

12th do,

As. Surg. J. French, fm. Med. Staff III. MILITARY.

As, Surg. vice Greig, cancelled

28th Sept. Capt. Blake, h. p. 6 Garr. Bn. to be

As. Surg. Ardley, fm. 17 F. Surg. vice Major in the Army 4th June 1814.

Stewart, 65 F.

11th Oct. T. H. Harrison, R. Art. do.

J. M. Ogilvie, Ensign, vice Sutherland, 12th Aug. 1819. 46 F.

5th do. do. do.

As. Surg. Mouat, fm. 21 Dr. As. Surg. do.

vice Robson, h. p, 21 Dr. 21st Mar.





– S. Kishrávilland, 8 r. do.

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