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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1868, by

TICKNOR AND FIELDS, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

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JANUARY, 1868.


It was only thirty-three years ago on the 4th of last October, - exactly the lifetime of one generation of men, — that a regular battue took place close to what is now the centre of the great city of Chicago. On the morning of that day, in 1834, a large black bear had been shot in the woods just behind the little town, and its inhabitants, stimulated by so auspicious a commencement, sallied out for a day's sport; and before night they had killed forty wolves within what are now the limits of the city. Chicago now has a population somewhat larger than that of Boston, and performing far greater functions in the economy of the continent. What will be the relative position of the two cities thirty years hence can, perhaps, be imagined. Without indulging in prophecy, however, there is sufficient matter for observation and reflection in the history and relative growth of the two during the last thirty years, and it is matter from which, if sufficiently considered, both cities perhaps, and Boston at any rate, may derive some useful lessons. So far as Chicago is concerned, those thirty-three years include the story of a lifetime. Physically, it is a history of opportunities improved, energies developed, and difficulties overcome, so overcome that the conquerors have grown to take a boastful pride and almost pleasure in the conflict. Though for Boston this period has not been equally eventful, yet for that city too it has produced its long list of VOL. CVI. — NO. 218.


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