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any verdict of a Jury, he must say that ing whether it would not be advisable to there was much doubt as to how far one of abandon her defence altogether in the House them was founded on sound principles of of Lords, to withdraw from the bar, and law; and a certain distinguished individual, to protest against all further proceedings. who composed nne of that Jury, had ex. In this case the bill would pass, and the pressed sentiments somewhat similar. Of proceedings would go on in the absence of those who remained, there were 24 on whom the accused ; and it is expected that the capital sentences were pronounced, and he Commons would in limine refuse to enterwas much afraid that, out of that number, tain a bill so passed. some examples must of necessity be made. On Monday the 24th July, Lord ErsThe remaining 21 were acquitted without kine again moved in the House of Peers, trial. The Learned Gentleman hoped that, as her Majesty had not been able to that the manner in which he had treated obtain a list of the witnesses meant to be the different prisoners would give satisfac- produced against her, she should be furtion; and he did not doubt that much nished with a statement of the places where good would be derived to the country from the offences with which she is charged are the late trials—as the picture which had alleged to have been committed. His been exhibited to them of the pure justice Lordship maintained, that, without soine administered in this land must have the information of this kind, the Queen could effect of rendering them more loyal, by have no means of repelling or refuting the giving them a higher idea of the excellence allegations of her accusers, except by bringof the Constitution. Still, however, the ing forward, without discrimination, all country would require to be looked after, those who had witnessed her conduct in and for this salutary superintendence he every place through which she had passed, would trust to the vigilance of the Magi. or in which she had sojourned. Unless stracy.

she was furnished with some clue, which

could instruct her in the nature of the eviPROCEEDINGS AGAINST THE QUEEN.

INGS AGAINST THE QUEEN.. dence which was to support the accusation, In our last number we brought down her counsel could not possess the means of the proceedings which had taken place in effectual cross-examination, especially as it Parliament, on the subject of the charges was not to be expected that all the witnesagainst the Queen, to Monday the 10th ses against her could be detained so as to July, (by mistake stated the 3d,) when it wait the arrival of counter-evidence. In was resolved to delay the second reading reply to this, it was stated by Lord Liverof the Bill of Pains and Penalties till pool, that a sufficient time would be al. the 17th of August. On Tuesday the 11th a lowed, after the case should be closed on message was sent by her Majesty to the the part of the crown, to permit her MaHouse of Lords, demanding a list of the jesty to send for any additional witnesses witnesses who are to appear against her. that her defence might require. Lord LiThis was resisted on the part of ministers, verpool also intimated, very plainly, that on the ground that it was contrary to the Mr Brougham, and consequently all her practice followed by the Law of England, Majesty's advocates, were well acquainted which only allowed such list to be furnish with all the contents of the green bag, and, ed to the party accused in cases of High of course, with all the particulars of the Treason. A search for precedents was forthcoming accusation. however agreed to ; and a committee ap- On Tuesday the 25th the report of a pointed, who reported on the 14th, that but Committee of Peers, who had been appointtwo precedents had been found the cases ed to search for precedents relative to the of Sir J. Bennet, Judge of the Prerogative best means of enforcing the attendance of Court, who in 1621 was impeached for the Members of that House during the maladministration in his office; and the trial of her Majesty, was presented by celebrated case of Lord Strafford. Both the Earl of Shaftesbury. The decision of these persons demanded a list of the wit. the House, conformably to this report, is, nesses against them, which the House re- that any Lord not giving the required fused.

attendance shall be fined L. 100 per day Lord Erskine then brought forward his for the first three days, and L. 50 per day motion for giving a list of the witnesses in- for every day after, during the continutended to be examined in support of the ance of the trial ;-that no excuses be charges against the Queen to her legal ad. allowed, save those of disability from visers, for the purpose of her defence, the age of 70 years and upwards, or from which, after a debate of some length, was sickness, or being out of the realm, on the rejected by a majority of 50; the numbers 10th July, being the day on which the orbeing-Contents, 28 ; Non-contents, 78. der for the second reading of the bill was No proxies voted upon this occasion. made, and continuance out of the kingdom,

In these circumstances, it is said that or being on his Majesty's service, or abher Majesty held a conversation with her sent on account of the death of a parent, legal advisers, for the purpose of consider- wife, or child.


NATIONAL DEBT.-- Accounts have been ry bills, as it stood in the year ended presented to the House of Commons, of 5th January 1820; distinguishing the the amount of the public debt, both fund amount paid for interest and sinking ed and unfunded, of Great Britain and fund on those securities in the said year; Ireland, and the interest on the same, on and also an estimate of the total amount the 5th of January 1820.

of interest due on outstanding securities The following are the most important of on the 5th January 1820. these accounts:

Total unfunded debt, . L. 41,966,442 An account of the total capital of the funded debt of Great Britain and Tre

CHARGE. land, including the Austrian and Portu. Issued for interest,

769,698 guese loans, as it stood in the year end.

Sinking Fund,

482,500 ed 5th January 1820 ; distinguishing the amount redeemed and unredeemed, Total charge, - L. 1,252,198 and the total charge of said debt. DEBT.

Estimate of interest due, L. 2,045,400 Unredeemed, . L. 794,980,481 Redeemed, including the

An account of the total amount of the capital for the sinking

funded and unfunded debt of Great Bri. fund loan, 1819, . 420,828,751 tain and Ireland, as it stood in the year

ended 5th January 1820. Total, including debt crea

Unredeemed debt, . L. 836,946,923 ted in 1819, - L. 1,215,809,232 Redeemed debt, . 420,828,751

CHARGE. In respect of unredeemed

Total debt, . L. 1,257,775,674 debt, including charge of. management, . L. 29,789,657 Charge in respect of unreIn respect of redeemed debt,

deemed debt, including including sinking fund, 16,987,397 annuities for lives or years,

and management, L. 32,604,755 Total,

- L. 46,777,054 Charge in respect of redeem. An account of the total amount of the un- ed debt, including sinkfunded debt of Great Britain and Ire. ing fund,

16,987,397 land, in Exchequer bills, navy bills, Ordnance debentures, and Irish Treasu. Total charge, . L. 49,592,152


Acts passed in the First Year of the Reign of George IV., or in the First Session of

the Seventh Parliament of the United Kingdum. Cap. I. For the Support of his Majes. for other purposes therein mentioned.—June ty's Household, and of the Honour and 6. Dignity of the Crown of the United King- Cap. VII. To repeal so much of sevedom of Great Britain and Ireland.-June ral Acts as requires Bonds to be given to 6, 1820.

his Majesty in certain Cases, and the takCap. 11. To enable His Majesty to be ing of certain Oaths in Matters relating to Governor of the South Sea Company.- the Revenue of Customs, and to prevent June 6.

Fees being offered or given to Officers and Cap. III. For the Removal of Doubts other Persons in the Service of the Cusas to the continuance of Three Acts for the toms.-June 22, 1820. Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England. Cap. VIII. To allow a Drawback on June 6.

Goods, Wares, and Merchandize imported Cap. IV. For punishing criminally into any British Colony or Plantation in Drivers of Stage Coaches and Carriages for America, on the Exportation thereof to Accidents occasioned by their wilful Mis- any Foreign Country to which they may 'conduct.-June 6.

be legally exported.—June 22. Cap. V. To enable Courts of Equity Cap. ix. For granting the Privileges in Ireland to compel a Transfer of Stock in of British Ships to Vessels built at Malta. Suits, without making the Governor and Gibraltar, and Heligoland, and certain of Company of the Bank of Ireland, or any those Privileges to Vessels built in the Canal Conipany, party thereto.-June 6. British Settlements at Honduras.-June

Cap. VI. To amend and render more 22. effectual an Act, passed in the fifty-fifth Cap. X. For applying certain M onies Year of His late Majesty's Reign, for en. therein mentioned for the Service of the abling Spiritual Persons to exchange their Year 1820.-June 22. Parsonage Houses or Glebe Lands, and Cap. XI. To continue, until the Fifth

Day of July 1825, an Act of the Fifty- Twenty-fifth Day of July 1821, an Act seventh Year of His late Majesty, for re- of the 'Í'wenty-eighth Year of His late Magulating the Trade and Commerce to and jesty, for the more effectual encouragement from the Cape of Good Hope, and for re- of the Manufacture of Flax and Cotton in gulating the Trade of the Island of Mauri. Great Britain.-June 22. tius.—June 22.

Cap. XVI. To continue, until the Cap. XII. To extend several Acts for Twenty-fifth Day of July 1821, an Act allowing the Importation and Exportation of the Fifty-ninth Year of His late Ma. of certain Goods and Merchandize to Mo jesty, to continue certain Laws of Excise rant Bay, in the Island of Jamaica. with regard to Crown Glass and Flint and June 22.

Phial Glass, and to alter certain Laws with Cap. XIII. For funding Exchequer regard to Flint Glass.-June 22. Bills to a certain Amount, and for raising Cap. XVII. For raising the Sum of a Sum of Money by way of Annuities for Five Millions by way of Annuities.-- June the Service of the Year 1820.---June 22. 22.

Cap. XIV. To repeal the Drawback Cap. XVIII. For further continuing, on certain Guld Articles exported ; and to until the Twenty-fifth Day of March permit the Exportation of Cordage, enti. 1822, an Act of the Fifty-eighth Year of tled to Bounty, free from Right of Pre-emp- His late Majesty, for preventing Aliens tion by the Commissioners of the Navy.- from becoming naturalized, or being made June 22.

or becoming Denizens, except in certain Cap. XV. To continue, until the Cases.-June 22.



R. H. G. Bt. Lieut. Col. Hill, Major by purch.

vice Thoyts, ret. 21st June. June 28. The honour of Knighthood conferred

Bt, Maj, Drake, Maj. with the rank of on Colonel Archibald Christie, of the Ist R. V. B.

Lieut. Col. vice Athorpe 22d do. James Pillans, Esq. to be Professor of Humani

Lieut. Tathwell, Capt. by purch. ty in the University of Edinburgh.

21st do. Captain Pringle, R. N. to be a Deputy Lieute

Lieut. Smith, Capt.

22d do. nant of Roxburghshire.

Cornet Packe, Lieut. by purch. 21st do. July 6. Andrew Alexander, A. M. to be Pro

Cornet Trent, Lieut.

22d do. fessor of Greek in the College of St Andrews.

Cornet Simpson, fm. 2 Dr. Gds. Cornet 19, John Wilson, Esq. Advocate, to be Profes

by purch.

21st do. sor of Moral Philosophy in the University of

Henry Arbuthnot, Cornet by purch. Edinburgh.

220 do. Stratford Canning, Esq. to be Minister Pleni

Cornet Dashwood, Lieut. by purch.vice potentiary to the United States of America.

Brander, ret.

6th July. Members returned to serve in Parliament. 2 Dr. G. L. Williams, Cornet, by purch. vice Borough of Orford-Edmund Alex. M'Naghten

Simpson, R. Horse Gds. 21st June. ... Tavistock-Lord Viscount Ebrington

Gent. Cadet W. P. Baird, fm. R. Mil. .. Appleby-Thomas Creevy

Coll. Cornet by p. vice Barfoot, ret. Scarborough-Hon. Edmund Phipps

22d do. ............... Athlone-David Kerr

Lieut. Turner, Capt. vice Blankley, City of Carlisle-William James


13th Nov. 1819. Borough of Truro-Lieut.-('ol, William Gosset

Lieut, M'Kenzie, fm. 24 F. Lieut.

3d do. ...................Saltash-John Fleeming .............Oakhampton-Lord Glenorchy

Cornet Hamilton, Lieut. vice Handcock, dead

9th do. .................. Malmesbury-William Leake City of York-Robert Chaloner, Esq.

Lieut. Berwick, fm. 24 F. Lieut. vice Borough of Petersfield-Sir Philip Musgrave

Bebb, dead

29th do. City of Dublin-Thomas Ellis

Cornet Dalzell, fm, 17 Dr. Cornet Borough of Ennis-Richard Wellesley

9th do, ..............Dundalk-George Hartopp


R. Lewis, Cornet, vice Dalzell 1st Jan. ....................Colchester--Henry Baring

Lieut. Beauchamp, fm. 16 Dr. Capt. by Town of Berwick-upon-Tweed-Henry Heneage

purch. vice Stewart, res. • St Paul

6th July 1820. Borough of Old Sarum Josias Du Pre Alexander

21 M. Daintry, Cornet by purch. vice For..........Grantham-Sir Mont. Cholinondely.

ward, pro.

22d June. Lieut. Aitken, Capt. by purch. vice Underwood, ret.


Cornet Ganning, Lieut. by purch. do. July 12.-The Associate Congregation of Kirk

W. Underwood, Cornet by purch. do.

Capt. Jones, Major by purch. vice Bt. cudbright gave an unanimous call to Mr George

Lieut. Col. Bates, ret, 8th do. Wood, preacher. ** 17.-The Bishop of Lincoln, to be Bishop of

Lieut. Elliot, fm. 8 Dr. Capt. by purch.

do. Winchester.

1 F.G. 20.-Rev. Dr Grant, of Edinburgh, to be one of

Lieut, and Capt. Charlewood, Capt, and his Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary for Scotland.

Lieut. Col. by purch. vice Ramsden,

re. 22.- Rev. Hugh Heugh, to be Minister of the

6th do. Associate Congregation, Regent Place, Glasgow,

Ens. and Lieut. Fox, Lieut. and Capt. by purch.


Ens. and Lieut. Hudson, fin. h. p. Ens. III. MILITARY.

and Lieut, by purch.

* 1 Foot Ensign Blacklin, Lieut. vice Johnstone, Major J. G. Peters, to be Lieut. Col. of


13th do. 13th July 1820.

J. Mullin, Ensign

oh of Enndalk-Georgey Baring, Heneage





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Bt. Lieut. Col. D'Aguilar, fm. h.p. Rif. Lieut. Butler, fm. 32 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Brig. Major, vice Balfour, 40 F. Temple, h. p. 14 F.

228 June. Modson, fm, 54 F. with Lieut. Manners,
Lieut. Everest, Capt. by purch. vice h. p. 2 F.
Dewguard, ret.

do. Davidson, fm. 22 Dr. with Lieut. Cox, 46
Ensign Eden, Lieut. by purch. do. F.
C.L: Martin, Ens. by purch. 29th do. Cormack, fm. 19 F. with Lieut. Durnford,
Lieut. Kelly, Adjut. vice Kemple, res.

Kemple, res. h. p.
Adj. only

22d do.

Matthews, fm. 43 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Campbell, Capt, vice Staunton, Fraser. h. p. Rifle Br. 8 Vet. Bn.

6th July

Luttrell, fm. 47 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ensign Pyne, Lieut.

. do. Isaacson, h. p. 51 F. A. Shiel, Ensign


Nowlan, fm. 50 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ensign Bagshaw, Lieut, vice Taylor, Briggs, h. p. 91 F. dead

Archbold, fm. 68 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Roer, fm. 93 F. Ensign do.

Hill, h. p. 13 F.
Capt. Champion, Maj, by purch. vice De Lancey, fm. 17 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut,
Meyricke, 47 f.

29th June Lindsey, h. p. 10 Dr.
1st Lieut. Sutherland, Capt. by purch. Campbell, fm. 18 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

do. Roberts, h. p. 5 F. 2d Lieut. Peddie, 1st Lieut. by purch. Ensign Lodington, fm. 32 F. rec. diff. with En

do sign Barkley, h. p. 53 F. M. C. D. St Quintin, 21 Lieut. , do. ---- Ross, fin. 46 F. with Ensign Cumberlege, J. R. Majendie, Ensign, by purch. vice

h. p. 67 F. Keppel

Ist do. Geddes, fm. 46 F. with Ensign Gleeson, Ensign M'Kenzie, Lieut. vice M'Ken- h. p. 103 F. zie, 13 Dr.

3d Nov. 1819.

- Lewis, fm. 12 F. with Ensign Pounder, J. A, Campbell, Ensign

do. h. p. 73 F. Lieut. M'Leod, Adj. vice Keens, res. - John O'Meara, fm. 39 F. with Ensign Jou Adj. only

22d June 1820.

seph O'Meara, h. p. 5 W. I. R. Qua. Mast. Serj. Kennedy, Qua. Mast. Paymaster Otway, fm. 12 Dr. with Lieut. Prior, vice Doyle, dead


h. p. 1 W. I. R. Hosp. Assist. Robertson, Assist, Surg. Qua. Mast. Hutchinson, fm. 55 F. with Ensigo vice Trumble, pro. Staff

do. Montech

N Ensign Cornwall, fm. 45 F. Ensign, Assist. Surg. Lawder, fm. 29 F. with Assist. Surg. vice Dunlop, dead

29th do,

Dunlop, h. p. 66 F.
Bt. Lt.-Col. Balfour, fm. 5 F. Major,

vice Bt. Lt.-Col. Browne, h. p. Rifle . Resignations and Retirements.

22d do.
Qua. Mast. Serj. W. Barefoot, Qua. Lieut. Col. Thyts, R. Horse Gds. in
Mast, vice Macdonald, dead 13th July -

Athorpe, do.
Major Meyricke, fm. 21 F. Lt.-Col, by -

Ramsden, Gren. Gds.
purch. vice Cheyne, ret. 29th June

Cheyne, 47 F.
Ensign Snow, fm. 66 F. Ensign, vice Major Stewart, 19 Dr.
Ridge, h. p. 6 W. I. R.


Dewguard, 6 F.
Hosp. Assist. Mitchell, Assist. Surg. Captain Underwood, 21 Dr.
vice Hainilton, dead

do. Lieut. Brander, R. Horse Gds,
Lieut, Holt, fm. n, p, 8 F. Lieut. vice Cornet Barfoot, 2 Dr. Gds.
Manners, cancelled

13th July Ensign E, Carrol, 86 F.
Ensign Ward, fm. h. p. 6 W. I. R. En-
sign, vice Snow, 47 F. 29th June

Appointments Cancelled. .
Broom, Lieut. vice Hunter, dead Lieut. Manners. 54 F.
21st Oct. 1819.

The Exchange between Lieut. Chambre, l1 Dr.
A. Jones, Ensign 13th July 1820.

and Lieut. Boys, h. P. 21 Dr.
3. W. Bouverie, Ensign, by purch. vice
E. Carroll, ret.

29th June

Ensign Spens, 93 É.
Lieut. Dolman, Adj. vice Leche, res.

Adj. only

_ Redmond, Capt. vice St Leger, Paymaster O'Connor, 11 F 12th May 1820.

28th May 1819.
Ensign Kenny, Lieut.
1st Nov.

C. G, King, Ensign 2d March 1817.

Lieut. Gen. W. Robertson, Edinb. 31st Jan. 1820.
Lieut, Grant, fm. h. p, 2 W. I. R.

Lieut. Col. Fehrzen, 53 F. Namuel, Madras. Paym. vice White, dead 22d June 1820,

19th Jan.

- Meadows, 15 F. London, 9th July. Surg. Morrison, fm. h. p. 12 F, Surg.

15th July

Major Stewart, 19 Dr. vice Silcock, h. p.

July -- - Weir, late of R, Mar,

11th June. C. H. Craigie, Ensign, vice Spens, can- -- Douglas, late 3 R. V. B.

8th July. celled

22d June
Capt. Pardey, h. p. 56 F.

26th Apr. M. Cassan, Ensign, vice Rose, 19 F.

6th July
- Humphrys, 8th R. Vet. Bn. Aberdcen

22d June. Med. Dep. Staff Surg. Joseph Taylor, Physician

-Lechmere, 1. p. Lucas's Dr. 30th July. to the Forces, vice Keating, dead

- Du Platel, h. p. Chas. Britan. 220 June

6th Mar. - M'Queen, h. p. 78 F. Calcutta 13th Nov. 1819. Assist. Surg. Trumble, fm. 37 F. Surg.

---- M‘Lean, 1. p. 97 F. vice Taylor

do. - Burton, fm. h. p. York Lt. Lieut. Johnstone, 1 F. Mehenepoucaum, Madras

25th Dec. Inf. Vol. Assist. Surg. 25th do.

- Hutchinson, 17 Dr. Kair, Bombay 27th Oct. Hosp. Assist. Cannan, fm. h. p. Hosp.

- Hunter, 67 F. Bombay

20th do. Assist. vice Farquhar, dead do.

- Tayloe, 19 F. Freer, fm. h. pHosp. Quar. Mast. Johnstone, 65 F. Fort George, BomAssist, vice Ward, dead bay

27th do. Chap, Dep. The Rev. R. G. Curtois, fm, h. p.

Richards, 4 F. Grenada 23d May 1820. Chaplain to the Forces, vice Arnold,

Doyle, 27 F. deau

-- Macdonald, 46 F. Bar. Dep. A. W. Duraford, Bar. Mast. in Great Britain

9th May

Medical Department.

Dep. Insp. W. T. Taylor, h. p.
Capt. Moore, from 11 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. Hosp. Assist. Ward, Tobago

Dr Keating, Physician .: White, h. p. 24 Dr. --- Nixon, fm. 60 F. with Capt. Leslie, h. p.

Commissariat Department. Lieut. Oliver, fm. 17 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Assist. Com. Gen. Lefevre, Africa 26th May. Clunie, h. p. 1 F.

Dep. Assist. Com. Gen, Dwight, St Lucia 9th do.

14th Apr.

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M. 41 129.989 M. 63Cble. Sunsh. form.||

.939 E. 59 mod dull aftern.
.856 M. 61) W.
.758 E. 61/ linod

.709M. 60 E. Dull day,
.759 E. 57 ) mod rain even.
.785 M. 62Cble. Warm, clear
.815 E. 59 .nod sunshine
.878 M. 64E.
.889 E. 56) mod

.930 M. 60 Сble.
.916 E. 59} inod

.933 M. 60 Сble. Dull foreo.
.955 E. 59 ) mod clear aftn.
.950 M 63E.
.967 E. 57) mod

.956 M. 65 E. Warm, clear
.311 E. 63 ) mod sunshine
.889 M. 68 E.
.810 E. 59 ) mod

.821 M. 68 Cble. Warm, but
.790 E. 59 mod dull,
.736 M. 61 N. E. Dull forea.
.551 E 50) mod clear aftn.
.662 M. 63 E.

.660 E. 57 Inod
.651 M. 59 Cble.
.651 E. 62 mod

.688 M. 62Cble. Warmforen.
.747 E. 65) inod dull aftn.
.727 M. 531 E. Clear mom.ll
.660 E. 63 )'mod lfoggy day. 4

1/M. 48 129,552 M. 61 E.
,495 E. 60 ) high

Foggy day.
.101 M. 57 e.
.150 E. 59/ mod

Rain. .256 M. 62E. Dull, but

330 E. 63 ) mod. fair. .451 M. 66E. Warm forn. ,555 E. 61 | mod thund. after. .605 M 59 Cble. Warm fom.

581 E. 60 ) mod rain aftern. .536 M. 58 1Cble. Rain morn. .5511 E. 62 mod dull day. .586 M. 60W. Dull, but .674 E. 61) mod fair. .518 M. 60W . Dull, shwrs. .480 E. 63 ) high of rain.

.585 M. 62 W Dull, but 55 ,561 E. 60 ) high fair.

.553 M. 57W . Dull, shwrs.
.553 E. 60 high of rain.
.680 M. 61 W Dull, but
.726 2. 60) high fair.
.668 M. 63

Dull, slight
.610 E. 61 / m shwrs, rain.
•701 M. 61 W. Rain month
.640 E. 63 high

fair day. 49 .701 M. 68 W.

65 .685 E. 68 ) mod
M, 48 507 M. 701 E. Very warm,
E. 65 | 411E. 70 ) mod (fair.

Quantity of rain, 1.297.

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63 woh

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That moisture for which many plants began to languish at the date of our last report was amplg supplied to the soil on the 18th of last month. So copious were the rains on that day, as io lay the greatest part of wheat, where that crop was at all luxuriant. Fortunately, however, the blossom was fairly over, and the grain partially filled ; and, as genial weather succeeded, with little more rain till the 3d of the present month, the dainage done to wheat will be less than was at one time dreaded. Where barley was luxuriant, it has suffered, more particularly where young grass grows over and rots the prostrate straw. Oats have improved considerably since the rain in July, nor have they suffered so much by being lodged. Turnips and potatoes have also been much benefit. ed by the rains, which have been frequent since the commencement of the present month. The foliage of potatoes has been partially blighted by the high winds on the 8th and 9th ; wheat on high grounds has been shaken; and peas have been twisted and partially broken : but the damage done to either is inconsiderable. The second cutting of grass comes forward briskly. Hay has been sold in some of the northern counties at Cd. per stone from the field. The price of grain has advanced considerably since our last, and, though of late a slight decline has been experienced in the London market, yet it has been little felt in this country. The harvest has partially commenced in many places, and, should dry weather set in, the crop may be secured nearly as early as last season. Wheat, indeed, being, for the most part, later than usual in being sown, will be a few days later in ripening; in other sorts of grain the difference will be less percepable, unless damp weater shall now protract the ripening process. The weather has been all along favourable for the operation of fallowing, which is now, for the most part, ready for the seed furrow.-14th August.

The herbaceous plants mentioned in the report for August last year have come in flower two days later this than last season. Water plants continue to come in flower five, and the grass of Parnassus, a semi-aquatic plant, about three days earlier than last year,-a proof that the temperature has been as uniform for the two past months, and as favourable to the progress of vegetation, as in the two corresponding months last year. It is not the elevation to which the temperature may at certain times arise, but the duration of elevated temperature, which regulates the economy of vegetation, in so far as heat is concerned.

Perthshire, 14th August 1820.

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