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72. Globes. r dear glass"

full ground

<| half ground )' globes.

| opal

[colored, etc.

73. spark Ar- wire-gauze spark arresters, and

resters and . ,

Nets. wire globe-nets.

74. carbons. sets of carbons, a set consisting of

one upper and one lower carbon.

75. starting (See p. 40, sec. 25.)

Plant anil In- v f' / striictlon.

76. Renewal (See p. 47, sec. 26.)

77.summary. (See Note: p. 47, sec. 27.)

Each bidder shall fill out completely the following summary:

Number of dynamos . . .

Trade number or designation . .

Rating in volts

Rating in amperes ....

Capacity in c. p. lamps . .

Series or shunt wound . . .

H. P. required to be delivered at pulley
at full load with no loss in the line —


This contractor shall furnish and erect the following apparatus and material:

78. switcu- One combination (material) switchboard

Imam Com . v . .' .

piete. with a capacity for - circuits, and provided with the necessary sockets, plugs, main and transfer cables, testing connections, and a suitable and convenient device for holding cables not in use. It shall be so arranged and marked that any circuit or series of circuits may be quickly connected with or disconnected from any dynamo with the least possible danger of short-circuits or error. Sockets shall be so designed that it is practically impossible to short-circuit, ground, or receive a shock from them. All connections with the dynamo leads shall be easily accessible. All wires used in making connections shall have

insulation. All plugs shall have well

insulated wooden handles, and the cables shall be covered with soft-rubber tubing or equivalent as an extra precaution. All cables shall be of stranded wire.

All joints shall be soldered. All connections to switches, cut outs, etc., shall be soldered or made with an approved form of lug or setscrew, in all cases care being taken to secure good and sufficient contact to prevent heating and insure permanency; when made with lugs or set-screws they shall be in plain sight and easily accessible for tightening. Connecting wires shall be so run and secured that crosses or grounds are impossible in the normal operation of the plant.


(Note.—No set specification can be made for TMjraxtmvs fixtures and shades; their character must be

80. Lamps.

82. Meters.

determined wholly from individual requirements. See schedule, p. 107.)

This contractor shall furnish and deliver at the following numher, sizes, and kinds

of incandescent lamps:

Number. C. p.





81. Sockets and Receptacles.

Colored, etc.


stating, also, their make and the make of the socket for which they are adapted.

Lamps shall be guaranteed to have an average life of not less than hours if burned

at their normal voltage. They shall burn with a white light, and shall not blacken under proper use.' All lamps giving out or proving

defective during the trial period of days

under normal and proper use shall be replaced without charge.

This contractor shall furnish and deliver at the following numbers and kinds of sock

ets and receptacles:





This contractor shall furnish and

{plaiTnpos^ion \ the followinS numbers

( watt meter,

and sizes of the < recording ampere meter,

( current counter,

Number. Capacity in Two or threeamperes, wire.

etc. etc. etc.


Alternating or Direct Current, Two - Wire

The building shall be wired to lamp out- 83. outlets

lets, switch outlets, (and meter out- iU"1 Llf-.hts,

lets) for the equivalent of , c. p., -—

volt lamps. The wiring shall be (to outlets onry) (except for cut-outs and switches; cutouts and switches shall be furnished and installed complete). At each outlet the loose wire shall be neatly coiled and the ends carefully taped.

All wiring shall be for the parallel, two-wire 84. system, system of distribution.

The fall of potential between the switch- variation

r Id Pressure.

board (centre of distribution) and the (farthest

lamp) shall not exceed at load per

cent. of the initial pressure; this difference to

be divided as follows: { gJJJf^ \ per

cent., mains per cent., taps per cent.

All wire used throughout the installation M JTM"la' shall be insulated with .

Each j I main, and tap shall test

out with an insulation resistance of at least

ohms. The entire installation shall test

out with an insulation resistance of at least ohms divided by the sum of the number

of separate j fg^f^g | mains, and taps.

ss. siibdivi, From the switchboard (or centre of distri

sion of v

< Ris.Tg > . (risers, )

*ce era'' bution) < groups of risers, > shall be car

(feeders, )

( Riser )

ried to the following points: < Group > No. 1


(riser )

to , < group > No. 2 to , etc.

(feeder )
( Riser )

< Group > No. 1 shall feed all lights (location),
( Feeder )
^ riser )
group > No. 2 shall feed, etc.


89. Location From the switchboard (or centre of disl Feeders \' tribution) the j feeders [ Rha11 be carried ( under cleats, )

'j on insulators, > to , and thence up

(in molding, etc., )

ward in (channels, wooden conduits, elevator shaft, air shaft, etc., with location) to their respective cut-out boxes.

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