A Short History of the British Empire During the Year 1794: By Francis Plowden, L.C.D.

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G.G. and J. Robinson, 1795 - 377 стор.

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Сторінка 282 - If the innocent honest man must quietly quit all he has, for peace sake, to him who will lay violent hands upon it, I desire it may be considered, what a kind of peace there will be in the world, which consists only in violence and rapine ; and which is to be maintained only for the benefit of robbers and oppressors.
Сторінка 280 - Thus to regulate candidates and electors and new model the ways of election, what is it but to cut up the government by the roots and poison the very fountain of public security?
Сторінка 279 - ... Whensoever, therefore, the legislative shall transgress this fundamental rule of society, and either by ambition, fear, folly, or corruption, endeavour to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other, an absolute power over the lives, liberties, and estates of the people, by this breach of trust they forfeit the power the people had put into their hands for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the people, who have a right to resume their original liberty...
Сторінка 282 - But if they who say it lays a foundation for rebellion mean that it may occasion civil wars or intestine broils, to tell the people they are absolved from obedience when illegal attempts are made upon their liberties or properties, and may oppose the unlawful violence of those who were their magistrates when they invade their properties contrary to the trust put in them and that therefore this doctrine is not to be allowed, being so destructive to the peace of the world: they may as well say upon...
Сторінка 280 - For the people, having reserved to themselves the choice of their representatives, as the fence to their properties, could do it for no other end but that they might always be freely chosen, and, so chosen, freely act and advise as the necessity of the commonwealth and the public good should upon examination and mature debate be judged to require.
Сторінка 283 - whenever they take ofience at the old one. To this I " anfwer, Quite the contrary. People are not fo eafily " got out of their old forms, as fome are apt to fuggeft. " They are hardly to be prevailed with to amend the " acknowledged faults in the frame they have been ac
Сторінка 279 - ... the legiflators endeavour to take away, and deftroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to flavery under arbitrary power, they put themfelves into a ftate of war with the people, who are thereupon abfolved from any farther obedience, and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, againft force and violence.
Сторінка 99 - That the king of Great Britain and the States General of the United Netherlands...
Сторінка 170 - ... hospitals of the conquerors. The British and Hanoverian armies will not believe that the French nation, even under their present infatuation, can so far forget their character as soldiers, as to pay any attention to a decree, as injurious to themselves as it is disgraceful to the persons who passed it.
Сторінка 63 - ... of 50,000 crowns Tournois. In this you have wronged yourfelf. I am a general ; hitherto I have been worthy to command the army. Yoxi have endeavoured to dimonour me in the eyes of my comrades; this is an offence Between you and me for which you owe me fatisfaclion; I de...

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