Catalogue of a Selection from the Stowe Manuscripts Exhibited in the King's Library in the British Museum

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Сторінка 83 - At last to follies youth could scarce defend. It grows their age's prudence to pretend ; Asham'd to own they gave delight before, Reduc'd to feign it when they give no more. As hags hold sabbaths less for joy than spite, So these their merry miserable night ; Still round and round the ghosts of beauty glide, And haunt the places where their honour died.
Сторінка 53 - The army is now at North Hampton, moving every day nearer to you. If you disband not, wee may be a mutuall succour, each to other ; but, if you disperse, you make yourselves and your country a pray.
Сторінка 82 - Kensington, where you will be near the court, and out of his jurisdiction ; where you will be teazed with no lectures of gravity and morality, and where you will have no other trouble than to get into the mercer's books, and take up a hundred pounds of your principal for quadrille. Monstrous, indeed, that a fine lady, in the prime of life and gaiety, must take up with an antiquated Dean, an old gentlewoman of fourscore, and a sickly poet. I will stand by my dear Patty against the world, if Teresa...
Сторінка 82 - Schabe's coach, that used to give you so many a set down, is wheeled off to St. James's. You must be forced to get a horse, and gallop with Mrs. Jansen and Miss Bedier. Your greatest happiness is that you are out of the chiding of Mrs. Howard and the Dean ; but I suppose Mr. Pope is so just as to pay our arrears, and that you edify as much by him as by us, unless you are so happy that he now looks upon you as reprobate and a cast-away, of which I think lie hath given me some hints.
Сторінка 82 - I will give you eight dinners a-week, and a whole half dozen of pint bottles of good French wine at your lodgings, a thing you could never expect to arrive at, and every year a suit of fourteenpenny stuff, that should not be worn out at the right side ; and a chair costs but sixpence a job ; and you shall have catholicity as much as you please, and the Catholic Dean of St. Patrick's, as old again as I, for your confessor.
Сторінка 57 - ... that you may not err in the future, I have thought fit to send you my last mind upon the hinge of your whole negotiation, and in my own hand, that you may likewise know it is your part to obey punctually my orders, instead of putting yourself to the trouble of finding reasons why you do not do so, as I find in your last of the 12th current.
Сторінка 82 - Gay, and had almost finished the letter; but by mistake I took up this instead of it, and so the six lines in a hook are all to him, and therefore you must read them to him, for I will not be at the trouble to write them over again. My greatest concern in the matter is, that I am afraid I continue in love with you, which is hard after near six months...
Сторінка 21 - Compartment divided into sixteen parts, in each of which, in a Lozenge, there is a Rose. In a square contained within this, there is another square, in the centre of which is the Lancastrian Rose, and in a Scroll round about it the following Legend : — ' Hec rosa virtutis de celo missa sereno, Eternum florens regia sceptra feret.
Сторінка 82 - Adieu, dear Patty, and believe me to be one of your truest friends and humblest servants; and that, since I can never live in England, my greatest happiness would be to have you and Mr.

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