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Benedictio eiusdem missae. PRouidentia et gubernatio dei omnipotentis. quae té in regális

dignitatis /gloriam hodierna die mirífice disposuit [p. 307. ordináre. dignetur té benedicere. sublimáre. et triumpháliter confirmare. Amen.

Faciat té prudentem consilio. audacem ingénio. preclárum imperio: ut culmina regni sagaciter prouideas. et hostium machinamenta fortiter repugnes. Amen.

Quatinus lorica fidei munítus. galea quoque salutis redimitus, et gladio uirtutis dei accinctus. securus uitae tempora cum oblectamento caelestis glorie possídeas. ut cum christo rége régum. et domino dominorum in eternae felicitatis regno feliciter regnáre ualeas. Amen. Quod ipse.

Ad complendum.

itt. ab omnibus tuéatur aduersis. quatinus et aecclesiasticę pacis obtineat tranquillitatem. et post istíus temporis decursum. ad aeternam perueniat hereditatem.


[p. 308. OMnipotens sempiterne deus celestium terrestriumque moder

átor. qui famulum tuum. itt. ad regni fastigium dignatus és prouehere. concede quaesumus ut a cunctis aduersitatibus liberatus. et aecclesiastice pacis dono muniatur. et aeternae pacis gaudia. té donánte perueníre mereatur. per dominum nostrum iesum christum.



[Taken from Francis Sandford, The History of the Coronation of ... James II. In the Savoy, Thomas Newcombe, 1687, p. 88.]

Sect. V. The Oath.

Sermon being ended, the KING uncovered His Head, and the Archbishop arose, and repaired to His MAJESTY, and asked Him,

SIR, Are You willing to take the Oath usually taken by Your Predecessors ?

And the KING answered,
I am willing

Then the Archbishop Ministred these Questions ; To which the KING (having a Book in His Hand) answered severally as followeth.

ARCHB. SIR, Will You Grant and Keep, and by Your Oath Confirm to the People of England, the Laws and Customs to them Granted by the Kings of England, Your Lawful and Religious Predecessors; and namely, the Laws, Customs and Franchises Granted to the Clergy by the Glorious King St. Edward Your Predecessor, according to the Laws of God, the True Profession of the Gospel Established in this Kingdom, and agreeing to the Prerogative of the Kings thereof, and the Antient Customs of this Realm ?

KING. I grant and promise to keep them.

ARCHB. SIR, Will You keep Peace and Godly Agreement intirely, according to Your Power, to the Holy Church, the Clergy, and the People ?

KING. I will keep it.

ARCHB. SIR, Will you to Your Power cause Law, Justice and Discretion, in Mercy and Truth, to be Executed in all Your Judgements ? COR. ORDERS.


KING. I will,

ARCHB. SIR, Will You Grant to hold and keep the Rightful Customs which the Communalty of this Your Kingdom have, and will You defend and uphold them to the Honour of God, so much as in You lieth ?

KING. I Grant and Promise so to do.

Then the Petition or Request of the Bishops to the KING, was read by the Bishop of Glocester, with a clear Voice, in the Name of the rest standing by.

Our LORD and KING, We beseech You to Pardon Us, and to Grant and Preserve unto Us, and the Churches committed to Our Charge, all Canonical Privileges, and due Law and Justice, and that You will Protect and Defend Us, as every good King in His Kingdom ought to be Protector and Defender of the Bishops and Churches under Their Government. The KING answered,

With a Willing and Devout Heart, I Promise and Grant You My Pardon; and that I will Preserve and Maintain to You, and the Churches committed to Your Charge, all Canonical Privileges, and due Law and Justice : And that I will be Your Protector and Defender to My Power, by the Assistance of God, as every good King in His Kingdom ought in Right to Protect and Defend the Bishops and Churches under Their Government.

Then the KING arose from His Chair, and being attended by the Lord Great Chamberlain, and supported by the Two Bishops, and the Sword of State carried before Him, He went to the Altar, and laying His Hand upon the Evangelists, took the Oath following:

The Things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. So help Me God, and the Contents of this Book.

And then kissed the Book.



p. I.

Whitehall the 14th of February 1688. [1689] The Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons ... Resolved ... that ye sole and full Exercise of ye Regall Power be only in, and executed by the said Prince of Orange in ye names of the said Prince and Princesse during their joynt Lives.

p. 19.

At the Court at Whitehall
the 26th of February, 1688 [1689] Tuesday afternoon


The King's most Excellent Maty Lord Privy Seale

Viscount Lumley Duke of Norfolke

Lord Montagu Marques of Winchester

Lord Delamer Lord Grt Chamberlain

Lord Churchill Lord Steward

Mr. Bentinck Lord Chamberlain

Mr. Sidney Earle of Oxford

Sir Robert Howard Earle of Shrewsbury

Sir Henry Capell Earle of Bedford

Mr. Comptroller Earle of Bathe

Mr. Vice: Chamberlain Earle of Maclesfeld

Mr. Speaker Earle of Nottingham

Mr. Russell Viscount Fauconberg

Mr. Hambden Viscount Mordaunt

Mr. Boscawen Viscount Newport

[Comittee for ye Coronation : in margin).

It is this day Ordered by his Maty in Councill That the Rt Honoble ye Lord President, the Lord Privy Seale, the Duke of Norfolke Earle Marshall of England Marquesse of Winchester, Lord Great Chamberlain, Lord Steward, Lord Chamberlain, Earle of Shrewsbury, Viscount Newport, Lord Montagu, Mr. Comptroller, & Mr. Vice: Chamberlain, Or any Five of them be, and they are hereby appointed a Committee of this Boord, to consider of ye time & manner of ye Coronation of their Maes : And make Report thereof to his Maty in Councill.



p. 27.
At the Court at Whitehall the 5th of March 168–


9 [BP of London added to y Committee for ye Coronation : in margin).

The Lord BP. of London added to the Committee appointed to consider of the time and manner of the Coronation of their Matys.


p. 32.


[12th March 160.] [Proclamation about the Coronation to [be] approved : in margin).

It is this day ordered by His Maty in Councill that the Proclamation in order to their Matys intended Coronation do pass the Great Seal and be forthwith printed and published, and that one of His Matys Principall Secretaries of State do direct the Same to be don according to the Form hereunto annexed wch was approved at the Boord.

A Proclamation in Order to Their Matys intended Coronation, WHEREAS wee have resolved by the favor and Blessing of God to celebrate the solemnity of Our Royall Coronation upon the 11th day of Aprill next at Our Palace at Westminster. And forasmuch as by Ancient Customs & usages of this Realm as also in regard of divers Tenures of sundry mannors, Lands and other Hereditaments many of our Loving Subjects do claim and are bound to do and perform divers severall Services on the said Day and at the time of the Coronation as in times precedent their ancestors and those from whom they Claim have don and performed at the Coronation of our Predecessors Kings and Queens of this Realm. Wee therefore out of our Princely Care for the Preservation of the Lawfull Rights and Inheritances of Our Loving Subjects whom it may Concern have thought fit to give notice and publish our Resolution therein, and do hereby give notice of and publish the same accordingly, And wee do hereby further signify that by our Commission under our Great Seale of England Wee have appointed and authorized Our Rt Trusty and Rt Welbeloved Cousin & Councellor Thomas Earle of Danby President of our Councill; Our Rt Trusty and intirely beloved Cousin & Councellor George Marquis of Halifax Our Keeper of Our Privy Seale; Our Rt Trusty & Rt intirely beloved Cousin and Councellor Henry Duke of Norfolk Earle Marshall of England ; Our Rt Trusty and intirely beloved Cousin & Councellor Charles Marquis of Winchester ; Our R+ Trusty and R Welbeloved Cousin & Councellor Robert Earle of Lindsey Great

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