Pepers, Letters, And Speeches in the Hose of Commons on the Irish Land Question

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Сторінка 216 - Act, shall have the several meanings hereby assigned to them, unless there be something in the subject or the context repugnant to such construction ; (that is to say,) Words importing the singular number only shall include the plural number ; and words importing the plural number only shall include the singular number : Words importing the masculine gender only, shall include females : The word
Сторінка 236 - Canada, enacts as follows : — 1. Section ninety-eight of the Act passed in the Session held in the 32nd and 33rd years of the reign of Her Majesty, entitled "An Act to amend the Act respecting Procedure in • Criminal Cases and other matters relating to Criminal Lav-.
Сторінка 213 - Act to amend the Law relating to the Tenure and Improvement of Land in Ireland.
Сторінка 234 - Fees, teen of them, within One Year after the Passing of this Act, shall settle a Schedule of Fees to be allowed for all Proceedings connected with this Act, such Costs in no case to exceed Civil Bill Costs in Ejectment Proceedings; and such Schedule, when settled shall be immediately laid before the Lord Chancellor of Ireland for the Time being, for his approval, who may allow or disallow the same in whole or in part; and such Schedule of Fees may be in like manner varied from Time to Time as occasion...
Сторінка 12 - ... labour, in permanent improvements, should be secured to him by voluntary agreement rather than by compulsion of law ; yet, upon a review of all the evidence furnished to us upon the subject, we believe that some legislative measure will be found necessary in order to give efficacy to such agreements, as well as to provide for those cases which cannot be settled by private arrangement.
Сторінка 162 - RESOLVED : — That in the opinion of this conference it is essential to the proper management of this cause, that the Members of Parliament who have been returned on Tenant Right principles, should hold themselves perfectly independent of, and in opposition to, all governments which do not make it a part of their policy, and a cabinet question, to give to the tenantry of Ireland a measure embodying the principles of Mr. Sharman Crawford's Bill.
Сторінка 77 - ... land, shall be made upon an estimate of the net annual value thereof, with reference to the average prices of the several articles of agricultural produce hereinafter specified ; all peculiar local circumstances, in each case, being taken into consideration...
Сторінка 216 - Person" or " Party" shall extend to and include any Body Politic, Corporate or Collegiate, whether aggregate or sole, or any public Company, as well as a private Individual : The Word
Сторінка 65 - Whereas the productiveness and value of much of the land in Great Britain and Ireland are capable of being greatly increased by drainage, and the extension of the operation of drainage is calculated to promote the employment and effectiveness of agricultural labour, and tends also to prevent disease, and to improve the general health of the community...
Сторінка 224 - the judge of the Civil Bill Court (hereinafter called the chairman), shall, in all cases brought before him under the provisions of this Act, have power to take evidence upon oath, and to compel the attendance of witnesses, and shall have all and the same powers, jurisdiction, and authority as in cases of civil bill ejectment coming within his jurisdiction as such judge: provided always, that the judge shall himself without a jury decide any question of fact arising in any case brought before him...

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