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4. At London, Rear Admiral Şir Charles Andrew Bell of Kilnduncan, minister i of Ogle of Worthy, Bart. to Letitia, daughter Crail,

198 of Sir William Burroughs, Bart,

23. At Edinburgh, John Turner, Esq. 5. At" Leyton, Essex, Thomas Flower of Turner Hall, to Elizabeth Helen, young, a Ellis, jun. Esq. A. B. Fellow of Trinity i est daughter of the deceased Captain Wm.to College, Cambridge, to Susan, only daugh. Urquhart, 30th regimentálwynia ja .S der of the late John M.Taggart, Esq. of At Eglingham, Ww. Hay,” Esq.-of Ardwal.

Hopes, East Lothian, to Frances Ampv come At St Margaret's Hill, the Rev. Ro. third daughter of the late Robert Ogłe, bert Balfour Graham, minister of Stenton,. . Esq. of Eglingham, Northumberlandsynli to Christina Wilson, second daughter of 252 At Carnwath, the Rev. Wm. Goldie, the Reverend Archibald Lawrie, D.D. of Crawfordjohn, 'to Anne, youngest daugh Hillhouse, minister of Loudoun, i to ter of the late Mr Middleton, of Libbertoo.it

7. At Dalry House, Edinburgh, James John Lizars, Esq. surgeon, EdinDouglas, Esq. of Cavers, to Emma, daugh- burgh, to Miss Sarah Fleming M Crakers 1 ter of the late Sir David Carnegie of South. daughter of the late William MoCraken, esk, Bart. 10, T port ma 9•Esq. of Lochvaley (Dumtries. iki Xwlhbill.

11. At Glasgow, Theodore Walrond, 27. At Glasgow, Neil Maclachlan, Esq. in Esg. to Jane, second daughter of Lieuten-' Castleton, Argyleshire, to Miss Flora Ann ant-Colonel Hastings.t,

tarrer · Maclaine of Fife Places 't . iilit 16 JE - At Irvine, Stewart Murray Fullartong. Lately. At Paris, Earl Poulett; to CharEsq. of Fullarton, to Isabella Buchanan, lotte, daughter of the Hon. Mrs Portman, only daughter of the late James Muir, Esq.11 and niece of Lord Dormer.) m u to 3204 surgeon in Glasgow. wig langarin, gpio trong At Westerhall, Major, Weyland,: 16th ib

John Burnside, Esq. Millburn House, Jancers, to Lady Johnstones widow of the Dalserf, to Mary, youngest daughter of late Sir John Lowther Johnstone, Bart of 10 the late Mr John Macarthur, of Glasgow. Westerball, in the county of Dumfries. 10911

At Aberdeen, Alexander Bell, Esq. Berwick, to Mary, only daughter of John I rina buna DEATHS."biedt. A mai Ross, Esger to i ve wir weisen Feb. 13. At séa, on the coast of Africailor

12. At Edinburgh, James Clarke, M.D. Mr. George Wilson, Assistant-Surgeon of one to Barbara, only daughter of the late Rev. his Majesty's gun-brig the Snapper is low John, Stephen, LL.D. Rector of Christ April 12. At Calcutta, in the 27th year Church, New Providence, Bahama Islands, - of his age, Lieutenant James Stetart, ofol.

- At Lochbuy House, John Gregorson, the Royal Navy, son of David Steuart, 18 Esg, of Ardtorinish, to Mary, only daugh, iate Lord Provost of Edinburgh.' This gatsu ter of the late Murdoch Maclaine, Esq. of lant and estimable young man, after servalsis Lochbuy.

v el mar y DIA ni ing as an officer on board his Majesty's HI 15. The Hon. Lionel Charles Dawson, ships Weazle and Tremendous with Anuelt to the Lady Elizabeth Emily Nugent, eld reputation, finished his career in the Roypes est daughter of the late, and sister of the al Navy as one of the Lieutenants of the present Earl of Westmeath, and grand. Hebrus frigate, Captain Palmer, sharingot I daughter of the Marquis of Drogheda. in the concluding triumphs of the Britishut

18. At Perth, Glas Sandeman, Esq., navy at the memorable and bloody battle youngerof Springland, to Margaret, daugh of Algiers. Placed upon ihalf pay he rello ter of Dr Stewart of Bonskeil.. . no compaired to the East Indies in search of tempo

At Tollcross, the Rev. Mr French, ployment in the Company's service, andia Strathaven, to Janet, eldest daughter of had just obtained the command of the ExMr Wm. Innes, Tollcrosso,?/ ptio n iouth, country ships of 690 i tons, whenes,

19. At Edinburgh, Captain W. Cun-, he was suddenly cut off from his familypri ningham Dalyell, Royal Navy, fifth son of and fair expectations of his friends, by an the late Sir Robert Dalyell, Bart. of Binns, -attack of spasmodic cholera, after a short 10 to Maria, youngest daughter of A. J., Sam , illness of 12 hours. payo, Esq. of Peterboro' House, Middle on July 17. In Kingston, Jamaica, Mrs sex. string stress si t . Sarah Green Baker, a female rof colour,q2

At Edinburgh, James Brown, Esq. aged 140 years. She had lived to see herisq of London, to Miss Sarah Hamilton, eldest fifth generation, io 1692 sdt, me 1A daughter of the late John Hamilton, Esq. 30. At Geneva, Captain Stephen Gorusda of Polmont Bank.

579 don, of the 5th dragoon guards. ni pavisilgai At Bernice, Argyleshire, 1 Lieutenant Aug. 13. At Old, Northamptonshire, nå Archibald Mactavish, late of the 3d West Mrs Barclay Allardice, wife of Robert ba India regiment, to Margaret, youngest Barclay Allardiçe, Esq. of Ury, Kincanaan daughter of the late Donald Fletcher, Esg, dineshire. W o te qenisssti miliru of Bernice. 20 ann

. A Baden, in Germany, in the 28th 1st 20. At the Manse of Crail, Charles year of his age, John, eldest son of debris

i Nairne, Eeq. writer to the signet, to Ame: Hon. John Spencer, and grandson of the lia Forbes, eldest daugliter of the Rev. late Duke of Marlborough.

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· 121. At the manse of Kincardine, the mor At? Paisley, after a short lillness, Rev. Alex, M‘Bean, minister of that parish. Hugh Thomson, Esq. 18 Among other be · 23. At Castle Semple House, in the quests he has left L: 1000 for public bene." 67th year of his age, John Harvey, Esq.? volent purposes, viz. nom. A. of Castle Semple

'10 menit. To the British and Foreign Bible 25. At Dingwall, Mrs James Rogs.. Don Society!

NL200 7 All Stirling, Lieutenant W. JA De- London Missionary Society 93 2002 vonshire, R. N., and also, at the same Hutcheson's Charity School, :** plade, on the Ist. curt. Captain Thomas - St Paisley L 3950 &! 32: 200 Wingate, brother-in-law to the former. juni 1Paisley Sabbath School Soals 1994

27. At Bridgend, Perth, Isabella Mary , ciety hi p ? Ik + 200 Campbell, -spouse of Major Todd, late of 10 Paisley Dispensary & House *}} the 33d regiment. :

'',. i 13 of Recovery I 5821.152-200 30. At Faisley, Mrs Maxwell, widow of 6. At London, James Ferguson of Pit. James Maxwell, Esq. of Castlehead. in four, Esq. M. P.

At Green Street, Enfield Highway, At Edmonstone House, Bethea, third Middlesex, Mrs Mary Ann Burgess, wife daughter of James Brown, Esq. of Edmonof John Keir, Esq. ; and same day, John stone." William, their infant son..:: :: 1394:23;) 7. 'At Garscúbe' House, Mrs. Anne

31. At Killin, the Rev. Dr Busby, Campbell, widow of the late Prancis Sit-* Dean of Rochester, aged 63. He was tra. well, Esq. of Barmoor.sw917

A velling with his friend Dr Thackery, Pro. i 8. At Stevenson, Ayrshire, after two days vost of King's College, Cambridge, and illness, the Rev. Thomas Blair, late'minidied after three days illness.II. !01 ! ster of the gospel, Cairneyhill. fl more

to At London, Ensign James Wight, In George Square, Edinburgh, Mrs. of the 79th regiment, eldest son of the late Campbell, wife of Mr Archibald Campa Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Wight of Cha-bell, brewer.**.* RTV ol. IM 918.23 pelrue.

9. At Plymouth, Samuel Hood Linzee, At Aberdeen, Mrs Smith, aged 75, Esq. Vice Admiral of the Blue. He fell relict of the late Mr Richard Smith, paper from his horse in a fit of apoplexy op manufacturer, Culter and daughter of Thursday afternoon, and never spoke after William Reid, Esq. late of Glassel. :)," wards. He Boston BS 1.6 Cind'1L of

Sept. 1: At Castle Carey, Somerset, At Glenearn Cottage, Elizabeth March John Peyto Verney, Lord Willoughby de garet, second daughter of Charles Husbanā, Broke, after a short illness, in his 59th Esq. of Glenearn. 11H Yudi TIF veat. His Lordship is succeeded in his At Harrogate, Mrs Dundas, St ? title and estates by his brother, the Hon. Andrew'. Square. Henry Verney. Bod 10 Titio :113 Bell -- At Greenlaw Manse, the Rev. James

At Edinburgh, Robert Buchanan, Luke.wik! Pile Pop 011 90 . Esq- late of the Stock Exchange, London. . 10. At his house in Upper Baker Street,

At his son-in-law's house, Muirkirk London, Alexander Ross of Cromarty, Iron Works, the Rev. Dr William Ruther. Esq. ford.trial och to stress is atskurs focus - At Youghall, in Ireland, Gurney i

4! At Port Glasgow, John Dunlop, Esq. Barclay, Esq. of Tavistock Square, London. Collector of the Customs there." 2994 to 11. At Swinton-house, John Swinton,

At Glasgow, Charles Wilsone, Esq. Esq. of Swinton. surgeon.gitiga e' yo fomno') it is o nly 12. At Dingwall, John Simson, Esq. .

At the advanced age of 90, Mrs' writer there. Jean Bogle, widow of Mr Matthew Wou'1 - At Leith, Mrs Jean Comb, spouse of therspoon, late of Springbog.lashbra 26 Mr Thomas Barker, brewer there. IA - Ad Ayrgi Miss Hamilton, daughter F 13. Mr Robert Blair,' late Assistant. of the late Jolm Hamilton of Kyps, writer Surgeon in the Honourable East India" in Mauchline.

anons to 220 Company's service, Bengal establishment, ! 5 At Muirfield, East Lothian, Major eldest soul of the late Mr Francis Blair. Er! Spencer Cochrane, of the East India Com.

At Perth, Mr Alexander Porteous. pany's services or spec21897 OB 1:merchant there, in the 78th year of his

At Stratton, the seat of Robert Marage. 19 Seitli NIE, HET ,139.1)*! 10 sham, Esq. Sir Edward Baron of Raven - At Pentland, Mr John Allan, farmer ingham, in Norfolk, Premier Båronet of there.


to England. He was born in '1749, succeed. At Nickerie, Surinam, Alexander ed his uncle by the half blood in 1773, Cruickshank, Esq. eldest son of Dr Cruick, married in 1778,' Anne, daughter of Sir shank, Haughs of Corse." William Beauchamp Proctor, Bart. and by 14. At North Berwick, John Craig, on, her, who died in 1813, had issue, two sons ly son of Robert Stair Craig, Esq. of the *** and two daughters, the eldest of whom, Ed. Customs. sedang mund, born in 1779, succeeds to his titless At Leadclune, Stratherick, Captain and estates. sa viis !!! Thomas Fraser 10311B 2011!3' PA


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14. At his house, No. 2, Prince's Street, 25. At Cupar-Angus, Mrs Jardine, aged · Mr Duncan Robertson, perfumer.

77; and on the 10th ult. Mr J. Jardine, - At Knockbreck, Samuel Thomson, late schoolmaster of Kinfauns, aged 81.

They lived in the married state upwards of - At Dover, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir 50 years, and Mr Jardine filled the situaAlex. Allan, Bart. one of the Directors of tion of schoolmaster nearly that period. the East India Company.

29. At the Royal Military College, Sand15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Marjory Came. hurst, Catherine, daughter of Lieutenantron, wife of Mr Archibald Fletcher, Colonel James M‘Dermott, of that esta. writer.

blishment. - At his house, Woodcot, in the county - At her house, Wellington Place, Leith of Haddington, George Home Falconar, Links, Mrs Ann Arnstrong, wife of Mr Esq. Captain of the 2d dragoons, (Scots Alex. Burnet, and sister of the Rev. John Greys.)

Armstrong, A. M. át Campbelton, in his 86th year, 30. Wm. Fielding, Esq. the senior Ma. and the 57th of his ministry, the Rev. Dr gistrate at the Police Office, Colden Square, George Robertson, one of the ministers of London. the Collegiate Church there.

- At the Hirsel, Signior Guestenelli, at - At Kilmarnock, Mrs Hamilton, wife a very advanced age. of the Rev. A. Hamilton.

Oct. 1. At his cottage at Wimbledon, 16. At Woodside, Mrs Russell of Wood. Thomas Harris, Esq. For more than

half a century Mr Harris most honourably 17. At his house, Buccleuch Place, filled the arduous situation of chief proEdinburgh, Mr George Watson, jeweller. prietor and manager of Covent-Garden

- Mrs Margaret Wilson, wife of John Theatre. Hay, writer, Edinburgh.

Lately. At Bath, Fletcher Paris, Esq. - At Manse of Rathven, Mrs Mar. He has bequeathed L. 40,000, and a field, garet Donaldson, spouse of John Masson, for the purpose of erecting 30 cottages, for Esq. S.S.C. Edinburgh.

the residence (with endowments) of the wi. - At Ashintully, William Rutherford, dows or daughters of ten poor clergymen, Esq. of Ashintully

of ten reduced professional men, and of 18. At Burntsfield, Lieutenant Robert ten decayed merchants. Horsman Scott, lst regiment, or Royal At the Island of Ceylon, Captain Scots.

George Rivers Maltby, of the 16th foot. At Cheltenham, John Haig, Esq. His death was occasioned by his horse merchant in London.

running away with him ; the animal in - At Bath, the Hon. Mrs Sotheby his course passing under a tree, a bough of

19. At Plymouth, R. A. Nelson, Esq. which came in contact with Mr Maltby's Secretary of the Naval Board, brother to head, and unfortunately killed him on the the immortal Nelson.

20. At Glasgow, aged 96, Mrs Logie, In Hamilton Place, London, the Counrelict of the late James Logie, Esq. Col. tess of Shannon, shortly after the birth lector of the Customs in Rothesay.

of her thirteenth child. - At Edinburgh, in the 24th year of At Twyford Lodge, Sussex, Lady ' his age, Patrick Lyon, M.D. youngest son Sewell, widow of the Right Hon. Sir Thoof the late Hugh Lyon, Esq. of Wester mas Sewell, formerly Master of the Rolls, Ogil, Captain of Artillery, in the service and one of his Majesty's Most Hon. Privy of the Hon. East India Company

Council. 23. At Edinburgh, Mr Kenneth M‘Ken. In consequence of having run a thorn zie, confectioner.

into his hand, which occasioned a locked - At Edinburgh, Mr James Simpson, jaw, Mr John Prout, farmer, of Horton, stationer, Royal Exchange.

Gloucestershire. - At Daldawn, Isabella, the only re- At Laurens district, South Carolina, maining child of Captain M‘Dougall. aged 143, Mr Solomon Nibet, a native of

- Of hydrophobia, after having been England, who emigrated to that country bitten by a mad dog, about nine years be at the age of 19. fore, Ann North of Scaleby, Yorkshire. At Cornforth, Durham, aged 83, Mr

24. At Portobello, the Right Honour. Robert Bell. He was wounded at Quebec, able Alexander Lord Elibank.

on the day that General Wolfe was killed ; - At her house in Gayfield Square, and was also at the siege of Gibraltar with Mrs Marjory Smith.

General Elliot in 1782.


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