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chair, and sat down in it, and there vouchsafed to kiss the archbishops and bishops assisting at his coronation, as they kneeled before him, one after another.

This done, the choirs began to sing the seventh anthem, Te Deum laudamus, &c.

At the beginning whereof, the king, having the four swords carried before him, and being attended by the archbishops and bishops, and the great officers, turning to the right hand, went up to the theatre, whereon the throne was placed, and reposed himself in his chair of state, on the east side of the theatre, below his throne, where his majesty sat at his coming into the choir.


Te Deum being ended, the king ascended the throne, being lifted up by the archbishops and bishops, and other peers of the kingdom, who, with the poblemen that bore the swords before him, stood about the throne and steps.

The king being seated in his throne, the archbishop, standing before him, said this exhortation :

“ STAND firm, and hold fast from henceforth that place of royal dignity, whereof thou art the lawful and undoubted heir, by succession from thy forefathers,” &c.

The exhortation being ended, all the peers then present did their homage to the king as followeth:

First, the archbishop of Canterbury kneeling before his majesty's knees (the other bishops doing the same behind and about him) did his homage, saying, “ I, Thomas archbishop of Canterbury, will be faithful and true, and faith and truth wear unto you, our sovereign lord, and your heirs, kings of Great Britain : and I will do, and truly acknowledge the ser. vice of the land which I claim to hald of you, as in right of the church. So help me God."

Then rising, he kissed the king's left cheek : after him the rest of the bishops present did the like, and retired.

Then the first duke having in his hand the words of homage, in the behalf of himself and the rest of the dukes, kneeled down, and said as follows; “1-Duke of

do become

become vour liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship: and faith and truth I will bear unto you, to live and die against all manner of folks. So help me God.”

In like manner, the first marquis did homage for himself and the rest. And so aid the premier earl for the other earls, the first viscount for the viscounts, and the first baron for the barons.

After which, the dukes, and the other orders of the nobi. lity, respectively reascended, and, taking off their coronets, touched the crown upon the king's head, promising by that ceremony to support it with all their power; and, kissing the king's left cheek, were, of his majesty's abundant grace, se. verally kissed by him at the same time, and so descended. •

During the solemnity of the bomage, the treasurer of his majesty's houshold, attended by Garter and the usher of the black rod, threw amongst the people, from the south, west, and north sides of the theatre, medals of gold and silver, prepared for that purpose, as their majesties princely donative or largess; which he continued to do till after the queen was crowned.

In the mean time the gentlemen of the chapel royal, with the instrumental music, and the choir of Westminster, sung and played together an anthem, as a solemn conclusion of the king's part of the coronation.

At the end of which the trumpets sounded and the drums beat, and all the people shouted, crying out, “God savę the king !"


QUEEN. The anthem being ended, the archbishop of Canterbury went to the altar; and the queen rose from her chair, on the south side of the area, where she bad reposed herself during the time the king was anointed, crowned, and inthronised; and, being supported by two bishops, went towards the altar, attended by the ladies who bore her majesty's train, together with the ladies of the bedchamber, &c. and kneeled down

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at the steps of the altar, the carpets and cushions being spread and laid there for her, in like manner as they had been before for the king

Then the archbishop, being on the north side of the altar, said this prayer:

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, the fountain of all goodness, give ear, we beseech thee, to our prayers, and multiply thy blessings upon this thy servant, whom, in thy name, with all humble devotion, we consecrate our queen," &c.

This done, the queen rose, and went to the faldstool, at which she was to be anointed and crowned, placed between king Edward's chair and the steps of the altar, where the groom of the stole to her majesty (with the two ladies of the bedchamber, assisted by the queen's women) took off her rich circle or coronet.

Then the queen kneeled down, and the archbishop poured the holy oil on the crown of her head, in form of a cross, using these words, “ In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, let the anointing of this oil increase thine honour," &c.

After which, the same ladies opened her apparel for the anointing her majesty on the breast, which the archbishop also performed, pouring on the holy oil in form of a cross, and using the same words, viz." In the name of the Father, &c.

After this, the archbishop said this prayer:

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, we beseech thee, of thy abundant goodness, pour out the spirit of thy grace and blessing upon this thy servant queen CHARLOTTE,” &c.

Then the ladies having first dried the place anointed with fine cotton wool, closed the queen's robes at her breast, and after puta linen coif upon her head, because of anointing.

Which done, the archbishop put the ring (which he received from the master of the jewel-house) on the fourth finger of the queen's right hand, saying, “ Receive this ring, the seal of a sincere faith,” &c.


Then the archbishop took the crown in his hands from off the altar, and reverently set it on the queen's head, saying, " Receive the crown of glory, honour, and joy; and God, the crown of the faithful, who, by our episcopal bands, (though most unworthy) hath this day set a crown of pure gold upon thy head, inrich," &c.

The queen being crowned, all the peeresses present put on their coronets; and then the archbishop put the scepter with the cross into her majesty's right hand, and the ivory rod with the dove into her left, and said the following prayer:

“ O LORD, the fountain of all good things, and the giver of . 'I perfection, grant unto this thy servant CharLOTTE, our queen," &c.

The queen being thus anointed and crowned, and having received all her royal ornaments, the choirs sung an anthem performed by the whole concert of voices and instruments.

As soon as the anthem began, the queen rose from her faldstool; and, being supported by the two bishops, and her train borne, and attended as before, went up to the theatre; and, as she approached towards the king, bowed herself reverently to his majesty sitting upon his throne; and so was conducted to her own throne on the left hand of the king, where she reposed herself till the anthem was ended.

After which, the archbishop pronounced the benediction, viz. “ The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, &c.



The ceremony of their majesties coronation being thus performed, the king rose, having the crown on his head, and both the scepters in his hands; and being attended by the great officers, and the lords who carried the four swords, and the other lords who carried St. Edward's staff, the spurs and orb, having again received them from off the high altar, and bearing them before his majesty, the king descende i from the theatre, and passed through the door on the south VOL. I. No. 21.

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side of the high altar, into St. Edward's chapel, and came before the altar, at the head of St. Edward's shrine or tomb, where the regalia before mentioned, viz. the staff, spurs, and orb, were delivered to the dean of Westminster, who laid them on the altar.

The queen also, descending from the theatre at the same time with the king, passed by the high altar, through the door on the north side thereof, into St. Edward's chapel, having her crown on her head, and her scepter and ivory rod in her hands, (attended as before), and repaired also to the altar in the chapel.

Then the king delivered the two scepters to the archbishop, Aho laid them upon the altar; and his majesty, taking off his crown, delivered it also to the archbishop, who placed it upon the said altar.

The queen also delivered her two sceptres to the archbishop; and, taking off her crown, delivered it likewise to him; all which he placed upon the altar.

This done, the king withdrew into his traverse, at the west end of the said chapel, where he sat down in his chair, and was disrobed, by the lord great chamberlain, of the robes called St. Edward's, which were delivered to the dean of Westminster, who laid them upon the altar before mentioned. The queen

likewise retired to her traverse on the left hand of the king's, and there reposed herself until the king was se-vested.

The king was then arrayed, by the lord great chamber. lain, in his royal robes of purple velvet, furred with ermin. And, the king and queen coming before St. Edward's altar, the archbishop (being still re-vested as before) put two other imperial crowns upon their majesties heads, with caps of purple velvet, viz. the crown of state upon the king's head, and a rich crown upon the queen's, which their majesties kontinued to wear all the rest of the day.

The archbishop also put into the king's right hand the scepter with the cross, and into his left hand the orb or globe with the cross; and into the queen's right hand her scepter

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