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prestari solita et consueta et de Iure vel statutis huius Regni Angliæ requisita. Cæteraque omnia et singula faciendum exercendum exequendum et expediendum in premissis quæ de Iure vel Statutis huius Regni Angliæ in hac parte necessaria fuerint seu quomodolibet opportuna vel requisita Vobis conjunctim et divisim tenore presentium vices nostras committimus ac plenam in Domino concedimus potestatem ad nostrum beneplacitum tantummodo duraturam Iuribus nostris Archiepiscopalibus Cantuar cæterisque Emolumentis Nobis et Officiariis sive Ministris nostris in hac parte competentibus semper salvis et reservatis. In cuius rei testimonium sigillum nostrum Archiepiscopale presentibus apponi fecimus Data in manerio nostro de Lambhithe decimo quinto die Mensis Martii Anno Domini secundum cursum et computationem Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ Millesimo Sexcentesimo Octogesimo Octavo et nostræ Consecrationis Anno Duodecimo,

W. Cant. Robertus Woodward Legum Dr Not. Publicus et Actuarius hac vice spezialiter assumptus.

Examinat' per me Thomam
Tyllott Notarium publicum.




fo, 1986.

Die Martis Nono Aprilis 1689.



fo. 1996. His Majtie, being in his Throne adorned with his Regall Crowne and Royall Robes with his great Officers of State about him And the Peeres being in their Robes commanded the Gent Usher of the Black Rod to signifie his pleasure to the Commons That they attend his Majtie presently with their Speaker :

Who being come his Majtie Gave his Royall assent to 3 Bills
1. An Act for Establishing the Coronation Oath
The Clerk of the Crowne read the Title :

And the Clerk of the parliaments pronounced the Royall assent in these Words

Le Roy et la Reyne voulent.

1 For the Act of Parliament establishing the Coronation Oath, see 1° Gul. & Mar. cap. 6. in Statutes of the Realm, 1819. vol. vi. p. 56. .




[A folio paper book, bound in vellum, leaves 127 inches high by 8 broad; the greater number blank; but 39 leaves have contemporaneous copies of the warrants from the Lord Chamberlain for the provision of necessaries for the coronation of William and Mary, some of which are named on p. 5 above.]

P. II.

[Anointing oile: in margin]

These are to require you to prepare and the same quantity of Annoynting Oyle for theire Maties Coronation as was provided for the last Coronation And this shall bee yor Warrt: Given vnd my hand this 234 day of March 1688 In the first yeare of His Maties Reigne. 9

Dorsett To James Chace Esq

Apothecary in Ordinary

to His Maties Royall person. Whereas His Maty has declared His Royall Pleasure that he will celebrate the solemnity of theire Matys Coronation vpon 12th : day of Aprill next, And hath by His Order in Councill directed mee to Issue out my Warrt for provisions for the same accordingly These are therefore to signify vnto you His Matys Pleasure, that you prepare Two Ruby Rings for the King & Queenes Matrs to bee putt on at the Coronation; as theire Matys shall direct, Twelve Canopy Staves Silvered & Eight Bells guilt, to hang at the Corners of the Canopy ; One Cup of Gold for the Earle Marshall of thirty two Ounces ; One Cup of Gold for ye Lord Mayor of London, One Guilt Bowle for the Mayor of


Evidently a word has been missed out here, but there is no space between and and the.

2 Ruby Rings has been here written in the margin in pencil in a nineteenth century hand.

Oxford, One guilt Bowle for the Champion, One guilt Bowle for ye Cheife Cupbearer. Two guilt Basons One guilt Ewer, and one Assay Cup guilt for the Lord Greate Chamberlayne; two guilt Basons for the Cheife Almoner, One Rod adorned with gold, One Chaine and Badg of Gold for ye Gentleman Vsher of the Black Rod;

These particulars to be made to ye Value to ye Value proportion & fashion as they were made at ye last Coronation And this shall bee yr

,8 Warrt. Given under my hand this 23 de day of March 1689 In the

9 first yeare of His Maties Reigne

To Sr Guilbert
Talbott Knt

Master &c.

P. 28.

These are to signify unto you His Maties Pleasure that you deliver unto the Rt Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of Rochester Deane of Westminster these perticulars followinge for theire Maties Service at theire Coronation (Vizt) For His Mae One Imperiall Crowne of gold one Scepter of gold with a Crosse, one scepter of gold with a Dove, one St Edwards Staffe of gold, one Globe or orbe of gold, one Challice, Patten, and Cover, one Ampulla or Eaglett, and one Anointing Spoone : And for Her Mae one Imperiall Crowne, one Scepter with a Crosse, one Scepter with a Dove, and one Globe or Orbe And this shall be yor Warrant Given under my hand this : 5th day of Aprill 1689 In the first yeare of His Maes Reigne

For Sr Guilbert Talbott Knt

Master & Treasurer of His
Maes Jewellhouse and in his
absence to ye rest of ye

Officers there. These are to signify unto yo” Lordship His Maes Pleasure that you deliver unto the Rt Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of Rochester Deane of Westminster for theire Maes Service at theire Coronation the Royall Vestments, that are provided in your Office for that Service And this shall be yok Warrant Given under my hand this fifth day of Aprill 1689 In the first yeare of His Maes Reigne

To the Rt Honoble the Lord

Mountagu Master of His
Maes Greate Wardrobe and
to His Deputy there.

1 Thus, repeated.




[A large folio book of paper, of 21 leaves, two at the beginning and three at the end being blank. The leaves are 175 inches high by 114 broad. It is bound in vellum.]

[Leaves 1 & 2 blank.

The Accompt of the Rt Honorble Ralph Earle of Montagu [fo. 3. Master of the Great Wardrobe to their sacred Mats King William & Queen Mary of his emptions and Deliveries of diverse Particulars for their said Mats Service against their Royall Coronation solemnized at Westmins! the 11th day of Aprill 1689 in the first year of their Majesties Reigne.

[fo. 3 b blank.]

[fo. 4.


For the Coronation of King William & Queen Mary [For their Mats: Royall Robes

Swords Scabbards Girdles
belts sandalls buskins : in m.]
To Samuel Coape Mercer for twenty two yards of

purple and gold rich brocard for their Mats Dal

matick Robes To him for ten Ells of Crimson Florence Taffata to line the said Robes

vjli xs To him for ten yards three quarters of sad colour gold and silver rich Brocard

iiijxx iii:li vj:S iija To him for ten yards three quarters of rich gold ground and silver Brocard

iiijxx.li vij:8 vjd To him for thirty Eight Ells of Crimson Florence Sarcenett

xixli. To him for twenty yards of Crimson rich Florence Sattin

xiij:li To him for two Ells of Crimson Florence sarcenett To him for one Ell of Crimson Florence Sarcenett

for a wrapper to carry the abovesaid robes to the
Abby in


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