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regular perusal of it laborious and fatiguing, it was conceived that a selection of its principal parts might be made to form not only an entertaining, but an instructive volume. In attempting, however, to carry this idea into effect, it was found, to use the aŭthor's own expression, “ impossible

to bring so large a vessel into so small " a creek,” without in some degree changing its form, as well as reducing its size, and leaving much of its very excellent materials behind. To recon'struct a new work with old materials, is always difficult, and frequently dangerous: the attempt, however, has been made in the following pages ; but with what fuccess the public must determine. The volume, compared with its great original, is a mere boat,


formed with a few planks, taken here and there from the body of its parent vessel, differently rigged and ornamented, and accommodated rather for parties of pleasure than purposes of business; but so trimmed, it is hoped, as to be capable of shewing to its palsengers, the superior pleasures that are to be experienced on the calm and unruffled surface of a virtuous life, while it exhibits to their view, the terrifying dangers of that turbulent ocean which, agitated by the storms of Passion, and the winds of Vice, dashes with rude and raging violence along its surrounding fhores. The volume, in short, to drop the metaphor, is intended to convince youth of both sexes, that a life abandoned to an intemperate pursuit of pleasure, however pleasing it may at first appear, destroys the sense of rational enjoyment, deadens the faculties of the mind, weakens the functions of the body, corrupts both the moral and intellectual fyftem, creates a disgusting apathy and langour, and ends at laft in Habitual Melancholy: That the romantic attachment of the sexes, which is denominated Heroic Love, indangers the interests of virtue, destroys those sentiments on which alone THE CONJUGAL Union can be safely formed; leads at first to disappointment and vexation, and ends at last in certain misery: and that ATHEISM, IDOLATRY, SUPERSTITION, INFIDELITY, and every other erroneous species of devotion, beguile their followers into the deepest snares of vice,


afflict their fouls with all the horrors a wounded conscience can inspire, and at last sink them into the lowest abyss of despair. But while it describes the poisons, it administers the antidotes, by shewing, not austerely, but in a lively and pleasant manner, that health of body, and perfect ferenity of mind, may, amidst all the pleasures, and under all the adversities and vicissitudes of life, be completely preserved by a life devoted to the practice of REAL VIRTUE and TRUE RELIGION.

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either from the disposition or the habit. The species of melancholy which proceeds from the disposition, is merely a temporary depression of the spirits,

goes and comes upon every small occasion of sorrow, fickness, need, fear, grief, care, ditcontent, trouble, passion, or other perturbation of the mind, and causes such a degree of anguish or vexation, as diminishes or destroys the · common sensations of plealdre. In this imperfect acceptation of the term, a person who is in any degree ill disposed, dal, sad, four, folitary, mopith, or otherwise moved or dejected, is said to be meLANCHOLY: and, indeed, from this (pecies of the disease no human creature is en



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