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Robin Gray

Charles Gibbon

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“ Pure in sentiment, well written, and cleverly constructed. The characters are well drawn, Jeanie especially is very noble, and so in a less degree are her lover and her husband."-British Quarterly Review.

“ Besides having high merits of its own, ‘Robin Gray' contains promise of a kind which is much wanted -promise of power to relieve the grey Jane Austenism of modern story-telling with plot, power, and play of incident."-Contemporary Review.

"Robin Gray’ is decidedly not a novel of the sensational school; it is perfectly free from any attempt at fine writing, the style is good and natural, the history is told with a simplicity and directness of purpose which at times rises to eloquence, and although most of it is in the dialect of the Scottish lowlands, that point has never been a drawback with English readers since the time of the Waverly Novels."— Pall Mall Gazette.

“Mr. Gibbon is to be congratulated upon having performed a very difficult task, better than was to be anticipated from the difficulties which necessarily stood in his way; He has not only reproduced in prose the original story with remarkable fidelity, but he has provided a very reasonable and spirited continuation of it, and has brought about his catastrophe without violating in any marked degree either the consistency of the characters or the probabilities of the situation, as pictured in the poem

A pretty tale prettily told, with not too much horror or sensation’in it, and some really fine touches of nature interspersed here and there."- Athenæum.

“A novel of tender and pathetic interest."-- The Globe.

"Taking it altogether, “Robin Gray'is a story of a very high order, and we hope to meet the author in the fields of fiction again ere long."-illustrated Times.

" It is altogether a brisk and vigorous novel, considerably above the average."-Guardian.

“A large amount of quiet pathos. : : . An unassuming, characteristic, and entertaining novel. The plot is well planned, and the story is care written." John Bull.

"• Robin Gray'is simply a delightful book, fresh and winning-its scenes true to nature, its characters true to life."-Will-o'-the-Wisp.

"Mr. Gibbon in 'Robin Gray' has given us a novel which will be read with interest and pleasure by various people on various grounds."- London Scotsman.

“ Vigorous description of Scotch life, and much powerful delineation of the common human heart beating under that congenial garb. The story is powerful. and is thoroughly Scotch-- not in the outer skin of it, but in the power of piercing to the deeper emotions of a proud, honest, and rough-grained but tender-hearted race.” --The Edinburgh Daily Review.

“Of a decidedly superior cast is ‘Robin Gray. It is in the telling and the filling in that the author proves his skill through three very original volumes."Daily Telegraph.

“All over the world there are to be found those whose 'hearts warm to the tartan,' and to these it will come like a glimpse of home in a dream, or a breath of heather sent off the Scotch hills. As à faithful picture of homely Scottish life, • Robin Gray' is equal to any book we have ever read."-North British Daily Mail.

The story throughout is admirably constructed, and told with power and pathos. There is a freshness about it for which we may look in vain through the popular novels of the day."--Manchester Examiner and s'imes.


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