Women's Employment and the Capitalist Family

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Routledge, 1992 - 249 стор.
"Women's Employment and the Capitalist Family" responds to the growing recognition of the economic, social, and electoral importance of women. This original study draws upon an interdisciplinary approach which fully incorporates both empirical and historical material.
Ben Fine provides a critical assessment of the literature which examines the changing labor market participation of women. He explores such issues as the domestic labor debate, the role of patriarchy theory, gender and labor market theory, the capitalist family, and the position of working women in the economy. He uses demographic and historical factors such as the movement towards mass consumption through factory production to explain the timing of women's increasing dependence on waged work. Although economic issues are the main focus of the book, it also considers non-economic contributing factors, making full use of historical and empirical material.
"Women's Employment and the Capitalist Family" is written from a marxist-feminist perspective, and argues convincingly that this approach offers a greater challenge to the orthodoxies within economics and sociology which have as yet been untouched by postmodern theories. Despite its theoretical focus, the book avoids technicalities and will be accessible to a wide, interdisciplinary audience.

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Про автора (1992)

Ben Fine is Professor of Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Jomo K. S. is Director of Economic Development, Department of Social and Economic Affairs (DESA), United Nations.

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