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may be glorious in all Vertu ; and so represtfi Our Lord

Jesus Christ in this life, that you may reign for ever with Him « in the life to come. Amen.

f Then the King and Queen rising up, the King ungirds his Sword, and both of them going to the Altar, offer it up there in the Scabbard, and then return and sit down in their Chairs : And the chief Peer (or He to whom their Mãties shall vouchsafe that Honour) offereth the Price of it (scilt 100s.) and having thus redeemed it, receiveth it from off the Altar by the Dean of Westminster, draweth it out of the Scabbard, and carrieth it naked before their Mãties during the rest of the Solemnity.



Next the Robes Royal, or Purple Robes of State, of Cloth of Tissue, wrought with golden Eagles, and Flowers de Liz, and lin'd or furr'd with ......? are by the Mastr. of the great Wardrobe deliver'd to the Dean of Westmr. and by him put upon the King and Queen standing ; who having received them, sit down : And then the Orbs with the Cross, are brought from the Altar by the Dean of Westm'., and deliver'd into the Kings and Queens hands, by the ABP. pronouncing this Blessing, and Exhortation.

" Receive this Imperial Robe and Orb; And the Lord yor "God endue You, with knowledge and Wisdom, with Majesty “ and with Power from on High. The Lord cloth You with the “Robe of Righteousness and with the Garments of Salvation ; “ *and gird You about with Strength, and with Gladness. Let..

Righteousness be the Girdle of your Loins, and Faithfullness 'the Girdle of Yor Reins.* “ And when you

ee this Orb, thus set under the Cross ; Remember that the whole World is subject to the Power and “Empire of Christ Our Lord. For all Power is given unto him “ both in Heaven and Earth. He ruleth in the Kingdoms of " Men, and giveth them to whomsoever He will. He is the “ blessed and only Potentate ; ye Prince of the Kings of the

Earth ; on whose Vesture, and on His Thigh, a Name is written, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. So that no Man

can reign happily upon Earth, who derives not his Authority “ from him, and directs not all his Administrations and Actions, “according to His Laws.

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The word contracted is represent.

3 s struck out with pencil.


The Mar. of the Jewel House delivers the King and Queens Rings (in each of which a Table Ruby is Enchaced, and on that St. Georges Cross Engraven) to the Arch BP. who puts first the Kings Ring on the 4th finger of his Mafies right hand, and then the Queens Ring on the 4th finger of her Maties right hand; and the Arch BP. saith.

/ Receive the Ring of Kingly Dignity, and the Seal of [p. 17. Catholick Faith: that as You are this day consecrated Head “ of this Kingdom and People ; so being rich in Faith and “abounding in good Works, You may reign with Him who is " the King of Kings: To whom be Honour and Glory for ever “ and ever Amen.

The Scepters and Rods are next to be deliver'd, but before the King and Queen receive them, they redeliver their Orbs to the Dean of Westm" to be again laid upon the Altar: And ye Lord of the Mannor of Worsop (who claims to hold an Estate by the Service of presenting to the King, a right hand Glove on the day of his Coronation, and supporting the Kings right Arms! while he holds the Scepter with the Cross) delivers to the King and Queen each of them a pair of rich Gloves, and upon any Occasion happening afterward, supports their Maties right Arms or holds their Scepters foro them.

The Gloves being put on, the Arch Bp. takes the Scepters with the Crosses, and delivers them into the King and Queens right hands, saying,

3« Receive the Royal Sceptre, the Ensign of Kingly Power " and Justice

[ And then he delivers the Rods with the Doves, into the King and Queens left hands; and saith,

“Receive the Rod of Equity, and Mercy. And God from “ whom all holy desires, all good Counsells, and all just works “ do proceed, prevent, and follow You, direct and assist You, in “the just and equal Administration, and Exercise of all these “ Powers which He hath given You. Be so mercifull that Ye “ be not too remiss : So execute Justice, and Judgment, that You “ forget not Mercy. Judge with Righteousness, and reprove with

Equity, and accept no Mans Person. Break the Jaws of the “ Wicked, and pluck the Spoil out of his Teeth; that the

blessing of him that was ready to perish may come upon “ You : Repress the Proud and lift up the Lowly: Punish the “ Wicked and protect and cherish the Just and lead them all in " the ways of Righteousness; and thus in all things follow his "great, and holy Example, of whom the Prophet David saith, “ Thou lovest Righteousness and hatest Iniquity; the Scepter “ of thy Kingdom is a right Scepter, even Jesus Christ Our Lord “ God blessed for ever more.

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“ Gold upon


| The ArchBP standing before the Altar, taketh the Crowns into His hands; and laying them again before him upon the Altar, saith,

“Oh God the Crown of the Faithfull, who alone dost Crown "them with Mercy and loving kindness; Bless, and Sanctify “these thy servants William and Mary, Our King and Queen, “who now in lowly devotion* bow their heads to thy Divine

" Majesty : And as Margent

"thou do'st this day Here the King and Queen must

“set a Crown of pure be put in mind to bow their heads "their heads, so enrich their Royal hearts with thy heavenly "and abundant Grace, and Crown them with all Princely “Virtues which may adorn the high Station, wherein thou hast "plac'd them ; through Him, who is the King Eternal, Immortal, " Invisible, Jesus Christ Our Lord, to whom be Honor and “Glory for ever. Amen.

Then the King and Queen sitting down in their Chairs; the ArchBP assisted with other Bps and the Dean of Westmr ; comes from the Altar, 2. Bps carrying each of them a Crown, the Abp taking of one of them, the Kings Crown, reverently putteth it upon the Kings head; then taking the Queens Crown of the other Bishop, he reverently putteth it upon the Queens head.

| At sight whereof the People 'vith loud and repeated Shouts, cry God save the King and Queen? ; and the Trumpets sound; and (by a Signal given) the great Guns at the Tower are then also shot off.

The noise ceasing the Arch BP goes on ; and saith, “God Crown You, with a Crown of Righteousness, and vertue, of Victory and Honor. The Lord himself be unto You for a “ crown of Glory, and for a Diadem of Beauty: And may You “be also a Crown of Glory in the Hand of the Lord; and a

Royal Diadem in the hand of yor God. Be strong, and of a "good Courage. Observe the Comandments of God, and walk " in his ways. Fight the good Fight of Faith, and lay hold of

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“ You may

“ Eternal life, that when You shall have finished yor Course,

receive a Crown of Glory, and Honor. and Immortality that fadeth not away ; which God the righteous Judge, “shall give You in that day.

Then the Quire singeth this short Anthem. /Ps. cxlvij. 12. Praise the Lord o Jerusalem, Praise [p. 19. thy God O Sion.

Esa. xlix. 23 For Kings shall be thy Nursing Fathers, and Queens they Nursing Mothers.

Ps. xlviij. 7. As We have heard, so We have seen, in the City of Our God; God upholdeth the same for ever.

Ps. 21. 13. Be thou Exalted Lord in thine own Strength : So will we sing and Praise thy Power. ALLELUIA.

1. As soon as the King and Queen are Crown'd; while the Anthem is singing, the Peers and Peeresses put on their Coronets; and so also all the Kings of Arms.


Then shall the Dean of Westmr take the Holy Bible, (brought by one of the Prebends of Westmr and brought back by the Dean in the Procession for this purpose) from off the Altar, and deliver it to the ABP. who with the rest of the Bishops, going along with him shall present it to the King and Queen, first saying these words to them

4“ Thus said the Lord of old to his peculiar People by the "hand of his servant Moses. When thy King sitteth upon the

Throne of the Kingdom ; he shall write him a Copie of this “Law in a Book, and it shall be with him, and he shall read "therein all the days of his life ; that He may learn to fear the “Lord his God and to keep all the words of this Law to do

them, and that he turn not aside to the right hand, nor to the “left; to the end that He may prolong his days in his King

dom, He, and his Children. And accordingly afterward, when “they made Jehoash® King, they not only anointed and Crowned “him; but they gave him the Testimony also, that is the Book “of the Law of God, to be the Rule of his whole life and “ Government.

"To put you in mind of this Rule and that You may follow "this Example, We present You with this Book, the most

1 The anthem is underlined with black, except the references which are in the margin. 2_2 underlined with black line. or BP : written in margin in red.

Before this is added in margin: Our gracious King & Queen. 5 Deut : xvij. xviij. &c. etc. added in m. n in this word struck out by black line. 2 Kings xi. 12 added in m.

8 This word has been altered.



" valuable thing that this world affords. Here is Wisdom ; "this is the Royal Law; these are the lively Oracles of God. “ Blessed is He that readeth and they, that hear the Words of “this Books, that keep, and do the things conteined in it. For " these are the Words of Eternal life ; /able to make You (p. 20. " wise and happy in this World, nay wise unto Salvation, and so happy for evermore, through Faith which is in Christ Jesus, to “whom be Glory for ever Amen.

Cap. 14.

2THE BENEDICTION AND TE DEUM.2 And now the King and Queen having been thus anointed, and Crowned, and having receiv'd all the Ensigns of Royalty ; the Arch BP solemnly blesseth them; and all the Bishops standing about him, with the rest of the Peers, follow every part of the Benediction, with a loud and hearty Amen, in this manner.

“ The Lord bless You and keep You. The Lord make the "light of his Countenance to shine forever upon You, and be “gracious unto You. The Lord protect You in all yor waies, "and preserve You from every evil thing. The Lords prosper " the works of your hands upon You; the Lord prosper all your "handy Work. AMEN.

“May all the blessings of Heaven and Earth plenteously " descend upon You. The Lord give you of the Dew of “Heaven, and of ye fatness of the Earth; a fruitfull Country, "and healthfull Seasons; a faithfull Senate, and a quiet Empire ; “ Wise Councellors, and Victorious Armies; a Loyal Nobility, "and a dutifull Gentry ; and an honest, peaceable, and obedient "Comonalty. AMEN.

“ In yor days may Justice flourish, and Righteousness look “ down from Heaven. May Mercy and Truth meet together “ and kiss each other: May Wisdom and Knowledge be the

Stability of yor Times, and the fear of the Lord yor Treasure. “ AMEN.

“ The Lord preserve yor Life, and establish yor Throne; " that your Reigns may be prosperous, and yor days many; that “ You may live long in this World, obey'd, and honour'd, and “belov'd by all yor People, ever encreasing in favo". both with “ God and Man; and leave a numerous Posterity to rule these Kingdoms after You, by Succession in all ages. AMEN.”

“ The glorious Majesty of the Lord Our God be upon You ; “and He who hath made You King and Queen, over this great



2_2 underlined with black line.

1 Final s struck out with black.
3 struck out with black line and them interlined.
4 the final s struck out with black line.

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