Зображення сторінки

Three-Wire System Adapted to the Two

Wire System.

This specification is identical with the two-wire specification, except in “System,” p. 94, sec. 84, in place of which insert the following:

107. System. All risers, and mains shall consist

A" feeders of three wires, but the neutral wire shall consist of two wires each equal in cross-section to the outside wires, or of one wire equal in cross-section to the outside wires combined, in order that if desired all lights may be operated on the two-wire system; if two neutral wires are run they shall be permanently connected at each cut-out box. All distribution circuits shall consist of two wires only except to outlets for a group of — ,c. p., lamps or more, and for special circuits specifically mentioned. In all three

wire distribution circuits the neutral shall be equal in cross-section to the two outside wires combined. Care shall be taken in arranging the distribution circuits to have the same number of lamps on each side of the system and that no circuit shall be connected across the outside wires or between the neutral wires. The neutral shall in all cases be properly tagged and shall be run between the outside wires.

Arc System.

108. Circuits. The lights shall be divided into the fol

lowing circuits:

Circuit No. 1 (Number of lights and location.)

Circuit No. 2 (Number of lights and location), etc.

tion of Wire.

109. Insula- All wire used in the installation shall

be insulated with — for inside circuits, and with — for outside circuits.

170:n Insula. Each circuit shall test out with an in

sulation resistance of at least — ohms.

110. Insula. tion Resist


[blocks in formation]

112. Method All interior wires shall be run
of Wiring.

I on insulators
in conduits

in such a manner that

şin such a manner that the highest possible insulation is obtained. All wiring shall be neat in its mechanical appearance and arrangement. All exterior wires shall be run — .

sion of Lamps.

In the interior of (the) building(s) the 113. Suspenlamps specified shall be suspended from

- securely fastened to the ceiling (and provided with a suitable device for raising and lowering). On the exterior of (the) building(s) the lamps specified shall be suspended from — , securely attached to — ; (and provided with a suitable device for raising and lowering).

(Add details concerning any posts, pole-steps, ornamental treatment desired,


Conduit System. Two-Wire.

114. Method of

114 Merbod of The building shall be wired according

to the system of -- and using the
conduit manufactured by -

115. Appli


All appliances employed shall be such as are especially adapted for use in conjunction with the conduit system.

116. Placing of Conduits.

ut conduites All conduits shall be placed in position s before L

- the plastering is done, and 7 afters shall be firmly secured { toithin walls and ceilings.

[blocks in formation]

After the tubes are installed all openings in walls and floors shall be sealed so that it shall be impossible, in the event of fire, for smoke or flame to pass from one floor to another or from one room to another about the tubes.

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