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tion bolts and washers, sight feed cylinder lubricator, throttle valve, sight feed oil cups, full set of wrenches, governor pulley, driving pulley of proper dimensions for driving the dynamo selected (and all necessary pipes, valves, reducing motion and attachments for taking indicator cards.

Indicators to be furnished by the purchaser.)

(Note.—If the dynamo(s) j fsre | to be

direct driven by the engine(s) there should be added to the above specification the type or types of dynamo(s) which may be selected from; the method of connecting engine(s) and dynamo(s); and any special fittings such as extension to engine foundation box, extended shaft, out board bearing, spot for supporting fields, attachment for securing brush-holder, etc.)

(As required.)

203 Painting. 204. Founds- The foundation(s) for the(se) engine(s)

shallbebuilt by the j TM" } of—,

laid , and shall be of sufficient length,

width and depth to safely and firmly sus

[weight and all strains to

which j are | subjected. All necessary excavating or filling and the removal of all debris shall be done by the

j contractor. Uh foundations shan be j purchaser. \

of such height that the driving pulley(s) will swing j ^of f the floor —.

(Note.—Foundations for direct-connected outfits should extend under both engine and dynamo.)

(Character of the specified, and the ing and insulating required.)

soil should also be method of isolatthe foundation if

(Note—If this contractor furnishes gM5J$S

i ■ stractlon.

plant complete, this section can be put before final summary.)

for operation | ^ey | shall be run for a

period of days by competent en

gineers furnished by the contractor. | A—Engineer, J oil. waste. etc.,

will be furnished by (the purchaser).

This contractor shall also give all necessary instructions to the engineer of (the purchaser) for the proper care, maintenance, and operation of the j pS^' [ such instructions to be given during the trial period stipulated above.

f double leather, endless, solid 1 206 Belts

per- |

forated I
link L belts

I cotton-leather
[rope, etc.,

free from defects of any kind, in

width by in length, and capable of

transmitting horse-power at a belt

speed of .

207pj^ewal Such renewal parts as it is advisable to keep on hand, adding hereto an itemized list of same.

808.summary. (See Note: p. 52, sec. 27.)

Each bidder shall fill out completely the following summary:

Number of engines

Size of cylinder(s)

Diameter of steam pipe . . .

Diameter of exhaust pipe . .

Floor space

Indicated horse-power at revo-
lutions, initial steam pres-
sure, back pressure, cut-
ting off at stroke . . .


Maximum variation in speed be-
tween no load and full load

Number of pulleys .....

Dimensions of pulleys ....

( turned steel, ) ms\S^T'

of-; hammered iron, > shafting

( etc., )

in diameter.

'floor stands,
drop hangers,
post hangers,
[ pedestals, etc., ]

adjustable, (self-oiling) boxes, base-plates,
bolts.etc. jJ£W* }lromj«Xg[ *«>

[• complete with

centre line of shaft .

Shafting to be key-seated for the pulleys specified below, and provided with all necessary collars, guard rings, etc.

f plain cast iron, )
split "" |

-{plain wood, [-pulleys accur

| split"

(grooved, etc. J

ately bored, turned, balanced, and provided with key seats and keys. Pulleys to be in diameter by face, and capable of transmitting horse-power

at revolutions.

, arm, balanced friction-clutch

pulleys, ■ in diameter by face>

210. Pulleys.

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