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to the Lords by the Lord great Chamberlain in the King and Queens Presence in Westmr Hall.

That the Earl Marshall do Order what Servants, the Nobility are to have, to wait on them in Westmr Hall.

The Lord great Chamberlain to give out Tickets for their Admittance into the Hall.

The Earl Marshal to receive from his Majesty the Names of the Lords who are to carry the Regalia.

That the Lord Chamberlain do give a Warrt to the Jewell house to deliver to the Dean of Westmr the Regalia, which are to be brought by the Dean and Prebends from the Abbey to Westmr Hall, the morning of the Coronation.

The Comittee do also humbly move yor Mãtie, to Order the Lord great Chamberlain, The Earl Marshal, the Lord Steward, the Lord Chamberlain of yor Household to grant their Warrant, for all things to be provided in their respective Offices and Charges accordingly.

And that yor Majesties Orders be sent to the Master of the Horse, and to the Master of the Ordnance for furnishing & Equipping of the Champion.

And that the Lord Bishop of London do Inspect the Office of Divine Service to be used in the Abbey on the day of the Coronation.

And that an Order be sent to the Master of the Mint to provide thc Medals of gold and Silver.

And an Order to the Master of the Robes to provide what is herein set down to be done in that Office.

And also that the Grome of the Stole to the Queens Mãtie do provide what Robes is down for the Queen.

And that yor Mãtie do Order what number of Guards shall attend and where to be placed.

And to direct how the Imperial Arms shall be Marshalled.

All which is most humbiy submitted to yor Majesties great Wisdom.

[a blank leaf.]


King William AND QUEEN Mary.]

of King

[p. 1. Will: & Qu. Mary at Westmr 11. Apr. 1689.

The Order and Manner of the Coronation of the Kings and Queens of England, together with the Office and Service to be per

formed that day. | The Coronation shall be allways upon some Sunday or

Holy day in the Church at Westmr. The Morning Prayer for that day shall be performed both in the Kings Chapel at Whitehall, and in the Church of Westmr by all the Ministers and Officers of each Quire respectively, and that very early to the end that they may be ready to attend the Solemnity of the Coronation itself in due time.

It is very fit and congruous, and accordingly the King is to be desired that He will be present at Morning Prayer in Whitehall, and so begin that glorious day with him by whom Kings Reign. And it is also requisite, That the Bishops, Kings Chaplains and other Clergymen who are to bear any part in the great Solemnity; Anda begin where they ought, and attend the Morning Service either in Whitehall or at Westmr.

The Service shail be the same with the usual Office for Sundays and Holy days in all things, Except where it is in this Office otherwise appointed.

Morning Prayer shall begin with these Sentences.
Repent ye for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. S. Math.

I exhort therefore that first of all Supplications, Prayers, Intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all Men; for Kings, and all that are in authority; That We may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all Godlyness and Honesty: For this is good and acceptable unto God Our Savior. 1. Tim. ii. 1. 2. 3. 1_1 in margin.

2 underlined in pencil.

iii. 2.


Instead of Venite Exultemus the Hymn following shall be said or sung; One Verse by the Priest that Officiates, and the other by the r Ps. viij. 1. O Lord Our Governor. how excellent is thy

Name in all the World ; thou? that hast set

thy Glory above the Heavens. Ps. cxliv. 3. Lord what is Man that thou hast such respect

unto him, or the Son of Man that thou so

regardest him. Ps. viij. v Thou hast made him little lower than the

Angels, and thou Crownest him with Glory

and Honor. 6. Thou makest him to have Dominion over the

Works of thy hands and thou hast put all

things in Subjection under his Feet. lxxv. 7. For Promotion cometh neither from the East

nor from the West nor yet from the South. 8. For why? God is the Judge, he putteth down

one and setteth up another. /c. 2. Tis He that hath made Us and not We [p. 2.

Our Selves, We are His People and the Sheep

of His Pasture. lxxvij. 20. Tis He that leadeth His People like sheep by

the Hand of Moses and Aaron. cxliv. 10 Tis He that giveth Salvation unto Kings, and

delivereth David his Servant from the Peril of

the Sword. xviij. 43 Tis He that delivereth them from the strivings

of the People; and subdueth the People that

is under them. Ixxxiv. 9. Behold O. God Our Defender and look upon the

Face of thine Anointed. xvij. 5

O hold thou up his goings in thy Paths, that his

Footsteps slip not. 1xxx. 17. Let thy Hand be upon the Man of thy right

hand, and upon the Son of Man, whom thou

hast made so strong for thine own self. li. 12. O give him the Comfort of thy help (O Lord)

and Establish him with thy free and Princely

Spirit. xvij. 7. Show him thy marvellous loving kindness;

thou that art the Savior of them, that put
their trust in thee, from such as resist thy

right hand.
1_1 These words partly illegible from ink stains.

8 Keep Him as the apple of an Eye, hide Him

under the Shadow of thy Wings. Ixi. 6 Thou shaltt grant the King a long life, that His

years may be as many Generations. 7 He shall dwell before God for ever, O prepare

thy loving Mercy and faithfullness that they

may preserve Him cxxxij. 19 As for His Enemies God shall cloth them with

shame, but upon Himself shall the Crown

flourish. xviij. 52. Great Prosperity giveth He unto his King, and

sheweth loving kindness to his Annointed and

to his Seed for evermore. cvj. 46. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel from ever

lasting and World without End, and let all the

People say Amen.
1xxij. 19. Even so blessed be the Name of his Majestie for

Ever; and let all the Earth be filled with his
Majestie Amen and Amen.

Glory be to the Father etca.

As it was in the beginning etca.
Proper Psalms xx. xxi. lxxij.
Proper Lessons The first 2. Kings ii. or 2. Chron: xvij.

The 2d Rom: xiij. Te Deum Benedictus.
The Suffrages next after the Creed.

[p. 3.
Priest O Lord shew thy Mercy upon Us.
Answ. And grant Us thy Salvation.
Priest O Lord save the King.
Answ. Who putteth his trust in thee.
Priest Send him help from thy holy place.
Answ. And evermore mightily defend him.
Priest Let his Enemies have no Advantage against him.
Answ. Let not the Wicked approach to hurt him.
Priest Endue thy Ministers with Righteousnes.
Answ. And make thy chosen People joyfull.
Priest O Lord save thy People.
Answ. And bless thine Inheritance.
Priest Be unto Us O Lord a strong Tower.
Answ. From the face of Our Enemies.
Priest O Lord hear Our Prayers.
Answ. And let Our Cry come unto thee.

Instead of the first Collect at Morning Prayer, shall these two which follow be used.

Allmighty God whose Kingdom is everlasting and Power infinite We are taught by thy holy word that the hearts of Kings are in thy rule and governance, and that thou dost dispose and turn them as it seemeth best to thy Godly Wisdom, We humbly beseech thee so to dispose and govern the hearts of thy Chosen Servants Our King and Queen, that they knowing whose Authority they have, may in all their thoughts, words, and works, above all things ever seek thy Honor and Glory, and study to preserve the People committed to their charge in Wealth, Peace and Godliness; And that We, and all their Subjects, duely considering whose Authority they have may faithfully serve, honour, and humbly obey them in thee and for thee according to thy blessed word and Ordinance, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, who with thee and the holy Ghost liveth and reigneth ever one God, World without end Amen.

Grant We beseech thee Allmighty God that Our Soveraign Lord King William who by thine especial grace and favor is this day to be anointed and Crowned, and solemnly setled [p. 4. in the Throne of Supreme Government over Us, may be and continue allways a religious Defender of thy holy faith, and Church among Us, a gracious Governor. unto all his Subjects, a glorious Conqueror. over all his enemies, a mighty Protector of the People committed to his charge, and a happy Father of a numerous Posterity to rule these Nations after him by Succession in all ages & Generations. And grant also gracious Lord, that We and all his Subjects duely considering, that there is no Power but of God, and that the Powers that be are ordained of God, may be subject and obedient to him not only for wrath, but also for Conscience sake, and so may long together with him the continuance of those thy great Blessings which by him thou dost vouchsafe unto Us, leading a quiet & peaceable life in all Godliness & Honesty through Jesus Christ Our only Lord and Savior. Amen.

Immediately before the Prayer of St. Chrysostome shall the

Collect following be used. O most gracious and Powerfull Lord God by whose divine Providence thy Servant Our most gracious Soveraign Lord King William is to be this day solemnly placed over Us in the Imperial Throne of thy Kingdom, We most humbly beseech thee that we all may shew Our selves truely and unfeignedly thankfull unto thee, for this thy great goodness toward Us: And that Our gracious King may through thy Mercy long continue his Reign over Us in all vertue Godliness and honor!

1 originally honesty but altered into honor.

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