Report of the Chief Signal Officer, United States Army, to the Secretary of War

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1880

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Стр. 228 - Reports upon the survey of the boundary between the territory of the United States and the possessions of Great Britain from the Lake of the Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains.
Стр. 450 - The fund shall be invested as a single fund, but the Secretary of the Treasury shall maintain a separate book account for each State agency and the railroad unemployment insurance account and shall credit quarterly on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, of each year, to each account, on the basis of the average daily balance of such account, a proportionate part of the earnings of the fund for the quarter ending on such date.
Стр. 163 - If at this observation snch instrumental changes are noted as to cause anxiety, the fact is to be telegraphed to the central office at Washington. An eighth observation is required to be taken at the exact hour of sunset at each station. This observation, embracing the appearance...
Стр. 8 - The office files are crowded with applications for enlistment. The severe examinations are successfully undergone. The clause providing "that two sergeants may in each year be appointed to be second lieutenants" gives that stimulus of permanent service and promised reward so long and earnestly sought for. Until the results of this organization, up to this time so satisfactory, have been more fully tested, it is not advisable that changes be attempted.
Стр. 9 - The work aggregating at this office has become each year more extensive. A field of operations actually coextensive with the northern hemisphere is now within its scope. The details are many and complicated, each requiring to be elaborated for each day with the many checks necessary for accuracy, and each limited for its discharge to fixed and brief periods of time. The organization of the service, improved by experience, has permitted each branch of duty to be carried on with regularity. The force...
Стр. 192 - A brief examination of the charts of changes of the river-levels accompanying this and preceding reports, shows that the river-rises to occur at the different localities can be judged of frequently as to the time at which they will occur, and their extent by the conditions existing at points sometimes far distant. Accumulating data render studies of this kind valuable.
Стр. 455 - ... crown of any arch of light, and the same data for any corona or glory that may be formed. When the observer is familiar with the names of the principal fixed stars...
Стр. 705 - Washington, the change of wind to the east quarter usually begins at the surface stations eleven hours sooner than it does on the summit of that mountain...
Стр. 204 - Navy codes, in the use of semaphores, and in that code of permanent flag signals known as the International Code, to enable them to communicate with vessels of any nationality. The service has proven its usefulness in the case of a number of disasters to shipping. Its uses for meteorological purposes are before referred to. In the cases of savings at the time of disasters, it is believed that the values saved have been greater than the whole cost of the lines.
Стр. 455 - ... or one right angle, and the corresponding radii are perpendicular to each other; thus the zenith (that point in the heavens immediately above the observer) is ninety degrees from the horizon, or, in other words, its altitude is 90°. A point half-way up from the horizon to the zenith has an altitude of .45°.

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