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89. Location of

{riser )
group VNo. 2 shall feed, etc.
feeder j

From the switchboard (or centre of disfRisers \ . .

tFeeuer,.! tribution) the j risers^ J shaU be carried under cleats, )

on insulators, f , „„A

"in moulding, \to and thence

in conduit, etc., upward in (channels, wooden conduits, elevator shaft, air shaft, etc., with location) to their respective cut-out boxes.

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nate in second-
ary distribu-
tion boxes)- r under cleats,

, n , • on insulators,

shall be carried^ inmolding>


[ in conduit, etc., J secondary cut-out boxes where all tap

lines shall centre. From j f^eY | No. 1

shall be carried mains terminating at

—-'fromj feeder } No. 2, etc.

Ml Taps. (Note.—In certain cases it is advisable to run the circuits in such a manner that no room shall be dependent on one circuit only; if so desired it should be added under this heading.)

From the 1 feeder V cut-out boxes dis(main )

tributing circuits shall be run to the various outlets as specified in the schedule and located on the plans. The

such a manner that the highest possible insulation shall be maintained under all circumstances.

Except in case of single outlets for a group of lamps and circuits specifically mentioned no distributing circuit shall

carry over amperes. Distributing

circuits shall be of one size of wire throughout their entire length.

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Throughout the installation joints shall be avoided where possible; where absolutely necessary they must be made mechanically strong and secure, carefully soldered, wiped free from any moisture and excess of flux and so taped and compounded that the insulation of the joints shall be equal to the original insulation; the solder shall be relied on 'only to give a good electrical connection.

MdsEJT&h (Note.—A complete description of the cabinets. catjmets should be given covering material, doors, hinges, locks, finish, etc.; also stating what parts, if any, will be furnished by other contractors, specifying what switches are to be placed in the cabinets, and locating and describing cabi- * nets for switches alone if such are to be provided; if name plates are to be furnished so specify and describe.)

The terminals of all j filers f mains and taps shall be brought together in cabinets at the points designated in this specification and on the plans. (If wiring contractor does not furnish cut-outs and switches, add: The terminals of the

FlSPT*c» )

feeders [mams and taps slia^ be brought into these cabinets in such a way as to permit the easy and convenient insertion and connection of the cut-outs and switches specified.)

A cut-out shall be provided for each cut-outs, branch circuit. All cut-outs shall be double-pole, mounted on incombustible bases, and with connections of such size and shape as to afford ample contact surface for both conductors and fuses.

No fuses shall be put in the cut-outs 05. Pusm except by special order, but a complete

supply, consisting of not less than

sets for each cut-out, shall be provided. These fuses shall be of the plug type or furnished with metal tips and shall have their capacity plainly marked upon them.

For the number and capacity of 96 switches, switches see the attached schedule.

All switches shall be double-pole, mounted on incombustible bases, with automatic make and break, the switch being merely set at the point of making and breaking by the operator, and with sliding contacts. The capacity of each switch shall be plainly marked upon it

and shall not be less than per

c. p. lamp controlled.

^supports6 Where no fixture support is provided this contractor shall furnish for all

| ceilino- [ ou^e^8 a suitable support con-
sisting of a wooden block firmly fastened
to the wall flush with the plaster, and of
sufficient dimensions to securely bold the
fixture, a piece of gas-pipe securely an-
chored by means of an iron plate; or such
other device as shall be best adapted to
the construction of the building and the
character of the fixture to be installed
in each particular location.
(Specify approximate number required.)

9& Meter Out- At the places located in the schedule


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