Зображення сторінки

Worcestershire justice (7, 24-25; 9, 1). Middlesex is the county in which London is situated.

135, 4. At this time of year: that is, towards the end of May, when this paper was written.

135, 8. Mohametan paradise, because the chief attraction of the Mohametan heaven are the “black-eyed ” houris, whose beauty, Addison might have added, unlike that of the women at Vauxhall, never grows old.

135, 17. A mask: one whose face was disguised in a mask.

135, 22. A wanton baggage: a dissolute young flirt. See the note to 93, 29.

135, 33. A member of the quorum. See the note to 9, 1. 136, 3. Strumpets: loose women.

QUESTIONS 1. What characteristic of Mr. Spectator, mentioned in the introductory description of that gentleman in the first de Coverley paper, is twice alluded to in the present paper ?

2. What act of benevolence does Sir Roger perform on his way to Vauxhall? On what previous occasion has he performed a similar act of charity ?

3. By what remarks does Sir Roger betray his simplemindedness and ignorance of the world? On what previous occasions has he made similarly ingenuous remarks?

4. By what observations does Sir Roger reveal his love of country? On what previous occasions has he revealed a similarly patriotic disposition ?

5. On what two occasions is Sir Roger insulted ? Does he show himself capable of self-protection on these occasions or is he obliged to rely upon Mr. Spectator for aid?


By the time that this paper was written, Steele and Addison had decided to bring the Spectator to a conclusion. Accordingly, in the present paper Addison makes an end of Sir Roger, and in this and in the papers that follow disposes in turn of each of the surviving members of the club. Thus in the present paper Captain Sentry retires to Sir Roger's estate; in No. 530 Will Honeycomb forsakes the club to marry a farmer's daughter; in No. 541 the Templar abandons his club associates to

return to the study of law; in No. 549 Sir Andrew Freeport
withdraws from business to devote his remaining days to
charity; and in No. 550 the clergyman is reported dead.
Thus Mr. Spectator remains the sole member of the club, and in
No. 555 he, too, makes his final bow to the reader.

Mirror of ancient faith!
Undaunted worth! Inviolable truth!

-VIRGIL, Æneid, book VI, verse 878.' 136, 12. County sessions. See the note to 75, 7.

136, 17. Captain Sentry. As we afterwards learn (138, 3-9), he is Sir Roger's nephew and heir and would, therefore, naturally be on hand at Coverley Hall at the death of his uncle.

137, 25. Frieze: a heavy woolen material. 137, 42-138, 1. Six of the quorum. See the note to 9, 1. 138, 9. Quit-rents: a rent which one pays in order to get quit” or free of other services.

138, 24-25. Manner of writing it. The butler's English is by no means as poor as Mr. Spectator would have us believe. Although an uneducated man and writing under a emotional strain, he makes but few mistakes. Pick out these mistakes and correct them.

138, 29. The Act of Uniformity. An Act which would naturally please a Tory like Sir Roger because it provided that a clergyman should be deprived of his office unless he were willing to assent to everything in the Book of Common Prayer.

138, 37. Rings and mourning. It was customary in Addison's day for a man about to die to leave by will rings, gloves, and hatbands to be worn by the mourners at his funeral.



1. In Greek tragedy the actors were killed off the stage. Apply this principle to the death of Sir Roger.

2. Who informs Mr. Spectator of Sir Roger's death? Why should this particular person have been chosen to communicate the news to Mr. Spectator?

3. In what respects may Sir Roger be said to have departed this life in the same spirit that he had ed it ?

4. To what several persons does Sir Roger bequeath his property and what does he give to each ? Which of these bequests came as the fulfilment of promises made to the recipients beforehand ?

5. Which one of Sir Roger's club associates might we expect to be least affected by the news of his death? Is this expectation realized ? If not, why not?

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