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AFGHANISTAN, Ancient Buddhist Re- Election, The Coming, 421

mains in, by W. Simpson, F.R.G.S., Election, The Past, 711

Electoral Crisis (The), 571
Among French Friends in Burgundy: English Liberals and Continental Libe-

Dijon, by Miss M. Betham-Edwards, rals, 222

English Nation (The) and the Zulu
Aspects (Some) of Indian Finance, by War, by the Rev. Sir George W.
W. W. Hunter, 24

Cox, Bart., 261
Atheistic View of Life (The), by R. H.
Hutton, 652

First Impressions of the New World,
Bank, What is a ? and What does it

by the Duke of Argyll. Conclusion,

deal in ? by Professor Bonamy Price,

Free Trade Principles and Taxation, by

Lieut.-Colonel Romilly, 314
Blues and Buffs: a Sketch of a Con-

French Friends in Burgundy (Among):
tested Election, by an M.P., 548,683,

Dijon, by Miss M. Betham- Edwards,
Buckle, Thomas Henry, 361

Buddhist Remains (Ancient) in Afghan-
istan, by W. Simpson, F.R.G.S., 189

Geology and History, by Grant Allen,
Burton's "Reign of Queen Anne,' by the


Gladstone (Mr.) in Scotland, 103
Editor, 337

Gladstone's (Mr.) Ancestors. The Gled-
CAMPAIGN (The Zulu), from a Military stanes of Gledstanes and Coklaw: a

point of View, by Lieut.-Colonel Chapter in Old Scottish Story, by J.
Harness, 477

Veitch, 805
Canon Mozley, The late, by Principal Greek Literature, On the Origin of a
Shairp, 174

Written, by Professor F. A. Paley,
Coming Election (The), 421

Contesting the Counties, by William Grievances (The) of Women, by Mrs.
Minto, 504

Oliphant, 698
Competition, Effects of Western, on the

Eastern States of America, by the IMPRISONED Princess (An)-Leonora
Right Hon. Lyon Playfair, 747

Christina of Denmark, 235
Counties, Contesting the, by William Indian Finance, Some Aspects of, by
Minto, 504

W. W. Hunter, 24
Crisis, The Electoral, 571

Ireland and England, by an M.P., 73.
Crookit Meg (The): a Story of the Irish Land Reform, from an Irish Point

Year One, by Shirley, 272, 403, 489, of View, by J. C. McCoan, 378

642, 721
Culture, Painting and Popular, by T. C. LAND Reform (Irish), from an Irish
Horsfall, 849

Point of View, by J. C. McCoan, 378

Last Years of the Prince Consort, by
DEPARTURE, The New, 857
Diamonds, Natural and Artificial, by

the Editor, 755
Miss Agnes M. Clerke, 817

Liberals (English) and Continental Li-

berals, 222
EARTHBOUND: a Story of the Seen and MacPherson, Burns, and Scott in their

the Unseen, by Mrs. Oliphant, 118 relation to the Modern Revolution, by
Effects of Western Competition on the J. S. Stuart-Glennie, 516

Eastern States of America, by the Mary Anerley: a Yorkshire Tale, by
Right Hon. Lyon Playfair, 747

R. D. Blackmore:



Chap. XXIII. Love Militant, I

Prince Consort, Last Years of the, by
XXIV. Love Penitent, 12

the Editor, 755
XXV. Down among the Dead Princess, An Imprisoned Leonora
Weeds, 15

Christina of Denmark, 235
XXVI. Men of Solid Timber, 145
XXVII. The Proper Way to Ar- · REIGN of Queen Anne,' Burton's, by
gue, 151

the Editor, 337
XXVIII. Farewell Wife and Chil- Renaissance, A Type of the, by Miss
dren Dear, 156

E. M. Clerke, 58
XXIX. Tactics of Defence, 160 Roman Church, The Variations of the,

XXX. Inland Opinion, 165 by Very Rev. the Dean of West-
XXXI. Tactics of Attack, 289 minster, 600
XXXII. Cordial Enjoyment, 295

Russia before and after the War, by
XXXIII. Bearded in his Den, 304

0.K., 353
XXXIV, The Dove-cot, 309 Russian Lady's Book (A), by Viss A.

XXXV. Little Carroways, 433 P. Irby, 612
XXXVI. Maids and Mermaids, 437
XXXVII. Fact, or Factor, 446

SCOTLAND, Mr. Gladstone in, 103
XXXVIII. The Demon of the Axe, Shakespeare, What he learnt at School,

by Professor T. S. Baynes :
XXXIX. Battery and Assumpsit,

Part II., 83

Part III., 619
XL Stormy Gap, 584

Swiss Novelist (A), by Miss Ilelen
XLI. Bat of the Gill, 593

Zimmern, 459
XLII. A Clue of Buttons, 781
XLIII. A Pleasant Interview,

Taxation, Free Trade Principles and,

by Lieut.-Colonel Romilly, 314
XLIV. The Way of the World,

Thomas Henry Buckle, 361

Thrift (National) and its Practical
XLV. The Thing is Just, 798

Promotion, by the Rev. W. L. Black-

ley, 532
Money, What is? by Professor Bonamy
Price, 248

Type (A) of the Renaissance, by Viss

E. M. Clerke, 58
Mozley, The late Canon, by Principal
Shairp, 174

VARIATIONS (The) of the Roman Church,
NATIONAL Thrift, and its Practical Pro- by Very Rev. the Dean of Westmin-
motion, by the Rev. W. L. Blackley,

View of Life, The Atheistic, by R. H.
New Departure, The, 857

Hutton, 652
New World, First Impressions of the,

WHAT is a Bank ? and What does it
by the Duke of Argyll. Conclusion,

Deal in ? by Professor Bonamy Price,

Novelist, a Swiss, by Miss H. Zimmern,

What is Money ? by Professor Bonamy

Price, 248
ORIGIN (On the) of a Written Greek What Shakespeare Learnt at School,

Literature, by Professor F. A. Paley, by Professor T. S. Baynes :

Part II., 83

Part III.,
PAINTING and Popular Culture, by T. C. Women, The Grievances of, by Mrs.
Horsfall, 849

Oliphant, 698
Past Election (The), 711

Wordsworth, by Professor E. Caird, 205
Poetry :
The Lament of Libanius, by Lionel Zulu Campaign (The), from a Military
L. Tollemache, 72

Point of View, by Lieut.-Colonel A.
Sonnet : On a Drowned Friend, 188 Harness, 477
Dirge, after Herrick, 260

Zulu War, The English Nation and the,
Sonnet: Ir Sutherlandshire, by W. by the Rev. Sir George W. Cox,
A. Sim, 599

Bart., 261

ster, 600


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