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Preserve his life and Establish his Throne, let his days Reign be prosperous and his days many, let Justice, truth and Holyness, let Peace and Love and all Christian Virtues flourish in his dayes ; Be unto him We beseech thee a Helmet of Salvation against his Enemies, and a strong Tower of Defence in the time of trouble. Let all his people serve him with Honor, and Obedience ; and let him so duely and religiously serve thee here upon Earth, that He may hereafter reign everlastingly with thee in Heaven. Grant this for thy dear Son Jesus Christ his Sake Our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

The End of the Morning Prayer.

i struck through with two black lines.


THE CORONATION OFFICE to be performed in the [p. 5. Collegiate Church of Westmr.

Cap. 1.

THE ENTRANCE into the CHURCH | The King and Queen as soon as they enter at the West Door of the Church are to be Received with the following Anthem Sung by the Quire of Westm". Who with the Dean and Prebendaries of that Church are before to fall off from the Procession a little to ye left side of the middle Ile, and stay there to attend the Coming of their Mãties, and then going before them to sing.

Ps. cxxii. I. I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the House of the Lord :

2. Our Feet shall stand within thy Gates Ô Jerusalem.

4. For thither the Tribes go up even the Tribes of the Lord unto the Testimony of Israel: to give thanks unto the Name of ye Lord.

5. For there are sett Thrones of Judgment: even the Thrones of the House of David.

6. O pray for the peace of Jerusalem: They shall prosper, that love thee.

7. Peace be within thy Walls: and Prosperitie within thy Palaces.

Glory be to the Father &c.

As it was in the beginning &c. The King and Queen in the mean time passing up through the Body of the Church, into, and through the Quire, & so up the Stairs to the Theater; and having past by their Thrones, (the King with part of the Procession on the South side and the Queen with the rest on the North side) they make their humble Adorations, & then kneeling each at the Faldstool set for them before their Chairs,' use some short Private Prayers ; and after sit down! (not in their Thrones but) in their Chairs before, & below their Thrones, and there repose themselves.

1_1 interlined.

2 struck through with red line.

/Cap. 2.


[p. 6.

The King and Queen being so placed ; the ArchBishop turneth to the East part of the Theater first ; and after, together with the Lord Keeper, Ld great Chamberlain, Ld High Constable and Earl Marshall (Garter King of Armes preceding them) goes to the other three sides of the Theater in this Order, South, West, & North ; and at every of the four sides, with a loud voice speaks to the People: And the King and Queen in the meantime, standing up by their Chairs, turn and show themselves to the People at every of the four sides of the Theater, as the ArchBishop is at every of them, and while he speaks thus to the People.

“ Srs I here present unto you King William and Queen “ Marie ; wherforel ?undoubted King and Queen of this Realm ; “ Wherfore all you, who are come this day, to do your “ Homage, & Service ; are you willing to do the same.

The People signify their Willingness, & Joy, by loud, and repeated Acclamations ; All with one voice crying out, God save King William and Queen Marie.3 And then the Trumpets sound ; and after the Quire sings this Anthem.

Eccl. x. 17. Blessed are thou, O Land, when thy King is the Son of Nobles: And thy Princes cat in due Season.

Ps. lxxxix. 16. Blessed is the People, O Lord, that can rejoyce in thee: they shall walk in the light of thy Countenance.

Ps. xxxiii. 12. Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord Jehovah: and blessed are the Folk whom he hath chosen to him to be his Inheritance.

Ps. cxliv. 15. Happy are the People that are in such a Case: yea blessed are the People, which have the Lord for their God. Alleluiah.

/Cap. 3.

[p. 7. 1. While the Anthem is Singing, the ArchBishop goeth down, and before the Altar puts on his Cope, and then goeth, and standeth at the North side of the Altar; and the Bishops who are to bear any part in the Office, do also vest themselves : And the Officers of the Wardrobe &c. spread Carpets, and Cushions on the Floor & Steps of the Altar.

1. This being done, the King and Queen each of them supported by two Bishops, attended (as allwaies) by the Dean of Westmr. and the Lords, that carry the Regalia, going before them, go down to ye Altar, and kneeling down upon the Steps there, make each of them their first Oblation : Which is, each of them a Pall (or Altar Cloth) of Cloth of gold ; deliverd by the Master of the Great Wardrobe to the Lord great Chamberlain, and by him to their Majesties; and each of them an Ingot, or Wedge of gold of a Pound-Weight, which the Treasr of the Houshold delivers to the Lord great Chamberlain, and he to their Majesties : Both to be received by the ArchBishop standing, (in which posture he is also to receive all other Oblations) Ithe Palls' to be reverently laid upon the Altar, and the gold to be received into the Basin, and with like reverence put upon

i struck through with black line.

2_? interlined.

3_3 underlined.

the Altar.

The Archbishop saith this praier ; the King, and Queen still kneeling

"O God who dwellest in the high, and holy place, with them “ also who are of an humble Spirit ; Look down mercifully upon " these thy Servants William Our King and Marie Our Queen, “here humbling themselves before thee at thy Footstool; and “graciously receive their Oblations, which in humble acknow"ledgement of thy Soverainty over All, and thy great Bounty “ to them in particular, they have now offerd up unto thee.

Accept, We beseech thee, this their Freewill-Offering, through “ Jesus Christ Our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

9. The King and Queen having thus offerd, & so fulfilled Deut. xvi. 16] his Commandment, who said ?Thou shalt not appear before the Lord thy God empty? ; go to their Chairs, set for them on the South side of the Altar; where they are to kneel at their Faldstools, when ye Litanie begins.

In the mean time the Lords, who carry the Regalia [p. 8. both of the King and Queen (Except those who carry the Swords) come in Order near to the Altar, and present every one what he carries to the Archbishop & the Dean of Westmr (to be by them placed upon the Altar ;) and then retire to the places, & Seats appointed for them.

Cap. 4.

THE LITANIE. Then followeth the Litanie ; to be sung by two Bishops, vested in Copes, & kneeling at a Faldstool, above the Steps of the Theater on the middle of the East side thereof; the Quire singing the responses to the Organ. And at the end of the Collect, 'We humbly beseech thee, shall be added by the Archbishop or one of the Bishops. 1_1 interlin.d. 2_2 underlined.

$_3 underlined. COŘ. ORDERS.


“ Oh God, who providest for thy People by thy Power, and “ rulest over them in Love, grant unto these thy Servants " William and Marie Our King & Queen the Spirit of Wisdom “ and Govermentt; that being devoted unto thee with all “ their Hearts, they may so wisely govern this Kingdom, that " in their time Christian Religion may continue in Peace, and "thy Church and People in Safety and Prosperity; that so

persevering in good works to the end, they may by thy mercy come to thy Everlasting Kingdom : through thy Son " Jesus Christ Our Lord.

The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Ghost be with Us all Evermore. Amen.


Then the ArchBishop beginneth the Comunion. 2Our Father which art in Heaven &c. Almighty God unto whom all hearts be open &c.

Almighty God whose Kingdom is Everlastinga &c. (as it stands before in pag. 3.)

The Epistle to be read by a Bishop. 1 Pet. ii. 11-17. [ The Gospel to be read by another Bishop. S. Matt. xxii. 15-22.

| Then the ArchBishop beginneth the Nicene Creed, and the Quire singeth it; the King and Queen standing up.

[p. 9.

/Cap. 6.

THE SERMON. At the end of the Creed one of the Bishops is ready in the Pulpit (plac'd upon the Pillar at the North East corner of the Theater) and begins the Sermon; which is to be short, and suitable to the great Occasion.

The King and Queen hear the Sermon, sitting in their Chairs, on the South side of the Altar, over against the Pulpit : And whereas the King was uncovered during the Oblation, & the Litaniet; when the Sermon begins he puts on his Cap of Crimson Velvet, turn'd up with Ermines, and so continues to ye end of it. On his right hand stands the Bp. of Duresme; and beyond the Bp, on the same side, the Lords, that carry the

1 in margin is written in red ink : begin Ex. After this a number of additions and alterations have been made in red ink on the next three leaves.

2._2 underlined with red.

3 The two last letters of this word are in red, altering two others which cannot be made out.

4 The last letter, written in black y, has been altered in red into ie. 5 The last e is struck out with red.

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