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and capable of transmitting horsepower at revolutions. Each pulley

to be provided with a shifter rig, to

operate from . The clutch must

pick up the load without shock or jar, and the shifter rig must be positive in its action, not liable to get out of order, free from any tendency or liability to be thrown in or out accidentally.

( friction-clutch couplings, cut-off

couplings, compression couplings, plate couplings, jaw clutches, etc., also idlers and method of applying.)

1«ons!inda- (Note.—Specify character of foundation upon which shafting is to be placed, whether special foundations of brick or stone, floor timbers, walls, ceilings, posts, etc.)

>. Bout (b). 1 > boiler(s) (each) rated at


The boiler(s) shall contain not less than

of heating surface per rated horse

power. The shell(s) shall be made of steel having a tensile strength of not less

than , and shall be braced and stayed

for a working pressure of pounds,

and tested to pounds hydrostatic


| It*^ | shall be inspected and insured

by a responsible steam boiler insurance company, this contractor to furnish a certificate of inspection and a policy of insurance for .

| | boiler shall be provided with aianttmn

| dome .or drums J the _ry lugs,

brackets, plates, bolts, stays, anchor and binder rods, man and hand holes, steam and blow-off connections, stop and safety valves, pressure gauge, water column, gauge cocks and drip, set of stoking tools consisting of , and all other appliances properly coming under this head.

The boiler(s) shall be set in masonry in 21*- setting, a first-class manner, according to standard

practice. This contractor to do all necessary excavating or filling for the foundation^) and to remove all debris.

(Specify character of soil upon which boilers will be placed.)

215. stack. (Note.—Specify material, diameter,

height, lining, base, location, etc.)

216. smoke Smoke connections of , having an

Connections. '&

area , are to be made with the stack,

and are to be provided with dampers

and cleaning doors arranged as follows:

217. piping. (Note.—If the piping is to be erected

with reference to existing piping or to meet special conditions the specification must be made up with due regard to such conditions; for entirely new piping, independent of auxiliary connections, the following specification will cover many cases.)

This contractor shall furnish and erect all necessary and proper piping to pipe the entire plant. From each boiler a branch pipe shall be carried to a main

header located , and from this header

a branch pipe shall be carried to each engine; all branch pipes from boilers and

to engines shall be provided with a

valve so that any boiler or any engine may be cut out without interfering with the operation of the remainder. The valve in the engine branch shall be in addition to the throttle at the engine. The engine exhausts shall be connected to an exhaust header and each exhaust branch

shall be provided with a valve;

the exhaust header shall be connected with the heater and from the heater shall be carried . (For non-condensing engines carry to atmosphere; for condensing engines to the condenser.) The exhaust from the (condenser and) feed pumps shall be carried . (For non-condensing engines carry to exhaust header or atmosphere; for condensing engines carry to the condenser or to an auxiliary heater.) Feed ( and condensing) water

will be brought to by the purchaser).

Drip (and condenser discharge) connections shall be made at . All piping

and larger shall be flanged. (Add specification as to hot-well, exhaust head, back-pressure valve, automatic atmospheric relief valve, connections for auxiliary heater, etc., if required; also the disposal of drips from live steam pipes, separator, engine jackets, receiver, etc.)

All live steam piping and larger,

(and also the following sections of exhaust piping ) shall be neatly

covered with a substantial, non-heat-conducting pipe covering.

218 condenseTM. i independent steam driven I

| driven j

) surface

[ condenser(s) complete with pump( s) and all connections;

th? | condensernave a capacity of — pounds of steam condensed per hour


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