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The Young Architect's Book.

HINTS TO YOUNG ARCHITECTS ; comprising Advice to those who, while yet at school, are destined to the Profession ; to such as, having passed their pupilage, are about to travel ; and to those who, having completed their education, are about to practise. By GEORGE WIGHTWICK, Architect, Author of “The Palace of Architecture,” &c. &c. Second Edition. With numerous Wood. cuts. 8vo, 75., extra cloth.

Drawing for Builders and Students.

By GEORGE PYNE, Author of a “ Rudimentary Treatise on Per-

spective for Beginners.” With 14 Plates, 4to, 75. 6d., boards. CONTENTS.-I. Practical Rules on Drawing-Outlines. II. Ditto— the Grecian and Roman Orders. III. Practical Rules on Drawing-Perspective. IV. Practical Rules on Light and Shade. V. Practical Rules on Colour, &c. &c.

Cottages, Villas, and Country Houses.

COUNTRY HOUSES; being the Studies of several eminent
Architects and Builders ; consisting of Plans, Elevations, and Per-
spective Views; with approximate Estimates of the Cost of each.

In 4to, with 67 plates, price il. Is., cloth.
Weale's Builder's and Contractor's Price Book.

THE BUILDER'S AND CONTRACTOR'S PRICE BOOK (LOCKWOOD & Co.'s, formerly WEALE's). Published Annually. Containing Prices for Work in all branches of the Building Trade, with Items numbered for easy reference, and an Appendix of Tables, Notes, and Memoranda, arranged to afford detailed information, commonly required in preparing Estimates, &c. Originally

Edited by the late Geo. R. BURNELL, C.E., &c. izmo, 45., cloth. “A multitudinous variety of useful information for builders and contractors. .... With its aid the prices for all work connected with the building trade may be estimated."-Building News.

“Carefully revised, admirably arranged, and clearly printed, it offers at a glance a ready method of preparing an estimate or specification upon a basis that is unquestionable. A reliable book of reference in the event of a dispute between employer and employed."-Engineer.

“Well done and reliable. It is the duty of a just critic to point out where any improvement can be made in any work, but Mr. Burnell has anticipated all objections in his clearly-printed book. We therefore recommend it to all branches of the profession.”—English Mechanic.

“Mr. Burnell has omitted nothing from this work that could tend to render it valuable to the builder or contractor.”—Mechanic's Magazine.

“It must find its place on the table of every civil engineer, builder, and contractor, as a standard work of reference."-Artizan.

“Well done and reliable. It is the duty of a just critic to point out where any improvement can be made in any work, but Mr. Burnell has anticipated all objections in his clearly printed book. We therefore recommend it to all branches of the profession.”English Mechanic.



Handbook of Specifications.

THE HANDBOOK OF SPECIFICATIONS ; or, Practical Guide to the Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, and Builder, in drawing up Specifications and Contracts for Works and Constructions. Illustrated by Precedents of Buildings actually executed by eminent Architects and Engineers. Preceded by a Preliminary Essay, and Skeletons of Specifications and Contracts, &c., &c., and explained by numerous Lithograph Plates and Woodcuts. By Professor THOMAS L. DONALDSON, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Professor of Architecture and Construction, University College, London, M.I.B.A., Member of the various European Academies of the Fine Arts. With A REVIEW OF THE LAW OF CONTRACTS, and of the Responsibilities of Architects, Engineers, and Builders. By W. CUNNINGHAM GLEN, Barrister-at-Law, of the Middle Temple. 2 vols., Svo, with upwards of 1100 pp. of

text, and 33 Lithographic Plates, cloth, 2l. 25. “ In these two volumes of 1,100 pages (together), forty-four specifications of executed works are given, including the specifications for parts of the new Houses of Parliament, by Sir Charles Barry, and for the new Royal Exchange, by Mr. Tite, M.P. The latter, in particular, is a very complete and remarkable document. It embodies, to a great extent, as Mr. Donaldson mentions, the bill of quantities, with the description of the works,' and occupies more than 100 printed pages.

"Amongst the other known buildings, the specifications of which are given, are the Wiltshire Lunatic Asylum (Wyatt and Brandon) ; Tothill Fields Prison (R. Abraham); the City Prison, Holloway (Bunning); the High School, Edinburgh (Hamilton); Clothworkers' Hall, London (Angel ; Wellington College, Sandhurst (J. Shaw); Houses in Grosvenor Square, and elsewhere ; St. George's Church, Doncaster (Scott) ; several works of smaller size by the Author, including Messrs. Shaw's Warehouse in Fetter Lane, a very successful elevation ; the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Railway Station (J. Dobson) ; new Westminster Bridge (Page); the High Level Bridge, Newcastle (R. Stephenson); various works on the Great Northern Railway Brydone); and one French specification for Houses in the Rue de Rivoli, Paris (MM. Armand, Hittorff, Pellechet, and Rohault de Fleury, architects). The last is a very elaborate composition, occupying seventy pages. The majority of the specifications have illustrations in the shape of elevations and plans.

“We are most glad to have the present work. It is valuable as a record, and more valuable still as a book of precedents,

About 140 pages of the second volume are appropriated to an exposition of the law in relation to the legal liabilities of engineers, architects, contractors, and builders, by Mr. W. Cunningham Glen, Barrister-at-law; intended rather for those persons than for the legal practitioner. Suffice it, in conclusion, to say in words what our readers will have gathered for themselves from the particulars we have given, that Donaldson's Handbook of Specifications must be bought by all architects."-Builder.

Mechanical Engineering.

NEERING: comprising Metallurgy, Moulding, Casting, Forging,
Tools, Workshop Machinery, Mechanical Manipulation, Manufac-
ture of the Steam Engine, &c. &c. With an Appendix on the
Analysis of Iron and Iron Ore, and Glossary of Terms. By FRANCIS
CAMPIN, C.E. Illustrated with 91 Woodcuts and 28 Plates of
Slotting, Shaping, Drilling, Punching, Shearing, and Riveting
Machines—Blast, Refining, and Reverberatory Furnaces—Steam
Engines, Governors, Boilers, Locomotives, &c. Demy Svo, cloth,
price 125.



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Grantham's Iron Ship-Building, enlarged.

ON IRON SHIP-BUILDING; with Practical Examples and
Details. Fifth Edition. Imp. 4to, boards, enlarged from 24 to 40
Plates (21 quite new), including the latest Examples. Together
with separate Text, 12mo, cloth limp, also considerably enlarged,
By John GRANTHAM, M. Inst. C.E., &c. Price 2l. 25. complete.

Description of Plates. 1. Hollow and Bar Keels, Stem and 156. Double Lever Punching and Shearing Stern Posts.


Machine, arranged for cutting Side Frames, Floorings, and Bilge

Angle and T Iron, with Dividing
Floorings continued-Keelsons, Deck

Table and Engine.
Beams, Gunwales, and Stringers. 16. Machines.-Garforth's Riveting Ma-
Gunwales continued - Lower

chine, Drilling and Counter-Sinking and Orlop Beams,

Machine. 4a. Gunwales and Deck Beam Iron. 16a. Plate Planing Machine. 5. Angle-Iron, T Iron, z Iron, Bulb 17. Air Furnace for Heating Plates and Iron, as Rolled for Building.

Angle-Iron : Various Tools used in 6. Rivets, shown in section, natural size;

Riveting and Plating.
Flush and Lapped Joints, with 18. Gunwale; Keel and Flooring; Plan
Single and Double Riveting.

for Sheathing with Copper. 7. Plating, three plans; Bulkheads and r. Grantham's Improved Plan of SheathModes of Securing them.

ing Iron Ships with Copper. 8. Iron Masts, with Longitudinal and 19. Illustrations of the Magnetic CondiTransverse Sections.

tion of various Iron Ships. 9. Sliding Keel, Water Ballast, Moulding 20. Gray's Floating Compass and Bin

the Frames in Iron Ship Building, nacle, with Adjusting Magnets, &c. Levelling Plates.

21. Corroded Iron Bolt in Frame of Longitudinal Section, and Half

Wooden Ship; Jointing Plates. breadth Deck Plan of Large Vessels | 22 -4. Great Eastern-Longitudinal Secon a reduced Scale.

tions and Half-breadth Plans-Mid11. Midship Sections of Three Vessels.

ship Section, with Details-Section 12. Large Vessel, showing Details-Fore

in Engine Room, and Paddle Boxes. End in Section, and End View, 25-6. Paddle Steam Vessel of Steel. with Stern Post, Crutches, &c. 27. Scarbrough-Padd Large Vessel, showing Details-After 28-9. Proposed Passenger Steamer.

End in Section, with End View, 30. Persian-Iron Screw Steamer.

Stern Frame for Screw, and Rudder. 31. Midship Section of H.M. Steam 4. Large Vessel, showing Details-Mid

Frigate, Warrior. ship Section, half breadth.

32. Midship 'Section of H.M. Steam Machines for Punching and Shearing Frigate, Hercules.

Plates and Angle-Iron, and for Stem, Stern, and Rudder of H.M.
Bending Plates ; Rivet Hearth.

Steam Frigate, Bellerophon. 15a. Beam-Bending Machine, Indepen- 34. Midship Section of H.M. Troop Ship, dent Shearing, Punching and Angle

Iron Machine.

135. Iron Floating Dock. “An enlarged edition of an elaborately illustrated work.”Builder, July 11, 1868.

“This edition of Mr. Grantham's work has been enlarged and improved, both with respect to the text and the engravings being brought down to the present period . The practical operations required in producing a shipare described and illustrated with care and precision.”—Mechanics' Magazine, July 17, 1868.

“A thoroughly practical work, and every question of the many in relation to iron shipping which admit of diversity of opinion, or have various and conflicting personal interests attached to them, is treated with sober and impartial wisdom and good sense.

. . As good a volume for the instruction of the pupil or student of iron naval architecture as can be found in any language.”—Practical Mechanic's Journal, August, 1868.

"A very elaborate work.... It forms a most valuable addition to the history of iron shipbuilding, while its having been prepared by one who has made the subject his study for many years, and whose qualifications have been repeatedly recognised, will recommend it as one of practical utility to all interested in shipbuilding.”-Army and Navy Gazette, July 11, 1868.






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Tredgold's Carpentry, new & enlarged Edition.

THE ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF CARPENTRY : a Treatise on the Pressure and Equilibrium of Timber Framing, the Resistance of Timber, and the Construction of Floors, Arches, Bridges, Roofs, Uniting Iron and Stone with Timber, &c. To which is added an Essay on the Nature and Properties of Timber, &c., with Descriptions of the Kinds of Wood used in Building; also numerous Tables of the Scantlings of Timber for different purposes, the Specific Gravities of Materials, &c. By THOMAS TREDGOLD, C.E." Edited by PETER BARLOW, F.R.S. Fifth Edition, corrected and enlarged. With 64 Plates (11 of which now first appear in this edition), Portrait of the Author, and several Woodcuts. In I large vol., 4to, 2l. 25. extra cloth.

[Recently published. “Tredgold's Carpentry' ought to be in every architects and every builder's library, and those who do not already possess it ought to avail themselves of the new issue." Builder, April 9, 1870.

A work whose monumental excellence must commend it wherever skilful carpentry is concerned. The Author's principles are rather confirmed than impaired by time, and, as now presented, combine the surest base with the most interesting display of progressive science. The additional plates are of great intrinsic value."-Building News, Feb. 25, 1870.

" Tredgold's Carpentry' has ever held a high position, and the issue of the fifth edition, in a still more improved and enlarged form, will give satisfaction to a very large number of artisans who desire to raise themselves in their business, and who seek to do so by displaying a greater amount of knowledge and intelligence than their fellow-workmen. It is as complete a work as need be desired. To the superior workman the volume will prove invaluable ; it contains treatises written in language which he will readily comprehend.”-Mining Journal, Feb. 12, 1870. Grandy's Timber Tables.

THE TIMBER IMPORTER'S, TIMBER MERCHANT'S, and BUILDER'S STANDARD GUIDE. By RICHARD E. GRANDY. Comprising :-An Analysis of Deal Standards, Home and Foreign, with comparative Values and Tabular Arrangements for Fixing Nett Landed Cost on Baltic and North American Deals, including all intermediate Expenses, Freight, Insurance, Duty, &c.; &c. ; together with Copious Information for the Retailer and

Builder. 12mo, price 75. 6d. cloth. “Everything it pretends to be: built up gradually, it leads one from a forest to a trenail, and throws in, as a makeweight, a host of material concerning bricks, columns, cisterns, &c.—all that the class to whom it appeals requires."--English Mechanic.

“The only difficulty we have is as to what is not in its pages. What we have tested of the contents, taken at random, is invariably correct."--Illustrated Builder's Journal. Tables for Packing-Case Makers.

PACKING-CASE TABLES ; showing the number of Superficial Feet in Boxes or Packing-Cases, from six inches square and upwards. Compiled by WILLIAM RICHARDSON, Accountant.

Oblong 4to, cloth, price 35. 6d. “Will save much labour and calculation to packing-case makers and those who use packing-cases."-Grocer. Invaluable labour-saying tables."-Ironmonger.



Nicholson's Carpenter's Guide.

THE CARPENTER'S NEW GUIDE; or, BOOK of LINES for CARPENTERS : comprising all the Elementary Principles essential for acquiring a knowledge of Carpentry. Founded on the late PETER NICHOLSON's standard work. A new Edition, revised by ARTHUR ASHPITEL, F.S.A., together with Practical Rules on Drawing, by GEORGE PYNE. With 74 Plates, 4to, 1l. 1s. cloth.

Dowsing's Timber Merchant's Companion.

THE TIMBER MERCHANT'S AND BUILDER'S COMPANION ; containing New and Copious Tables of the Reduced Weight and Measurement of Deals and Battens, of all sizes, from One to a Thousand Pieces, and the relative Price that each size bears per Lineal Foot to any given Price per Petersburgh Standard Hundred; the Price per Cube Foot of Square Timber to any given Price per Load of 50 Feet; the proportionate Value of Deals and Battens by the Standard, to Square Timber by the Load of 50 Feet; the readiest mode of ascertaining the Price of Scantling per Lineal Foot of any size, to any given Figure per Cube Foot. Also a variety of other valuable information. By WILLIAM DOWSING,

Timber Merchant. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 3s. cloth. “ Everything is as concise and clear as it can possibly be made. There can be no doubt that every timber merchant and builder ought to possess it, because such possession would, with use, unquestionably save a very great deal of time, and, moreover, ensure perfect accuracy in calculations. There is also another class besides these who ought to possess it; we mean all persons engaged in carrying wood, where it is requisite to ascertain its weight. Mr. Dowsing's tables provide an easy means of doing this. Indeed every person who has to do with wood ought to have it."—Hull Advertiser.


Mechanic's Workshop Companion.

THE OPERATIVE MECHANIC'S WORKSHOP COM. PANION, and THE SCIENTIFIC GENTLEMAN'S PRAC. TICAL ASSISTANT ; comprising a great variety of the most useful Rules in Mechanical Science; with numerous Tables of Practical Data and Calculated Results. By W. TEMPLETON, Author of “The Engineer's, Millwright's, and Machinist's Practical Assistant.” Tenth Edition, with Mechanical Tables for Operative Smiths, Millwrights, Engineers, &c.; together with several Useful and Practical Rules in Hydraulics and Hydrodynamics, a variety of Experimental Results, and an Extensive Table of Powers and Roots. 11 Plates. 12mo, 5s. bound.

[Just published. “As a text-book of reference, in which mechanical and commercial demands are judiciously met, TEMPLETON'S COMPANION stands unrivalled." --Mechanics'Magazine.

“ Admirably adapted to the wants of a very large class. It has met with great success in the engineering workshop, as we can testify; and there are a great many men who, in a great measure, owe their rise in life to this little work."-Building News.

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