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amperes shall be run in a separate

tube. Wires forming parts of two distinct circuits shall in no case be inclosed in the same tube.

13ouUeuer (See p- 100 . sec. 98.)

14Li«h£vator (See p- 101 > sec. 99.)

14£/&Eir (See P- 101 , sec. 101.)


142 tioIn"strUc" (See P- 102 '8eC- 102-)

14?F&nK (See p. 102 , sec. 103.)

144. Wiring

s^&t^ (Seep. 103 , sec. 104.)

ures Already in Place.

.^oflS (Seep. 103 , sec. 105.)

and Lamps

(SeeP- 105 , sec. 106.)

147. Three-
Wire System _ _ „ .

(See P- 6S6C-107-)


Interior Wiring for Central Station Plants.
This specification contemplates the "8- Number

Of Lights.

complete installation of , c. p., incandescent lamps located in blocks as designated on the plans hereto attached and made a part of this specification.

(See p. 91 , sec. 79.)

(See p. 91 , sec. 80.)

(Seep. 92 , sec. 81.)

(Note.—Specify whether bids for two- 152- system, wire direct-cnrrent systems only, for three-wire direct-current, for two-wire alternating current, or for any system will be considered.)

The fall of potential between the serv- ^^SSS? ice cut-out and the most distant lamp

in any building shall not exceed

per cent.

150. Lamps.

151. Sockets.

154-tlJnfula- All wires used inside of buildings shall be insulated with .

{open cleat) molding Vwork, conduit )

neat in its mechanical appearance and arrangement.

lee. circuits. No distributing circuit shall carry more than amperes. In buildings requiring a greater supply of current the lights shall be divided into circuits; these circuits shall be brought together at convenient and accessible centres of distribution where all branch cut-outs shall be placed.

ind switches! Each branch circuit shall be provided with a double-pole cut-out. The switches specified below shall be furnished and installed All cut-outs and switches shall be mounted on incombustible bases. (List of numbers and sizes of switches.)

168. Meters. (gee p. 92> seC. 82.)

(All) lamps shall be suspended with 159-sion o?en' flexible cord pendants from double-pole Lampsceiling cut-outs, the average length of the

pendants to be . This contractor is

to furnish all necessary cord, ceiling

cut-outs and socket bushings. In both cut-outs and sockets the cord shall be knotted so that no weight shall come on the binding screws.

(See p. 101, sec. 100.)
(Seep. 101, sec. 101.)
(See p. 102, sec. 102.)

160. Molding.

161. Additions and Deductions.

162. Instruction.

(See p. 102, sec. 103.)

(May require slight modification.)

(Seep. 1031 sec. 104.)

(May require slight modification.)

163. Hanging: of Fixtures.

164. Wiring and Attaching Sockets to Fixtures already in Place.


Low PotentialDirect-Current System
Two or Three- Wire.

165. Fran. (The purchaser) shall secure all franchises and

Permits, chises, rights of way, and permits from the

authorities and abutting property

owners for the erection and guying of poles and stringing of wires along the routes on the map hereto attached and made a part of this specification, shall make all necessary arrangements with companies already having pole lines on any part of the same route for crossing, raising, lowering or otherwise moving their wires, and for using, moving or changing their poles, cross-arms, etc.; shall do all necessary trimming of trees; and in every reasonable way shall secure and furnish facilities for the uninterrupted continuance of the work to its completion.

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