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The following “Specifications” are intended as outlines to aid in the construction of specifications for individual installations. They do not in any way take the place of the rules and regulations adopted - by insurance companies and electric light associations, but on the contrary are so drawn as to depend largely on such rules for the details of construction work; such rules should therefore invariably be incorporated as provided for in the General Specification under “ Inspection, " Sec. 17, p. 40, and under “Insurance Rules,” Sec. 18, p. 41.

For ready reference there is added to these specifications the latest Rules and Requirements of the National Board of Fire Underwriters governing electrical installations. We have also added the form of Uniform Contract adopted by the National Association of Builders and the American Institute of Architects.

It is not expected that these specifications will be followed in detail or without elaboration for all classes of work, and if so followed will lead into serious error, but they are presented with the hope that in their proper use constructing engineers, architects and others called upon to get out specifications may be relieved of some of the petty detail accompanying such work, which, though important, is too often neglected on account of its tediousness and the time it consumes.

Though it is expected that these specifications will be found sufficiently full and explicit for some of the smaller installations, not requiring special appliances or precautions, in the majority of instances a careful study must be made, for reasons which will suggest themselves, of the surrounding conditions and limitations and the specifications modified in accordance therewith.

No attempt has been made throughout the specifications to lay down ironclad rules or to volunteer technical information. It is fairly assumed that no one will attempt to make out a definite and detailed specification who is not himself competent to determine for any installation under consideration the best methods and system to be adopted and the kind and quality of materials and workmanship required by its purposes or by local conditions.

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