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ly issued by the latter power in regard to numbers being on the first, 181 to G5, and, the affairs of Spaint Lord LIVERPOOL in on the second, 179 to 64. ved at hiba reply, stated, that nothing existed between *1: Charges against her Majesty this this coustry and Spain which was calcula. The Attorney-General then proceeded to, ted to lead to any thing like hostility.. a state the evidence to be adduced in support: od they m

sis n of the bill. - He began by adverting to the V ra * TRIAL OF THE QUEEN, (!?) ei painful and anxious duty cast upon him, 11. Aug. 17. This day the House met at and claimed their Lordships' 'indulgence, 10 o'clock, to proceed to the trial of the whilst he attempted to discharge it. He Queen. Her Majesty went in state to the professed his intencion of abstaining from House, accompanied in her carriage by every temark that might tend to aggravate Lady Anne Hamilton ; preceded in ano. the charges against the Illustrious Party ther carriage by Mr Alderman Wood, and accused. He then proceeded to trace her followed by one containing Sir William Majesty's conduct from the time she left Gell, and the Hon. Sir Keppel Craven. this country in 1814. She was then acThe streets were thronged by immense companied by Lady Charlotte Lindsay and piultitudes, who greeted her Majesty with Lady Elizabeth Forbes ; by a Mr Fitzgesi loud acclarations ; and the sentinels sta- rald as Chamberlain, and Sir William Gell tioned at the various public offices in her and the Hon. Keppelt Crayen, in siinilar route presented arms. She was met at the capacities.is, Captain Host as Equerry, Dr door of the House by Sir Thomas Tyr. Holland Iras Physician, and other persons whitt, Usher of the Black Rod, and on her in various capacities, followed in her suite entrance the Peers all rose to receive her. Thus accompanied, she proceeded to Bruns..

After some preliminary proceedings, a wick, her native place, and froin thence to motion was made by the Duke of LEIN. Milan. su: Her Majesty's intention was to STER for rescinding the Bill of Pains and visit other parts of Italy, and to proceed Penalties, which was lost by a great majón from Milan to Naples. Her Majesty reb rity, the numbers being 260 to 41. mained at Milan three weeks, and during

Earl GREY recapitulated his former opin that time a person was received into her nions, that a Bill of Pains and Penalties was Majesty's service whose name was recorded not the proper mode of procedure for the in the preamble of this bill. Bartholomew offence charged against the Queen that Bergami was received into her service as a the prosecution should have been for high- courier. This person was then in want of treason; and moved that the opinion of the employment, but had been a serýant in a Judges should be taken on this points similar capacity to a General Pino. With The Judges being accordingly consulted, this suite, she set out from Milan to Rome, gaye their opinion, that the offence charged and from thence she proceeded to Naples, against her Majesty could not be reached where she arrived on the 8th Nov. 1814. by the present law. The Queen's Counsel Their Lordships would perceive, from the were then called in, when Mr Brougham dates which he had stated, that up to the addressed the House against the principle period of her arrival at Naples, this person of the bill. .

had not been in her service more than three 'vug. 18.-Mr Denman was heard against weeks, and to this fact he begged their the bill, after which the Attorney and Soli. Lordships to attend, because it would be citor-General severally addressed the House, found material when the circumstances of and Mr Brougham was heard in reply. the case came to be stated. " He should

Some conversation then took place between have mentioned that among the persons -- Lords. Liverpool, Lansdowne, and King, who accompanied her Majesty was an in

when the latter gave notice of his intention dividual of the name of William Austin, a to move to-morrow a resolution, expressing boy on whom she had bestowed particular the opinion of their Lordships, that it was attention. She appeared to be much atnot necessary for the public safety, or for tached to hiin, and being only six or seven the security of the Government, that the years of age, he had been in the habit of present bill of pains and penalties against sleeping in a bed in the same room with her Majesty should be proceeded in. * - her Royal Highness. According to the do

Aug. 19.- The expediency of any far- mestic arrangements in her establishment, ther proceedings in the case of the Queen Bergami, among the other menial servants, was brought under the consideration of the had a bed-room at a distance from that in House of Lords ;-first, by a motion of which her Majesty slept. This arrangeLord King, that it was not necessary for ment continued until the 8th November, the public safety that the bill of pains and but on the morning of the 9th, the servants penalties should be farther proceeded in'; learnt with surprise, because no reason was second, by a motion of Lord Calthorpe, assigned for the change, that Bergami was that the 'mode adopted does not afford the not to sleep in his former bed-room, but most advisable means of prosecuting the that it was her pleasure to assign him a charges against her Majesty. Both these toom near her own, and communicating motions were lost by great majorities, the with it by means of a corridor. This a. partment was byster'texpress desire, ap.) indecent and I disgusting kindly buti the imá propriated to the Courier Bergainias. This portant fact was thisz that that change of could not fail to excite the surprises of those dress took place in the presence, and with who wereznean her person ; and that asto: the assistance, of the Courier Bergămi, and nishment was not a little increased when no other persona w She afterwards appeared they learnt, that it was her wish that Ausa as av Turkish peasant, haccompanied by tin should no longer sleep in ther rooms Bergami in a corresponding dress, though She assigned as a reason, (what, nisper- he afterwards returned alone apparendy haps, under other circumstances, might chagrined. » Iti would be proved also, that be considered a good: one.) that he had she always breakfasted with 1 Bergamil aprived at ran bage at which it was prou though he still acted as valet or footman. per he should have a separate aparts About this time he received a kick from a ments The arrangement was/'accordingly horse, and had the influence to introduce made and the room which he had mentions & servant into the family to attend shim, ed, having rachminunication with that of which servant, heard. Bergami bande thé her Majesty, was tassigned to Bergami. Queen kissing each other. From Novemb, On the evening of the oth November her ber to March the intimacy increased, vaniu Majesty went to the Opera, buts returned when the Queen left Naples she was oder very early home. One of the house ser- serted by Lady E. Forbes, Sir Wm.Gell, vants, who attended particularly to her bed. Mr Craven, &c.' Another facti at Naples rooms happened to be present at the time was important in A public masquerade was of her return, and she was struck with the held at the Theatre St Charles, and to this manner of the Princess, in which there was the Queen went, accompanied by Bergami an air of hurry, agitation, and embarrass and a fille de chambre. The dresses were menterShe gave strict, orders that i Austin son indecent that the parties werel hastily should be removed. She went into the compelled to withdraw. They shadrgone toom assigned to Bergami, and disrnissed there in a common fiacre or hackney the female setvaptin á manner new and excoach. During the whole of this time traordinary 92 The female attendant 'retired Bergami swas admitted into the Queen's of course,ubute with feelings of surprise. bed-rooiw without knocking or noticeo She knew that Bergami was then in bed in The presumption of Bergami was sucht, in that apartments which was situated as had conséquences that he soon became the lord already been described, and siti was quite and masters of the house. :! On quitting new to be dismissed in such a manner. Naples, the Queen went to Rome, and She could therefore not help thinking that from thence to Civita Vecchia, where she there was something (suspicious in the embarked on board a frigate. On her manner of her Majestyuq On the following arrival at Genoa she had no English lady morning, observing the state of the room, in her suite Bergami still filled the same it was evident that she had not slept in her menial capacity, after her embarkation. own bed that night for the bed remained At Genpa, the intimacy increased; Bere in the same state as on the evening before, gami accompanied the Queen in her tides and the bed of the other person showed and walks, and an apartment was assigned clear, and decisive marks of twal persons to him near the bed-room of the Queen. having slept in itau On the following morn: There it was found, thni the Queen's bed ing, the Queen didinot make the usual sig* was so little discomposed that it was not nal forcber, attendants, but remained in nécessary to remake ita 1 Bergami -hada those apartments with Bengamiuntil a late daughter named Victoire, and at Genoa, hgurd Her recent: arrival at Naples ná this child was received into the Queen's (urally induced persons a of consequence to familywith a brother of Bergami named pay their respects to her, but she was not Lewis, and Faustina, his sister. Nay, accessible. It was observed, that Bergami's even his mother was also entertained by her conduct was afterwards more haughty and Majesty. The wife, however, never found importanta A few days afterwards, her her way into the family. The child Vica Majesty gave a wasked ball, or entertain toire was not the daughter of Bergami's ment, to the person then filling the Nea: wife, and the Queen knew that fact. In the politan Thrones Her Majesty first took course of his journey back to Milan, it was the characteríofa Neapolitan peasant, but observed that the Queen frequently entered soon afterwards changed her dress, and, into conversation with her courier, and of to the surprise of her attendants, instead offered him refreshments on the roada. Ad being assisted by females, the Courier Ber- Milan, Lady C. Campbell, also one of the gami was senti forg and withdrew with her Ladies in waiting upon ber Majesty, quit for the purpose of changing her dress. It ted the Queen, leaving her no female at seemed that, it b was the intention of het tendant. In ner stead, the Queen received Majesty to appear also as the Genius of a person of vulgar manners and low habits, History, and to be accompanied by a gen another sister of Bergami, dignified by tleman all the dress she then assumed (or the name of Countess Oldi. She was now rather the want of dress) was of the most thea only, lady of honour attending and

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diningiwith the Queenz. buth Bergami still thes Queené a One of the female servants! continued to takes his meals with the ser, would testify that she had often heard Bers vánts.In Her Majesty nextimade al tour to gamifin the apartment of the Queen, while Venice, Bergámi still acting as courier on the latter was frequently seen passing from the road. Thithers she was accompanied Bergamös room to her own They then by My Drummond Burrell. Lord Gwydir almost uniformly retired early to bed, and (late Mr. Drummond Burrelly corected the neither iwere seen till next day. The Learned Counsel The Attorney-General Queen, usually called Bergami her friend, admitted that he oughtuto have said Mr her heart and by other similar names of Wm. Burrell, on whom, however, not the endearment. On the 6th January she slightest timputation rested, being ignorant again a embarked on board the Clorine of all those transactions. A circumstance frigate, in which she had some time before occurred at Venice strongly showing the sailed from Naples to. Ciyita Vecchia, when intimacy between the Queen and Bergamis Bergamirwas only her footman... On this

The attendants and company having with new embarkation, Captain Pechell refused , drawn after dinner, Bergamni alone remains to dine at the table of the Queen along

ed with the Queen, who was seen to place with Bergami, iinow. I her : Chamberlain, a gold chain round his neck, which he rew thinking that, if he did, i he should disgrace turned to her Majesty, I and which she the navali service ; but her Majesty, vin. again playfully gave to him. On her reo ștead of resenting the insult, took a day or turn to Milan, Mr W. Burrell quitted her two 1 for consideration i and remonstrance service, after which it was observed, that She stated, that Capta Briggs of the Diae the Queen's conducto to Bergami bebame dem had made no sueh objection 9 but, in even less restrained. Her house was call. truth, Capt. Briggs had known Bergami edithel Villa Villani, and there she presents in no other capacity than that of Chambero ed herb Courier with a silk dressing gown, lain. ut At Syracuse, whither the Queen which he worer every morning. At this went, the same precautions as to bed rooms time her Majesty also became more fami- were continued sand the s doopisof the liar with her servants. She was in the Queen's apartment, which 'separated Tone constant babit of playing games with them. division from the rest of the housez was al In August she visited Mount St Gothard, ways kept locked so as to cut off communi. still accompanied by Bergami. Arriving cation. AtuCatania, a iroom was allotted at Varaize, she retired atithe inni with to Bergamis at some distance from that of Bergami to a bed-room, where they re. the Queen, but bersubsequently changed it mained a long time, without any apparent for one more convenientzot Very early one reason. The Queen afterwards proceeded morning the servants observed the door of to Bellinzona, and here it was, for the first Bergami's room open, and the Queen was time, that Bergami was introduced to her seen on her way from thence to her own Majesty's table, though still retaining the apartment with the pillow under her afini dress of a (lourier; this, too, in the presence on which she was in the habit of sleeping of the servants. On her return from this The state of the dress of the Queen also tour the Queen established herself at the gave evidence that she had but just left the Villa d'Este, near Conio, where care was bed of her paramour. It was to be rea taken that the bed-rooms of the Queen marked, also, that the daughter of Bergami, and Bergami should adjoints. At this two or three years old, for which the period, the Courier was advanced to the Queen showed a love almost parental, and office of Chamberlain, and dined constantly who was now a dignified by the tätle of with the Queen. In November 1815, she Princess, slept constantly in her bed or tepaired to Genoa, under the same circum- bed-room, and was frequently heard to cry stances as before ; and on the 15th of that in the night for her mamma, (for so the month, embarked on board his Majesty's Queen was called by her,) when the Queert ship Diadem for Cetua. For her reception, was absent with Bergami, and when the the cabins had been so arranged by the Countess of Oldi could not pacify her: Captain, that a female attendant should At Catania she had influence to procure sleep bext to her Majesty ; but when she for Bergami the dignity of a Knight of came on board, by her express directions, Malta. She ordinarily spoke of himil as Bergami/occupied the apartment next to the chevalier, and forsook all society but that of the Queen, although care was taken his. in 10 m

210WS 2002 bg both that no improper familiarities i [The House here adjourned, the Attore should be observed between them, excepte ney General stating that he was not yet ing conversing and walking together on the half through with his narrative. afwinicy deck. Having returned to Palermo, her 12 At twenty minutes after ten, the Majesty went to Messina, and remained Attorney General resumed his statement: there until January 1816. Here the same He had on Saturday conducted her Majesty system i was observed as to the bed-rooms, to Calovino, in Sicily. He wished to supexcepting that the apartment of the Coun- ply an omission, viz. that Dr Holland had tess Oidi was between that of Bergami and left her at Venice, and that she had en

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gaged two gentlemen, formerly in his Man with Bergami jo their beds being close tojesty'sluavy Mr Hannam and Mr Fliun, gether.. Every night during the voyage to at Augusta.9- She obtained for Bergaini İtaly, they slept thus together without inthe title of Baron Francini. At Catania terruption or intermission; not only this, she sat for her picture, and had two copies but in the day time they frequently met taken, one dressed rather indecently as à together, and letting down the curtains and Magdalen, the other as a Turkish Vemale.excluding all the rest of the crew and pasAtv Augusta, she hired a polacre, for the sengers, but so unsuccessfully, that they purpose of proceeding to Tunis. In this were frequently seen embracing, the Queen vessels the same arrangements as before sitting on Bergami's knee. But more than were not made to secure a vicinity between this, a bath was frequently prepared for the the Queen's room and Bergami's ; but in Queen, and Bergami was always her only a day or two a bed was provided for Ber. attendant to the bath. On the 24th of gami, in a place where he and the Queen August (St Bartholomew) Bergami's patron might freely converse in their respective saint's day, was celebrated on board with beds, free from interruption by any person, great rejoicing ; the Queen's health and the approach to theri troom being through Bergami's being always drank together. At Bergami's. The door of the latter was in Villa d’Este, the Queen and Bergami frestantly shut, and the interior door could quently acted together in dramatic pieces ; not be openedl without the parties mutual from this place she proceeded to Lugano, ly seeing each other in bed.in At Utica, si. but before she left Villa d'Este a courier, milar arrangements were made all of her who had a letter to deliver to Bergami, suite but the Countess Oldi, Bergami, and went early in the morning, or rather at the little Victorina, sleeping at the British midnight, to look for that person ; he did Consul's. At this place Bergami' went into not find hini in that room, and he did dishier bed-chamber-before she rose, early, and cover Bergami coming in his shirt from the remained there a considerable time before she Queen's room: for this Bergami, indeed, got up those repetitions might be tedious, apologized, by stating that he had heard but the intimacy which was in fact habi. his child cry, and next morning desired the tual, could not be otherwise described. At man not to mention it. From Villa d'Este Sabona or Saboán, in the month of April she proceeded to a place purchased for Ber. 1816, the rooms were again contiguous; gami, called the Villa Bergami, or the in Bergami's was no bed ; and the Queen's Barona. There; during the carnival, the bed next morning bore unequivocal marks Queen's house exhibited the most disgrace. of two person's having lain in it. From ful scenes-scenes more fitted for a brothel Africa she proceeded to Athens, and from than the residence of any persons possessing Rome to Ephesus and Troy; at Athens à moral feeling.' These scenes should not the Queen was visited by a Captain of the affect the Queen's character, had they not English Navy; hevwas introduced to an passed under her eye, and with her know alcove, where he found her Majesty sitting ledge and approbation ; in fact, her paswith Bergami and the Countess Oldi; Ber. sion seemed to have blinded her to all sense gami upon this occasion treated the Queen of decency. In February 1817, she prowith marked and rude indifference, rising ceeded to Germany through Tyrol; at Char. from the conversation without the least initz, Bergami had to leave the Queen in token of civilityytiiAt Ephesus the Queen order to look for a passport. Her Majesty had a bed prepared for her under a Vesti. called in one of the maids. ' But Bergami bule, opposite à churcht; her dinner was returning from Inspruck in the middle of to be served here to her and Bergami alone; the night, the fille de chambre was ordered the Queen sat on the bedside, Bergami sitting out, and Bergami was left with the Queen on the ground beside her ; they remained at that late hour. The usual arrangements as usual a long time alone. At Aum'in were made with respect to the bed-rooms, Syria) Bergami was seen coming from the and in Bergami's bed was found the Queen Queen's room (she being in bed) in a state sitting with Bergami's arms round her neck, of undress, viz. in his shirt sleeves. This he being naked and in bed. The Queen's might be nothing as an insulated fact, but cloak was found in this bed, where also reas as part of such a series of conduct as he mained such marks as must prove that had described to them, their Lordships two persons had lain in it. T'his was amight be perhaps satisfied with it. At bout the beginning of March 1817. At Jerusalem she established the Order of St Vienna the Queen remained' but a short Caroline, of which she appointed the time. From that city she travelled to Trieste Courier Bergami Grand Master; so your in a two wheeled carriage, accompanied by Lordships now have Bergami Knight of Bergami only. 'At Triestė the usual ar. Malta, of the Sepulchre, of St Caroline, and rangements were made in respect to the Baron delta Francini. She now embarked bed-rooms. But besides this, there were at Jaffa : on the deck of her vessel was two beds in the Queen's' room, and this erected á cabin for the Queen, in which room every morning presented the appear. she slept alone, and without separation, ance of two persons having slept in it; and the marks so frequently alluded to 1817. He had abstained in this case from were obviously visible; and Bergami was going through a variety of particular de the only person who had access to the a- tails of what would be disclosed in evidence partment generally during the journey. respecting her Majesty's residence at: Villa Bergami frequently rested on the same d'Este, where she resided for a considerable bed with the Queen, not, however, undres- time, on the banks of the Lago di Como. sed. Upon her Majesty's return from Jt would be proved in evidence that she Milan, where she had been for some time, was there in the habit of going out with to the Barona, it would be proved to their Bergami in a sort of carriage large enough Lordships that Bergami, his mother, and for only one person to sit down in; and his brother, (Lewis Bergami,) who had for another to sit upon his lap. In this car merly exercised some of the most menial riage she was in the habit of going out offices in the palace, were permitted to with Bergami, she sitting upon his lap, dine with her Majesty ; they were allowed and he with his arms round her, which it to sit and eat at her Majesty's table. At was absolutely necessary he should have the Villa Branti, near Rome, as at all in order to enable him to guide the horse other places where her Majesty resided, it It would be proved that they were seen tos was arranged that Bergami's, apartment gether in a canoe upon the lake; and on should be very near that of her Majesty ; one occasion they were seen bathing toges and there was a communication through a ther in the river Brescia. During her recorridor from Bergami's bed-room into her sidence at Como they were observed toge. Majesty's. Bergami was observed, by one ther in very indecent situations; and of the servants, two or three times, and at variety of familiarities of that sort would be a very early hour in the morning, going proved during her residence at Como by a from his own bed-room into that of the variety of witnesses, and upon various och Princess of Wales, and there remaining casions, which their Lordships would think with her Majesty. This happened some at present it became him to abstain from time in the month of July 1817. Their more particularly noticing. He only adLordships woald have it proved to them, verted to them to prove the facilities of in: that upon two or three occasions it was ob- tercourse, which existed. On her return seryed, that, either at night, or at an un- from the East, she brought in her train a seasonably early hour of the morning, when man who, from the accounts given of him the rest of the family were retired to rest, by the witnesses, appeared to chave been a Bergami was seen coming from his sleep- man of brutal and depraved mauners to the ing apartment and going into that of her last degree : his name was Mahomet, who, Majesty, and there remaining. At the at the Villa d'Este, at various times exbibitVilla Branti, as on other occasions, Berga- ed the most atrocious indecencies in the prel mi was admitted into her Majesty's pre- sence of her Majesty, Bergami being presence when she was dressing, and at her sent with her Majesty during the time of toilette ; when her Majesty, in short, was those exhibitions. They were of so indéin that state of dishabille which made such cent a character that it was with pain the admission very highly improper. From mentioned them. Their Lordships would Branti her Majesty removed, in the month find, that, upon her Majesty's first going to of August, to her Villa near Pesaro, where Italy, she did that constantly which com: she atterwards almost entirely resided. At ported with her dignity as an English Pesaro the Princess chose rooms for her- Princess and let him addas a Protestant self and Bergami, separate and apart from Princess. She either had divine, service the rest of her suite ; and at Pesaro the regularly performed at home, or attended same facilities of intercourse were continued places where it was performed after the which had been attended to at almost every rites of the Church of England. This replace which her Majesty had visited, and gulation continued until a short time after every where she had taken up her residence. she returned to Genoa, where Bergami first So attached did her Majesty always appear entered into her service ; but from that to the person and society of Bergami, that time down to her departure for England in his absence seemed to occasion her consider- was discontinued, and she was seen to ac able pain. The greatest interest and anxiety company Bergami to a place of Catholic for his return were constantly expressed by worship which he himself frequented, to her Majesty, and she appeared to be highly join in the prayers of the services, and to gratified when that occurred. She was ac- kneel down by his side. This Bergarni customed to watch for his return;, and up- was a man in the greatest poverty ; in Oc. on one occasion actually set out to meet tøber 1814, he was received into heritMa. him. Upon his at length returning she jesty's service, and in the short course of was observed to express the greatest joy, five or six months, he was not only in the and all that fondness and attachment which habits of the greatest familiarity with her, might be supposed to exist for each other but his whole family surrounded her: Their in two persons between whom such an in- Lordships would allow him to call their at ercourse existed. This was in August tention to the state of her Majesty's esta

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