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FIG. 58a.–Central Office Exchange Desk. Pay Station Telephone Set.— The telephone set shown at Fig. 58b is a modified form of desk set, including a pay station attachment that permits the central operator to know if payment has been made before a connection is made with the subscriber asked for. In operation, the essen tials are the same as any telephone, the only difference being the addition of the coin collecting box at the side of the regular instrument. This is so arranged that the interior mechanism is brought into action by the passage of a suitable

coin or number of coins through the box, and the central operator is able to tell whether or not the money asked for has been deposited by the user. For instance, it is desired to call up a certain number. The receiver is removed from the hook in the usual manner and central called without depositing any money. As soon as the central office operator finds the party asked for, she informs the party at the pay station to deposit coin enough to pay the regular toll rate. If the

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FIG. 58c.—Branch Exchange Set. charge was 10 cents, the party at the pay station could use either a 10-cent piece in the slot marked to receive it, or two nickels could be dropped in the slot of proper size. If the call is a long distance one, and the charge was 40 cents, the central would indicate the charge, and the party would drop a quarter in one slot, a dime in the center one and a nickel in the outside one, thus making up the correct amount of the charge. As each coin was dropped in the slot indicated, an

electrical connection is made and suitable indicating apparatus gives the operator warning that the proper amount of money has been deposited, and she can then complete the circuit between the pay station and the subscriber desired. Other forms are supplied in which it takes a 5-cent piece to close the circuit and call central, and in event of the call not being answered, the central station operator may operate a simple electrical mechanism that will return the coin to the user.

A typical branch exchange set, such as used by many industrial establishments, is clearly shown at Fig. 58c. This is a common battery switchboard of 30 lines capacity and fitted with lamp line signal equipment. The cabinet is compact and the entire equipment is so arranged to be accessible, yet well protected. An outfit of this nature is well suited for office or factory use where the operator also acts as information clerk at the entrance to the company's plant.

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