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boat, - hungry, thirsty, faint, labour- the old man with his affections and lusts” ing for days and nights amidst stormy --a putting out of iniquity, and a putting vinds and angry seas, to reach, if pos-on of “the new man, created after Christ sible, the nearest shore,—those men are Jesus to new works ;” that, in short, as striving to save their lives. In all those a sin-loving and sin-keeping soul, the Cases, we recognize men who are in ear gate cannot admit him and all his burnest! Now, be assured, that if any of dens :—then does he refuse the Cross. you, with the same sincerity, wished to To“ give all diligence to make his calling possess a saving knowledge of God's | and election sure"to labour to enter truth-to obtain the riches of Christ-to into rest”-to “ work out salvation with enjoy the health of the soul-and to lay fear and trembling;" in one word, to sacri. hold of eternal life, you would have the fice self, and to accept of Christ, His free same earnest striving. You can see quite pardon, and new life; all this requires not well, that mere seeking would not give seeking only, but striving; whereas the sloth. the student knowledge—the merchant ful wished to get all by seeking only. How riches-the sick man health-or the sailor necessary is our Lord's solemn command life ; and how, then, will mere seeking, and warning,-“ Strive to enter in, for without striving, save your souls ? many shall seek to enter in, but shall not

"Many shall seek!" Yes, who among be able !” us is so dead, so indifferent to the future Verse 25,-" When once the Master well-being of their immortal souls, as not of the house is risen up, and hath shut to to "seek," —not to do something to obtain the door.” —Christ is the Master of the salvation? Some will talk about religion, house, “whose house are we,” if we love or read the Bible occasionally, or repeat and serve Him. Now He invites and a meaningless prayer, or go to church; and commands men to enter into His house by others will trust to their morality, their the strait gate and narrow way; He inhigh profession, their orthodoxy, and the vites them to sit down with Himself and like; all will do something in order that His many guests, to enjoy holy commuthey may be, at least, safe. “Many will nion, refreshment, and repose. But the seek!" It may be when sudden death time, at last, arrives, when the door of strikes down an acquaintance—when the house is shut, aud shut for ever. This a nysterious pestilence sweeps away is the period of judgment-a period of its victims — when sickness enters the solemn trial—when the righteousness of family, and some beloved one is laid Christ's dealings towards every man, will on their dying-bed, or in their lonely be made manifest upon evidence, before grave; or, it may be, when the sinner the assembled universe. Then will those himself is arrested by a dangerous ill- who refused, during the day of peace, to ness, and realizes the nearness of God enter in by the narrow door,“ begin to and the certainty of judgment, and, in stand without, and to say, Lord, Lord, the silence of night, recalls his past life, open unto us!” The scene is now changed. and all God's dealings towards him, and Formerly Christ had been seeking enall his dealings towards God; it may be, trance into their home-even the home in such seasons as these, that the careless of their hearts, saying: “Behold I stand sinner will look, with interest and concern, at the door and knock; if any man open for that narrow gate which he more than unto me, I will come in and sup with suspects is, after all, the only entrance him, and he with me.” But they were to a path of pleasantness and peace; and too slothful and wicked to open the door he expresses a wish to enter in, nay, re- to Him. Now they seek admittance into solves to do so, and blames himself for His “ Father's house,” and to the marhis off-putting and folly, in not having riage supper, as they stand without knockdone so before. He “ seeks to enter in!" ing, crying, “ Open to us !" But Christ's But when he finds, that entering in at the door is for ever closed against them! gate, implies an entering into himself And why? Because, unless Christ enters, of a new mind and spirit-a "putting off and dwells in our hearts by faith now,


we cannot enter heaven and dwell with Gospel. They who would not remember Christ hereafter : for there can be no fel. Thee at Thy sacramental feast on eartlı, lowship with Christ-no union, or com- may well be refused admittance to thy munion with Him, and with His people, marriage-feast in heaven; but we have except the fellowship of spirit, affection, eat and drank in Thy presence, — Lord, character, oneness of heart and will. To Lord, open to us!"" Does the Lord deny “open the door” to us without this, is all this? Does He say that they spoke impossible; and this character those mere untruth? By no means. All this they seekers have not; and the time for ob- could truly say, and even more than this; taining it has passed away. “I know for, as we read in another gospel, many, you not,” is His reply. “We are not like Judas, will come at that day, and friends,,we are not one. I am holy; say, “ Have we not cast out devils in ye are workers of iniquity.” In the Thy name, and in Thy name done many Ist chapter of Proverbs, verse 28, we wonderful works." But what will all have the same solemn picture presented this prove? It will prove that they had to us, of the sinner's " calling on God” gifts, but it proves not that they had when too late, but getting " no answer," grace; it will prove that they were seek-“ seeking Him,” but “ not finding ing, but it will not prove that they were Him;" and being permitted “ to eat the striving to enter in at the strait gate. Oh! fruit of his own ways, and to be filled with what a solemn warning is here given to his own devices,” because “ he hated know the ministers and professing members of ledge, and did not choose the fear of the the Church of Christ! What profession Lord." God saves us from hell, by sar- | may exist without principle! How much ing us from sin; He gives us heaven, we may do, and yet never be right with only by giving us the knowledge and the God! What good may be done by us, love of Himself. And when men, at the and yet no real good be in us! How much last day, cry to God, it is not the cry or seeking without any earnest striving! For children seeking a parent, but the cry observe, those who could say, and, for only from those who have “a fearful look- aught that appears, say with truth, that ing for of judgmerít,"- from those who they possessed such privileges, made such seck deliverance from the terrible con- a profession, and performed such works sequences only of their walking in the as those, were, nevertheless, known to broad way of sin; but who, nevertheless, Christ, only as workers of iniquity. I hate the holiness and self-denial of the tell you, I know you not whence ye are; narrow way, as much as ever. They are depart from me, all ye workers of ininot “ born again ;" they want the right quity." (Read 1 Cor., chap. xiii.) mind and heart ; and so “ they cannot Verse 28,_" There shall be weeping enter the kingdom of God.”

and gnashing of teeth.”—The broad way, Verse 26,—" Then shall ye begin to which began with eating, and drinking, say, We have eaten and drunk in thy and making merry,” ends with “ weeppresence, and thou hast taught in our ing and gnashing of teeth ;” for “there streets."-Such is the pleading of those is a way that seemeth good to a man, but lost sinners - such their reasons why the end thereof is as the ways of death." the sentence of condemnation should not What is the immediate cause of this be pronounced against them; as if they sore agony ? It is “ seeing Abraham, had said: “ We are not astonished that Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, Thou shouldest shut out those infidels in the kingdom of God, and themwho never acknowledged Thee; but we selves thrust out." But why should ever called Thee what we call Thee now, a sight like this produce such over.

-Lord. We wonder not, that those whelming and bitter sorrow ? Because who never heard, or never would listen to every patriarch and prophet there was Thy Word, should be rejected by Thee; I a witness against the sloth, self-indul. but we have heard Thee teach,' and gence, and indifference of the mere seekhave regularly attended to a preached l ers after salvation. All those had entered

in through the narrow gate-all had ob- you must be silent, and find no excuse tained the promises “ through faith and for your indifference ! even now you miglit patience”-all had “ come out of much weep with shame and sorrow at your want tribulation," and " endured a great fight of likeness to those faithful servants, with of afflictions,” and had carried their cross whom you vainly hope, in your present and despised the shame. In one word, state, to live with for ever! No wonder they had been striving, and not seeking if there shall be weeping and gnashing of merely: and the very sight of those men teeth hereafter, in seeing such men in of God, and the remembrance of all they God's kingdom, if you are thrust out; had been, and had done, while on earth, for this conviction must overwhelm your carries home to the hearts of the vain spirit,-that if they found the gate in the and wicked “ seekers,” the stern convic. morning twilight, you might easily have tion, that their condemnation is just ; | seen it, and found it, in the noon-day that those holy men had resisted tempta- brightness; that if they carried such tions to which they yielded; and had heavy crosses, and pursued their solitary overcome difficulties by which they were but patient journey, for so many years repelled; and had pushed on in spite of those along the narrow way, you might have obstacles from which they had shrunk; carried your lighter cross, and pursued and, with fewer means and opportunities, your easier and shorter journey, amidst the and, it may be, with greater temptations companionships of the Christian Church, and difficulties, had entered that gate of and the manifold blessings of the latter self-denial which they, in their miserable day--if only, like those men, you had sloth and wickedness, thought so narrow, loved God, and had been in earnest! But that they turned aside from it for the you were slothful, and “workers of inibroad and easy way of fleshy self-indul- quity;" so you must feel that you deserve gence.

to perish! What worker of iniquity, what slothful Verse 29,-" They shall come from the and unprofitable servant, in these days of east and from the west, from the north and Gospel light and privileges in which we from the south, and shall sit down in the live, dare attempt to excuse himself for his kingdom of God.”—Not in vain has the impenitence, when he beholds those ser- Gospel been preached by faithful missionvants of the Most High God in His king, aries ! In spite of the slothful, who would dom? Had those patriarchs more light not enter the gate themselves, and who, than we now possess? They lived during consequently, cared not though the whole the dawn; we beneath the meridian splen- world should follow their example; in dour of Revelation! Were they called to spite of all the arguments and opposition an easier life than ours? or to the per- of the enemy, “a multitude greater than formance of labour which required less any man can number, of all nations, and faith, less self-sacrifice, less crucifying of kindred, and people," shall sit down at the the flesh, than those which God has as marriage supper of the Lamb. The resigned to us now? Was it thus with deemed “ from the east,”--that mighty Abraham, who left his country, and lived host which will have been gathered to a stranger in the land amidst idolaters, Christ from the days of "righteous Abel,” and, at God's simple command, offered down to the last convert in Hindostan or up his only son, whom he loved ? Was China, will all mingle with the multitude it so with Moses, who preferred to suffer who will pass to glory " from the west," affliction with the people of God, than to throughout succeeding ages, — the inenjoy the pleasures of sin for a season ? creasing millions of the vast American Was it so with Daniel, who accepted the continent. “They shall come froin the lions' den with God, rather than the south !"-The south seas have already palace without Him? Was it so with furnished many guests; and many more that cloud of witnesses mentioned by Paul from those clustered and far-spreach in the 11th chapter of the Hebrews ? islets and island-continents, will mingle Read the chapter, ye slothful, and even now with the African negro, and with the

cultivated European, and with the then thrust down to hell !” When we lonely Esquimaux and Greenlander, hear, for instance, of the Sandwich who will “ come from the north :" and Islanders already supporting all their the “one family” will sing with one missionaries and schools, without aid heart the new song of praise to the Re- from the Home Church: or read of others deemer,-" Thou wast slain, and hast who, a few years ago, were fierce savages, redeemed us to God by Thy blood; out of now forming themselves into prayer meet. every kindred, and tongue, and people, ings and missionary societies, and sending and nation; and hast made us, unto our to Britain several hundred pounds as their God, kings and priests.” “ Let the re- contributions to the cause of missions,deemed of the Lord say so whom He hath may not many professing Christians in redeemed from the hand of the enemy, our land already hear, in all this, the and gathered them out of the lands from echo of righteous condemnation upon the east and from the west, from the north their worldliness and sloth. the converted and from the south.” And when we read, heathen being judges ? even now, the history of God's work among Let us learn, then, from this passage, the heathen, and “ see what He hath to be in earnest, if we would possess true wrought," and what has been accomplished religion, or any good! Let all mere formain them and by them—what battles have lity, empty talk, outside profession, and been fought, and victories won, over long pretence, be banished from us, as a lie; accumulating ignorance and superstition for whatever else shall stand at judgment, --what agonizing partings with kindred all that is false must surely perish; and have been endured—what sacrifices of whatever else commands a blessing, cerbody and soul have been made in holding tain it is, that no blessing can possibly rest fast to duty-what steadfastness, amidst upon insincerity and want of earnestness. opposition, has been manifested by thein :| Let us never forget that we are, truly, just and when we contrast this earnest and what God knows us to be ; and that haring laborious striving among those who have a name to live will not save us, (though been last" called to the knowledge of it may deceive us,) if the heart-searching Christ, with the sloth and indifference, God, who cannot be mocked, sees that the carnality, covetousness, prayerless- we are cold formalists-empty pretenders ness, and hardness of heart, among those --slothful hypocrites-dead! May God who have been “ first" called; who cry, quicken us more and more through the “ Lord, Lord,” and “hear Christ teach,” | Spirit of Life which was in His Son ! and “eat and drink in His presence,"yet May He breathe on those dry bones, that are, after all, mere seekers, and, in God's they may live! May He deepen on our sight, “workers of iniquity;"—then do we souls a sense of our responsibility--inalready understand how those who are crease our faith in the reality of things accounted last now, will be first then; and unseen-awaken in us a more abiding how those who vainly think themselves conviction of the necessity of solemn first now, will be last then ; and how our earnestness, in making our calling and Capernaums, where Christ teaches daily, election sure ; that, in His sight, we may, because of their unbelief in the may all, not only seek, but "strive" to midst of their boasted privileges, receive, enter in at the strait gate, and to walk at last, a more dreadful condemnation ; along the narrow path which leadeth into and though now " exalted to heaven, be | life!


Tell me not in mournful numbers,

"Life is but an empty dream!” For the soul is dead that slumbers,

And things are not what they seem.

Life is real! life is earnest !

And the grave is not its goal;
“ Dust thou art, to dust returniest,“

Was not spoken of the soul.

Not enjoyment, and not sorrow;

Is our destined end or way; But to act, that each to-morrow

Find us farther than to-day.

Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime ;
And, departing, leave behind us

Footsteps on the sands of time;

Art is long, and Time is fleeting :

And our hearts, though stout and brave, Still, like muffled drums, are beating

Funeral marches to the grave.

in the world's broad field of battle,

In the bivouac of life,
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!

Be a hero in the strife!

Footprints, that perhaps another,

Sailing o'er life's solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother.

Seeing, shall take heart again.
Let us, then, be up and doing,

With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labour and to wait.


STATISTICS OF PROTESTANT MISSIONS TO THE HEATHEN. The population of the world, and the that vast field which is given to the Chrisrelative number of its inhabitants adher- tian Church to cultivate, and from which ing to its various “ religions,” cannot the great harvest is to be reaped at the possibly be ascertained with any degree end of the world. of accuracy; yet it is well to have some The following table is made up from general idea of the nature and extent of different writers upon this subjectt :


Heathen. I medan.

Jews. Christian.
Millions. Millions. Millions. Millions. Mmions.
1000 631 160

200 900 500 110

260 650 310 110 | 5 to 9 228 800

140 1 2 ... 5 200


The “ Christian” population of the supports about 37 Missionary Societies world is thus divided by Gosner* : for the conversion of the heathen. Bible, Roman Catholics, 80 millions.

Tract, and Prayer-book Societies, are Protestants, 70 ...

not included in this estimate; nor are Greek Church, 50 ...

societies for the conversion of the Jews,

or for educating native females in heaTotal, 200 ...

thendom. Is our estimate too low, if we suppose

| The 37 Missionary Societies are thus that there is only one in ten professing Pro

divided :testants, who sincerely desire that Christ's Germany, 8 England, 9 America, 7 kingdom should come, and who labour to Switzerland, 3 Ireland, 1 advance it? But if we could indulge Netherlands, 1 Scotland, 5 the hope, that there are seven millions France, 2 in the world who know and love the Gos- | Norway, 1 Britain, 15 pel, even this would afford about one labourer only for every hundred heathens,

Continent, 15 Mohammedans, or Jews! But are there. It is difficult to ascertain from the seven millions, or one million, really alive | Reports of those societies, the number of to the importance of the great work of labourers in the mission field. Some converting the world to Christ?

Reports omit to mention the native assisThe whole Protestant Church now tants, or female teachers; others, again, Die Biene aus die Missions felde. July,' t Tabellarische uebersicht uber die Protestan.

tischen Missionare, 1846.


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