Gleanings in the Fields of Art

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Сторінка 331 - The moving Moon went up the sky, And nowhere did abide; Softly she was going up, And a star or two beside...
Сторінка 307 - Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that cometh out of the mouth of God.
Сторінка 313 - This exhibition has filled the heads of the Artists and lovers of art. Surely life, if it be not long, is tedious, since we are forced to call in the assistance of so many trifles to rid us of our time, of that time which never can return.
Сторінка 67 - There appeared in these our days a man of great virtue, named Jesus Christ, who is yet living amongst us, and of the Gentiles is accepted for a Prophet of truth, but his own disciples call him the Son of God.
Сторінка 135 - He left the name, at which the world grew pale, To point a moral, or adorn a tale.
Сторінка 25 - The ideal is not the preference of that which exists only in the mind to that which exists in nature ; but the preference of that which is fine in nature to that which is less so. There is nothing fine in art but what is taken almost immediately, and, as it were, in the mass, from what is finer in nature. Where there have been the finest models in nature, there have been the finest works of art.
Сторінка 74 - Of that Byzantine empire the universal verdict of history is, that it constitutes, without a single exception, the most thoroughly base and despicable form that civilization has yet assumed.
Сторінка 67 - ... in the midst of his head is a seam, or partition of his hair, after the manner of the Nazarites ; his forehead plain and...
Сторінка 67 - Nazarites ; his forehead plain and delicate ; his face without spot or wrinkle, beautified with a comely red ; his nose and mouth exactly formed ; his beard thick, the colour of his hair, not of any great length, but forked ; his look innocent ; his eyes grey, clear and quick ; in reproving, awful ; in admonishing, courteous ; in speaking, very modest and wise ; in proportion of body, well shaped.

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