The Works: I. Letters, during her residence abroad, 1746-1756

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Сторінка 265 - H. Fielding has given a true picture of himself and his first wife in the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Booth, some compliments to his own figure excepted ; and I am persuaded, several of the incidents he mentions are real matters of fact.
Сторінка 194 - Two hours' application every morning will bring this about much sooner than you can imagine, and she will have leisure enough besides to run over the English poetry, which is a more important part of a woman's education than it is generally supposed. Many a young damsel has been ruined by a fine copy of verses, which she would have laughed at if she had known it had been stolen from Mr. Waller.
Сторінка 192 - Britain : thus every woman endeavours to breed her daughter a fine lady, qualifying her for a station in which she will never appear, and at the same time incapacitating her for that retirement to M'hich she is destined.
Сторінка 312 - His happy constitution (even when he had, with great pains, half demolished it) made him forget everything when he was before a venison pasty, or over a flask of champagne; and I am persuaded he has known more happy moments than any prince upon earth.
Сторінка 34 - Ward's drop ; it is possible by this time that some other quackery has taken the place of that ; the English are easier than any other nation infatuated by the prospect of universal medicines ; nor is there any country in the world where the doctors raise such immense fortunes. I attribute it to the fund of credulity which is in all mankind. We have no longer faith in miracles and relics, and, therefore, with the same fury, run after recipes and physicians.
Сторінка 96 - Tis impossible to bring them to conform to syllabub, which is so unnatural a mixture in their eyes, they are even shocked to see me eat it : but I expect immortality from the science of butter-making, in which they are become so skilful from my instructions. I can assure you here is as good as in any part of Great Britain.
Сторінка 38 - MY DEAR CHILD, — I have at length received the box, with the books enclosed, for which I give you many thanks, as they amused me very much. I gave a very ridiculous proof of it, fitter indeed for my granddaughter than myself. I returned from a party on horseback; and after having rode twenty miles, part of it by moonshine, it was ten at night when I found the box arrived. I could not deny myself the pleasure of opening it ; and, falling upon Fielding's works, was fool enough to sit up all night...
Сторінка 289 - I confess I remember to have dressed for St. James's chapel with the same thoughts your daughters will have at the opera ; but am not of the Rambler's mind, that the church is the proper place to make love in ; and the peepers behind a fan,, who divided their glances between their lovers and their prayer-book, were not at all modester than those that now laugh aloud in public walks.
Сторінка 136 - ... belonging to it. I then eat a wing and the whole body of a large fat capon, and a veal sweetbread, concluding with a competent quantity of custard, and some roasted chestnuts. At five • in the afternoon I take another dose of asses' milk ; and for supper twelve chestnuts (which would weigh two of those in London), one new laid egg, and a handsome porringer of white bread and milk. With this diet, notwithstanding the menaces of my wise doctor, I am now convinced I am in no danger of starving...
Сторінка 190 - You have given me a great deal of satisfaction by your account of your eldest daughter. I am particularly pleased to hear she is a good arithmetician ; it is the best proof of understanding : the knowledge of numbers is one of the chief distinctions between us and brutes. If there is any thing in blood, you may reasonably expect your children should be endowed with an uncommon share of good sense.

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