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They stayde at the lower end till the Knight Marshall had cleered the Hall, and the Officers of Armes had put them in order from whence they proceeded to the Throne as followeth, vizt. :

The Sergeant of the Vestry bearing his verge. Children of the Chapell, 4. a breast in scarlet Mantles.

Chore of Westminster, 4. a breast in surplisses. · Gentlemen of the Chapell, 4. a breast in scarlet Mantles. p. 110.]

/Pursuivants of Armes.


The 2. Provinciall Kings of Armes.
The Deane of Westminster in a rich Cope carrying a Bible, the Lod

BP of Rochester, Dr. Sprat.
The Subdeane the Chalice.
A Prebend the Patin. Dr. Killigrew.
A Prebend St. Edward's Crowne. Dr. Patrick.
A Prebend the Queens Crowne. Dr. Littleton.
A Prebend the Kings Orbe. Dr. Busby.
A Prebend the Queens Orbe. Dr. Briavell.
A Prebend the Kings Scepter with a Doue. Mr. Annesley.
The Queens Scepter with a Doue. Mr. Pelling.
The Kings Scepter with the Crosse. Dr. Delangle.
The Queens Scepter with the Crosse. Mr. Berkeley.
The Kings Orbe.
The Queens Orbe.

St. Edward's Staffe. Mr. Sartre. In their Proceeding from the lower end of the Hall to the Throne they made 3. obeissances first at the lower end, secondly in the middle of the Hall, the last nere the steps leading up to the throne, there they that proceeded first fell off standing on both sydes.

At the uppermost step before the Throne Garter Principall King of Arms attended to direct the Deane and Prebends, who having made their Reverences at the foot of the steps leading up to the Throne ascended.

There the Deane by the direction of Garter made his Reverence to the King and Queen, and then delivered the Bible to the Lord Great Chamberlaine and the Lord High Constable who layd it on the Table before their Matys.

The rest in order as before were in like manner all layde upon the Table, and the Deane & Prebends as soone as they had delivered them descended.

Then Garter by the Kings coñand called the Earle of Manchester to whom the Lord Great Chamberlain gaue St. Edward's Staffe.

[A Liste of the Peers appointed to carry the Regalia was before delivered to Garter : in m.]

In like manner, the Lord Grey of Ruthyn being called received the spurs.

The Earle of Clare, the Queens scepter with the Crosse.
The Earle of Northampton the Kings scepter with the Crosse.
The Earle of Shrewsbury the Sword Curtana, betwene the Earle of

Derby with the pointed Sword and the Earle of Pembroke the
blunted sword on the left hand.
The Earle of Oxford, the Sword of State in the scabbard."
The Earle of Bedford, the Queenes Scepter with the Doue.
The Earle of Rutland, the Kings Scepter with the Doue.
The Duke of Bolton, with the Queenes Orbe.
The Duke of Grafton, the Kings Orbe.
The Duke of Somerset, the Queenes Crowne, the Cap Purple Velvet.
The Earle of Devonshire, Lord High Steward, the King's Crowne, the

Cap purple Velvet.
The Lod Bishop of Rochester, Deane of Westminster, with the

The Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, the Patin.
The Lord Bishop of London, the Bible.

At the foote of the staires leading up to the Throne, the Barons of the Cinque Ports attended with the Canopye.

The way from the Throne in Westminster Hall to the Quier in Westminster Abbey was spread with Blue cloth.

p. 111.] The King and Queenes Royall Proceeding
to their Maties Coronation from Westminster Hall

to Westminster Abbey.

Druñs, 4. a breast.
These stayd at
Westminster Hall

J The Druñ Maior.

Trumpets 4. a breast.

| The Sergeant Trumpeter.
[The six Clerkes in Chancery 3. a breast

Chaplaines having dignityes in scarlet, 4. a breast. These ordered to

Sheriffs, and Aldermen of London, In scarlet 4. a

breast. meete in the Court of Request

| Masters in Chancery in Gownes. where they were

The Kings two younger Sergeants, in their Robes.

{ The Solicitor and Attorney Generall. marshalled by the Offre of Armes

The Kings two antient Sergeants in their Robes. & conducted into

| Esquiers of the Body in their usuall habits. the Hall.

Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, 4. a breast, to

be ranked by the Lod Chamberlains order. Knights of the Bath, In this place if any had bene


1 The Proceeding to Westm" Abbey: added in margin in other hand.

Barons of the Excheqand Justices of both Benches.
Lord Cheife Baron and Lod Cheife Justice of the Coñon Pleas.
Master of the Rolls, and Lod Cheife Justice of the Kings Bench.
Sergeant of the Vestry with his Verge, and the Sergeant Porter, In

scarlet Gownes.
Children of the Chapell In Scarlet Mantles.
Chore of Westminster, In surplices.
Gent : of the Kings Chapell, In scarlet Mantles.
The Subdeane of the Chapell, In a scarlet Gowne turned up with

black velvet.
Prebends of Westminster, In Copes.
The Deane of Westminster, In a rich cope, In an other place.
The Master of the Jewell House, In a scarlet Robe.
Privy Councellors, not Peers, If any.

Two Pursuivants of Armes.
Baronesses 4. a breast, In their Robes of Crimson Velvet, the Capes

poudered with two rowes of Ermyne, their Coronets in their hands. [The Peeresses met in the Painted Chamber. in m.] Barons in their Robes in like manner.

The Peers in the Lords House. in m.] , Bishops.

Two Pursuivants of Armes. Viscountesses 4. a breast, In their Robes, the Capes poudered with

two rowes and an half of Ermyne, their Coronets in their hands. Viscounts in their Robes in like manner. [No Traynes borne but the King and Queenes. in m.]

Two Heralds, wearing their Collars of SS. of silver. Countesses 4 a breast, In their Robes, the Capes poudered with

3. rowes of Ermyne, their Coronets in their hands. Earles in their Robes in like manner.

[The Knts of the Garter did weare their great collars & Georges. in m.]

Two Heralds of Armes as before. A Marchioness, in her Robes, the Cape poudered with 3. rowes and

an halfe of Ermine, her Coronet in her hand.

p. 112.]

Two Heralds as before. Duchesses, 4. a breast, In their Robes, the Capes poudered with 4.

rowes of Ermyne, their Coronets in their hands.

Dukes in like manner, except employed to carry the Regalia.

Clarenceux King of Armes, wearing a silver collar of SS. g[old.] Lod Privy Seale the Marq: of Hallifax, and the Lod President the

Earle of Danby, In their Robes carrying their Coronets in their hands. The Loa Archbishop of Yorke! His Royall Highness Prince George of Denmarke, Duke of Cumber

land, In his Robes poudered with six rowes of Ermyne, his Coronet in his hand, and his Trayne borne according to the order before mentioned. Two Persons in Robes of State, representing the Dukes of Aquitaine

and Normandy, Vizt Sr Edward Sutton knt and Sr Purbeck

Temple Baronet. St. Edwards Staffe.

The Spurs. The Queenes Scepter wth

The Kings Scepter with the Crosse.

the Crosse. The Pointless sword Curtana. The Pointed sword. Lol Maior of London Garter Principali The Gentleman bearing the

King of Armes in his Usher with his
Citye Mace.
Collar and Jewell

Black Rod.
his Coronet in his hand.
The Lord Great Chamberlain, in his Robes, his Coronet

in one hand, his white staffe in the other.
The Earle Marshall The Sword of State, The High

in his Robes, his Earle of Oxford. Constable in
Coronet in one hand,
In the other the Earle

his Coronet, In the
Marshlls staffe.

other the Constables Duke of Norfolke


Duke of Ormond.
The Queenes scepter with a

The Kings scepter with a
Doue by Earle of Bedford. Doue Earle of Rutland.
The Queenes Orbe by

The Kings Orbe by
Du. of Bolton.

the Du. of Grafton. "The Queenes Crowne by the The Kings Crowne by the Lod High Du. of Somerset.

Steward the Earle of Devonshire.
The Patin by the The Bible by the The Chalice by the
Lord Bishop Lord Bishop

Lord Bishop
of St. Asaph.
of London.

of Rochester.


The Sw of Oxford.hes in one han

Sergeants at Armes,

Sergeants at Armes.



? A Q has been addel in margin before the Archbishop of York, probably standing for Query.


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The Queene.

The King.




The Canopye borne by 16. of the Barons
of the Cinque Ports.

Lod Bp. of
On her head a Circlet of On his head a Crimson
gold her

Velvet Cap
Mats Trayne borne by the Duchess his great Collar of the Order &
of Somerset, Lady Elizabeth Pawlet, George, his Mats Traine borne
Lady Diana Vere, Lady Elizabeth by the Lod Eland, 1,4 Willough-
Cavendish, Lady Henrietta Hyde. by, Lord Lansdoune, Lod Dun-

blaine, and the Master of the

Robes. The Countess of Derby, Grome The Earl of Monmouth, Gent: of the Stole.

of the Bedchamber.
2. of her Mats women.

2. Groomes of the Bedchamber.
The Capt. of the The Capt. of the The Capt. of the
Yeomen of the
Horse Guarde


in wayting.
Ensigne and Lieutenant of the Yeomen of the Guarde.

Yeoman of the Guarde. 4. a breast.

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Within Westminster Abbey a large Theatre was erected, which extended to the 4. Pillars betwene the Quier and the Altar, the ascent to the said Theatre was by severall steps, and the descent from thence to the Altar two steps.

In the middle of the said Theatre was erected a Throne raysed upon 5 degrees, or steps, where was placed two Chaires of State of Cloth of gold with footstools and Cushions respecting the Altar.

The Theatre was floored with red say, and the Throne, and the steps going up to it was covered with cloth of Gold.

The Area or Sacrarium betwene the Altar and the Theatre was covered with red Say.

At the Foot of the Throne upon the Theatre facing the Altar, two rich Chaires were placed with a Faldstoole and cushions before them, for the King and Queene.

Upon the South syde of the said Area betwene the Theatre and the Altar was a Traverse of Crimson Taffeta and two Chaires with Footstooles and Cushions and Faldstooles before the Chayres.

Opposite thereunto on the North syde was a Chayre of Purple Velvet for the Lord Bishop of London, who at this Solemnity officiated instead of the Archbishop of Canterbury

About the middle of the Area, some what neerer the Theatre then the Altar was placed St. Edwards Chayre, and another by it for the Queene.

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