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Island, North America, the Rev. Mr An. 30. At Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Ro. drew Nicholl, minister of that place. - bert Barber, Esq. in the 85th year of his ** 15. At Balise River's Mouth, in the age. Bay of Honduras, Miss Pringlé Home 31. At Chessels's Court, Edinburgh, daughter of the late Alexander Home, Esq. Wilhelmina Marjoribanks, wife of William formerly of Bassendean, in BerwickJamieson, merchant. sbíre. Don '.

- At his house, St Andrew's Square, 21. On his passage from the island of Edinburgh, Dorothea Clerk, eldest daughCeylon, to his native land, Captain John ter of Joseph Bell, Esq. surgeon. Ritchie, of the 73d regiment, eldest son of August 1. At Blackness, LinlithgowMr James Ritchie, Rhynd.

shire, where he had gone for the recovery 31. At Sierra Leoné, Mr Henry Alex. of his health, Mr George Allan, merchant Eliot, Royal Navy, youngest son of the in Liverpool, son of Mr James Allan, Rev. Robert Elliot, of Maitland Street, merchant in Glasgow. Edinburgh.

- At Allanfield, near Leith, Mrs Allan, June 9. At Demerara, in the 27th year relict of the late Mr John Allan, of Allanof his age, of an alarming epidemic fever field. prevalent at that place, Captain James 2. At Chapel, Fifeshire, Robert Arnott, Grant, of the brig Glory of Aberdeen. Esq. in the 78th year of his age.

21. On board the ship Hibberts, Captain At Edinburgh, the Rev. David VickPeat, on his passage from Jamaica to this son of Persilands, one of the ininisters of country, Robert Murray, Esq. of Knap- this city. dale, in that island.

3. At Glenpark, Janet Agnes Bell, · 27. At Blackriver, David Hutchison, daughter of Thomas Bell, Esq. Wharton Esg. of Coffee Grove, in the parish of Place, Edinburgh. Manchester, Jamaica." ;

*. 4. At Balstack, in the parish of Hutton, 102 July 3. At Trieste, Colonel Simpson, of aged 69 years, David Grahain, Esq. the Royal Imperial Marines, (a native of banker, and late, Mayor of Basingstoke, Pifeshire, Scotland...!!

Hants.' 19 16. At Easthouses, aged 78, Gideon 5. At Brussels, Major-General Sir Wm. Walkinshaw. He was father to 12, grand. Nicholson, Bart. father to 64, and great-grandfather to 41, - At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Bosmaking a total of 117; 30 of whom are well, the last of the name in the direct line dead, and 87 living; he had been in the of the ancient family of the Boswells of employ of the Marquis of Lothian for 61 Balmuto. years ; 84 of his progeny are yet at his "_' At Paisley, Thonias Smith, Esq. Lordship's works.

late merchant in Glasgow. ; 17. At Blairlogie, Susan Wallace, wife 6. At Stank, in the parish of Ruthwell, of the Rev. William Anderson, minister of 'in' the 85th year of her age, Miss Sophia the gospel there, aged 42. W

Richardson. 59.24. At Kelso, in the 21st year of his age, ; - At Forres, William Tuiloh, Esq. of Mr James Gillies, younger son of Mr Bogton, and formerly of Calcutta.

George Gillies, rector of Kelso grammar At his house, St Andrew's Square, · school.

Edinburgh, David Craigie, second son of * At Alloa, Mrs Matgaret Cowie, wife "Joseph Belí, Esq. surgeon. of John Drummond, Esq. writer there. . . 7. In Duke Street, Westminster, in her

- At Newbottle, Diana, eldest daugh. 86th year, the daughter of the late Dr ter of the late Colonel Donald Macleod, of Hutton, inore than half a century ago St Kilda.

Archbishop of Canterbury. ***26. At Hamiltori, Mr Archibald Allan, At Whitsome Manse, Berwickshire, architect.

the Rev. George Drummond. At Holywood Manse, the Rev. Dr At Walls, Miss Jane Ker, eldest Crichton, minister of that parish.

daughter of Gilbert Ker, Esq. *;}28. At Burnside, Thomas Crichton, Esq. At his house, Edinburgh, Thomas

formerly in the service of the Honourable Brown, Esq. bookseller. * the East India Company.

- On 26th July, Jane, infant daughter, 29. At Joxtith Park, near Liverpool, and on 7th August, Mary, in her 14th Eliza Anna, wife of Mr John Macintyre, year, then only daughter of Mr Richard merchant, and daughter of General "Fer- Tosh, writer, Kirkaldy. Tier, Dumbarton Castle, aged 32.

At London, John Urquhart, Esq. - At Inverness, James Errol'Gray, Esq. of the Ordnance Office." surgeon. %.

8. At Coombe House, Surrey, ageel 64 30. At Stobeross, Mary Elizabeth, only years, Beeston Long, Esq. one of the Di. daughter of Mr Thomas Rowan, writer. rectors of the Bank of England. - At Glasgow, in the 88th year of his - At Gilmerton, Miss Christian Trot. age, John Love, Esq. merchant, Glas- ter, daughter of the late Thomas Trotter, gow.

Esq. merchant Edinburgh.

8. At Taybank, Mrs Bridget Yeaman, 19. At Edinburgh, Mr James Miller, spouse of Charles Guthrie, Esq. of Tay- Depute Clerk to the Commission of Teinds. bank.

- At Glasgow, Mr William Mudie, - At Kirkbean Manse, Miss Isabella merchant, aged 69. Little, daughter of the late Mr Little, 20. At Bath, Major-General Sir Granby minister of Colvend.

Thomas Calcraft, Knight of the orders of 9. At Liverpool, the celebrated Miss Maria Theresa, Tower and Sword, &c. Margaret M'Avoy, whose faculty of dis. Gout in the stomach was the immediate tinguishing colours, &c. by the touch, cause of his sudden death. gave rise to so much discussion about three 21. At Brussels, Lieutenant General Sir years since.

Ewen Baillie, Bart. 10. At Ulcombe Place, Kent, in the Sir Hugh Inglis of Milton Bryant, 51st year of his age, the Most Honourable Bedfordshire, Bart. Walter, Marquis and Earl of Ormonde, in 22. At Abercairney, Miss Baker, sister Ireland, and Baron Butler in England, of the late Capt. Joseph Baker, Royal Navy. K. P. and Governor of the county of Kil- - At Edinburgh, David Johnston kenny. He is succeeded by his next bro. Malcolm, Esq. Collector of his Majesty's ther, James, now Earl of Ormonde and Customs, Kirkaldy. Ossory.

25. A her house, Castle Street, Dundee, L'At Ayr, Adam Stewart, Esq. late of Miss Matilda Constable. Liverpool, in his 80th year.

- At Lathrisk, Charles Maitland, of 11. At London, the Right Hon. Lady Rankeilour, one of his Majesty's Deputy Lilford.

Lieutenants for Fifeshire. - At North Leith, Mr Thomas Ro - At his house in Grosvenor Place, bertson, late Commander of the Royal London, the Right Hon. Lord Stawell, in Charlotte, revenue cutter.

his 64th year. His Lordship was only - At Norwich, aged 46, Captain Ro- son of the Right Hon. H. Bilston Legge, bert Tinkler, R. N. who signalized him, formerly Chancellor of the Exchequer. self by his intrepid bravery in several en 26. Mr Thomas Strong, merchant in gagements, in which he had received 21 Leith. wounds.- Captain Tinkler was cabin boy -- At Clova, Lady Niven Lumsden of on board his Majesty's ship Bounty (Cap. Auchindoir. tain Bligh) at the time the crew of 27. At Carlisle, Mr Francis Jollie, late that ship mutinied in the South Seas, in proprietor of the Carlisle Journal. the year 1789, and was one of the 12 per. 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Rachell Ann sons who, with the Captain, were turned Morrieson, widow of Major David Moradrift in a boat by the mutineers.

rieson, of the Hon. East India Company's 12. At Edinburgh, Mr John Swanston, service. merchant.

31. In the 72d year of his age, Mr - At Dumfries, in the 23d year of his William Young, for many years acting age, Mr David Jefferson, writer.

partner in the Caledonian Pottery, Glas- Miss Frances Dysart Home, daugh- gow. ter of the Rev. Robert Home, minister of Sept. 1. At Montrose, in his 80th year, Polwarth.

Bailie John Milne. 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Finlayson, wi. Lately. At Paris, William Thomas dow of Mr William Finlayson, formerly Sandiford, Esq. formerly a Major on the of Savannah-la-Mar, Jamaica.

Bombay Establishment, and Aid-de-Camp - At Kingsburgh, James King, Esq. to General Abercromby during the Mysore

14. At Edinburgh, Mr Richard Cleg- war. horn, solicitor at law.

At Bouverię Street, London, of apop16. At Edinburgh, John Livington lexy, in his 80th year, James Dobie, Esq. Campbell, Esq. of Achalader.

solicitor, for 34 years secretary to the 17. At Edinburgh, John Livingstone, Scottish Corporation. Esq. of Shortridge-head, writer in Edin On board the Streatham, East Indiaburgh.

man, on his passage from Bengal to China, - At Edinburgh, Mr James Johnston, in October last, Richard Turnbull, Assist. engraver.

ant-Surgeon, third son of the late John At Leith, Robert, son of Mr James Turnbull, Esq. of Branxton. . Ainslie, merchant there.

At Cape Castle, on the coast of Africa, 18. In the eighth year of her age, Sophia in the month of April last, of a fever, ocAlbinia Georgiana, eldest daughter to Mr casioned by exposure to the effluvia from and Mrs Gordon of Auchlunies.

the marshes, when botanizing, Mr Joseph - At Glasgow, Mrs Hay, relict of Wilson, surgeon of the ship Indian of LiverHugh Hay, Esq. of Paris, Perthshire. pool, son of Mr J. Wilson, Middlemains of

- At Lude, Colonel John Robertson. Salton.

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NOTICE. A Correspondent has brought a charge of Plagiarism against the writer of “ LIVING AUTHORS, A DREAM,” which appeared in one of our late Numbers. We have too high an opinion of that writer's originality to suppose that any other person ever dreamed his dream; but, like people who are fond of repeating their dreams, he may, for any thing we know to the contrary, have related it before. We wish, to put the matter out of doubt, that he would send us his third dream, without delay, and, if it is akin to the former, and has never been seen elsewhere, the accusation will be laid to rest.' •

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ABSTRACT OF SOUTHEY's Life of creases the strength and authority of WESLEY.

your body over your mind, that thing

is sin to you, however innocent it may We have already made our readers he in ito

ade our readers be in itself.” The perusal of “ Jere acquainted with the peculiar circum

my Taylor's Rules of Holy Living stances in which the childhood of

and Dying," made a deeper impresWesley was passed ; and suggested

sion on his imagination, and led him the probability of their having so in

to resolve to dedicate all his life to fluenced his temper, judgments, and

God. The doctrine of predestination pursuits, as to give a colouring to his

next engaged his attention; and his character in manhood.* At Oxford,

mother advised him while an undergraduate, his manners

to employ his

s time and his powers in making his were free and cheerful; and he was

18 own calling and election sure. distinguished by his attention to his

IS In 1725, Wesley was ordained by studies, his knowledge of Hebrew, Dr Potter, Bishop of Oxford, and in and dexterity in wielding the wea- the

the ensuing spring he was elected a pons of logic. He wrote to his father fell

fellow of Lincoln College. From this concerning some scruples which he

time he began to keep a diary,-a pracfelt as to the motives which ought to

tice formerly very general, to which influence those who take orders, and

both history and biography have been was answered by the good old man,

an, greatly indebted. Eight months after that he did not like " a callow cler

'; his election to a fellowship he was apa gyman ;" but his mother advised

pointed Greek lecturer and moderator him to become a deacon as soon as he

of the classes. At this period he de could, that he might have the greater

voted « Mondays and Tuesdays to inducement to apply himself to the theo

the classics ; Wednesdays to logic and study of practical divinity. As the

ethics; Thursdays to Hebrew and view which is taken of Christian du

Arabic; Fridays to metaphysics and ties in the noted work De Imitatione

natural philosophy; Saturdays to oraChristi, revolted him at first, he applied to his parents for advice on the

tory and poetry, but chiefly to com

position in these arts; and the Sabsubject, and was thus judiciously an

bath to divinity: It appears by his swered by his mother : “ Would you

diary also, that he gave great attenjudge of the lawfulness or unlawful

tion to mathematics.” But though ness of pleasure,” said she, “ take

he had resolved to adhere to this this rule :-whatever weakens your

scheme for several years at least, he reason, impairs the tenderness of your

was soon convinced, “ that there are conscience, obscures your sense of

many truths it is not worth while to God, or takes off the relish of spi

know." Yet he continued full of buritual things,-in short, whatever in

siness, and found time for writing by

rising an hour earlier in the morning, • See Numbers for May and July 1820. and going into company an hour late

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