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VIII. If any subscriber, who may have been appointed a member of the Committee, should refuse to serve this office, he must signify his dissent before the second meeting of the Committee; in which case the Committee shall elect another subscriber in his place: And if any Committee-man should die, or remove to a greater distance from Liverpool than eight miles, or, being in town, should absent himself from the Committee three several meetings successively, without alleging an excuse which may appear satisfactory, his place shall be supplied by another subscriber, to be chosen by the Committee.

IX. If any case should arise, not provided for by the laws in being, the Committee may make an order, which shall continue, and have the force of a law, until the next annual meeting, when it shall be brought forwards, and either be confirmed or rejected.

X. The Committee shall determine, from time to time, what books, maps, pamphlets, news-papers, and periodical works, shall be admitted into the Library and News-room; their decisions being regulated by the law for the appropriation of the annual income; but every subscriber may propose any book that he may think proper, by entering its title in a book to be always kept in the Library for that purpose.

XI. The President may appoint an extraordinary meeting of the Committee whenever he may think it necessary: And the President, Vice-President and Treasurer, together with for of the Committee, shall have the power of calling an extraordinary general meeting of the subscribers, whenever the interests of the institution may seem to them to require it.

XII. All the money arising from admissions, subscriptions, forfeitures, or benefactions of persons willing to encourage this institution, shall be paid into the hands of the Treasurer, whose accounts shall be audited by the President and VicePresident; or in their absence, by any two members of the Committee, to be appointed by them, a few days previous to the annual meeting; when he shall be required to lay before the subscribers a regular account of the state of the institution to that time.

XIII. The President and Committee shall fix what books shall be permitted to circulate, the time to be allowed for reading them, and the forfeitures for their detention beyond the period allotted: and they shall also have the power of imposing suitable fines on all who may damage or deface the books, provided that such fines never exceed the value of the books so damaged.

XIV. Duplicates shall be provided of all such books as may be allowed to circulate amongst the subscribers, one of which duplicates shall remain constantly in the Library; in order that any subscriber may be certain at all times of finding any book which he may have occasion to read or refer to.

XV. All books which may be presented or bequeathed to the Library, shall be deposited there for the use of the subscribers, and shall not be allowed to be taken out on any account.

XVI. No inhabitant of Liverpool or its vicinity, who is not a proprietor of a share in the building and property, shall be allowed to have access to the News-room or Library; but every subscriber shall have the liberty of introducing with him into the Library or News-room, any stranger or strangers, not residing within eight miles of Liverpool, who may have the use of the books and papers; but such strangers shall not in consequence thereof, have the privilege of returning again, without the personal introduction of the same, or of some other subscriber. And every subscriber shall have the power of introducing one stranger, to have free access to the Library and News-room for the whole of the day on which he is introduced, provided that he enter his own name, and that of the stranger in a book, to be kept for that purpose: And any subscribershall be permitted to enter the name of the stranger for that and the succeeding day. A note, addressed to the Librarian and the Master of the News-room, will give the subscribers the same power, without their personal attendance. A person having been three months resident in Liverpool, and intending to make it his residence in future, shall no longer be permitted to have his name entered on the books as a stranger. Every subscriber has also the power of nominating one young man to the Library, between the age of 15 and 21 years, as a reader in the Library, subject to the particular regulations made for that purpose.

XVII. The room adjoining the Library shall be fitted up for the reception of such specimens in Natural History as may be presented to the institution; but no part of the annual subscription shall be expended in the purchase of such articles.

XVIII. The News-room and Library shall be open every day, from seven o'clock in the morning till ten at night, except at such times as the Committee shall think it necessary to shut them for the purpose of cleaning them.

XIX. All pamphlets, magazines, and reviews, shall be placed on the tables in the News-room and Library, and remain there such a length of time as may appear necessary for their perusal: And any proprietor who shall remove from the premises any book, pamphlet, news-paper, or any other paper, shall be suspended by the authority of the Committee, until the next general meeting, when, if it be thought proper, he shall be expelled, and his share sold for the benefit of the institution.

XX. If any book be lost, the subscriber to whom the same was last delivered, shall immediately replace it with a new one of the same edition, or pay as much to the Librarian as will replace the same; and if the book lost be part of a set, he shall take the remaining volumes, and purchase or pay for a new set for the Library; and if he refuses to submit to these penalties, he shall forfeit his property to the institution.

XXI. The Librarian, and such servants as may be found necessary, shall be appointed by, and be under the direction of, the Committee, and be removable at their discretion; the Committee shall also regulate their salaries or wages.

XXII. The Committee shall have a discretionary power to grant permission to any person or persons, not residing within eight miles of Liverpool, who may have made the institution a valuable present, to attend the News-room and Library at all times during his or their occasional visits in town.

XXIII. Any subscriber who may be prevented by indisposition from visiting the News-room, may have at his own house the use of any of those daily papers of which there are duplicates, the day after such papers have been received, provided that he send to the Master of the room a written obligation to return it the same day.

XXIV. The worshipful the Mayor for the time being, shall be considered as an honorary member of this institution; and the privilege allowed to each member of admitting a single stranger to the rooms, by inscribing his name in the book kept for that purpose, shall, in his instance, be unlimited, in favour of such strangers as may be introduced to his notice.

XXV. No person shall have any right, interest, or property whatever in this institution, who does not submit to these laws and regulations, and to such other laws and regulations, as may be made by the subscribers at large, in such manner as is herein before mentioned.

CoMMITTEE, 1819-1820.

Rev. Jonathan Brooks, M. A. President.
Rev. Peter Bulmer, M. A. Vice-President.
Mr. Henry Booth, Treasurer.
Mr. William Lawson, Secretary.
Mr. Anthony Littledale.
Rev. Ambrose Dawson, M. A.
Mr. Adam Hodgson.
Mr. Robert Bagott.
Mr. John Dennison.
Mr. David Gladstone.
Mr. Fletcher Raincock.
Mr. David Hodgson.
Mr. James Gilfillan.
Mr. Thomas Martin.
Mr. Thomas Avison.
Mr. Thomas Leathom.
Lewis J. Jardine, M. D.
Mr. Joseph B. Yates.
Rev. John B. Monk, M.A.
Mr. Thomas Fletcher.
Mr. Ottiwell Wood.

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