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make good any loss which the contractor suffers in consequence of delay on the part of said (purchaser.)

a work, La- All work contemplated under these

bor and Materials- specifications shall be executed in a

workmanlike and substantial manner; no

patched or slovenly work will be allowed.

The labor shall'be thoroughly competent and skillful in its line.

All materials shall be of the very best quality, shall be of standard dimensions, unless specified otherwise, and samples shall be submitted to and approved before being used.

10. Addition- Additional work will be allowed only

al, Omitted J

"'workf*1 on the written order of (the purchaser.)

Specified work shall be omitted or changed only by written agreement between the contracting parties.

The addition or rebate for such added, omitted, or changed work shall be as mutually agreed upon, the amount to be stipulated in the order or agreement.

The contractor shall make good for a n. Replacement of Deperiod of days after the final accept- f«*»jeM»te

ance of the work all defects which develop on account of defective work or material.

All patented apparatus and material 12. patented must be furnished by the contractor under guarantee against loss through suits, royalties, or claims of any kind whatsoever, and that any loss or damage to (purchaser) through such suits or claims will be made good by said contractor.

Every bidder is expected to include in 13. special his proposal not only everything called for in these specifications, but also any special devices or methods peculiar to his system which will add to the safety, completeness, or efficiency of the plant, stating clearly the advantages to be derived from their use.

Contractors must provide all necessary 14. safeguards and

safeguards from accidents to persons or Debris

property; must keep all passages, entrances, sidewalks, etc., free from debris and incumbrances; and on the completion of the work must remove from the premises all surplus material of every kind and description.

15. Plan8. All plans and detailed drawings necessary to show the scope and character of the work contemplated under these specifications will be furnished by the

| Stect [ as required. Figured dimen

sions and detailed drawings are in all cases to be followed in preference to scaled dimensions. The interpretation of all plans and drawings shall rest with the

architect | an<^ *n case any ^on^ arises as to their interpretation or correctness, work shall be discontinued until such doubt is removed, or if continued it shall be at the risk of the contractor.

16. Tests. (Note.—The character and extent of

the tests, especially the final tests, must be determined for the most part by a consideration of each individual case. The purpose for which the plant is installed, unusual conditions to which any part may be subjected, necessary delays occurring during the process of construction, relation of one part of the installation to another, time intervening between the completion of the plant and its active operation, operation before completion and like considerations, should be given careful attention.)

All work shall be regularly and systematically tested while in process of construction and any defects found shall be immediately remedied.

The final tests shall be made in the

presence of the j ^tect [ or Ms representative, and the right is reserved by (the purchaser) in case any doubt arises as to the fulfillment of the true spirit and intent of the specifications, to demand a test by expert engineers selected as is usual in matters of arbitration, whose decision shall be final on all disputed points, the expense of such test to be borne equally by both parties unless the apparatus or material shall prove defective, in which case the contractor shall bear the expense and shall also remedy the defects. He shall also be liable for any damage or loss to (the purchaser) resulting from conditions incident to the remedying of such defects.

17. Inspec- During its progress the work shall be subject to the inspection of the

j aStect 1 or Ms representative, and of the

j Board of Fire Underwriters, |

j Board of Inspectors. j

On its completion a

I §°ar^ °fP Fire Underwriters I certificate | Board of Inspectors j

shall be furnished (the purchaser) by the

contractor stating that all the insurance

rules and regulations under which the

work was done have been complied with.


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